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This Cheap Electric Skateboard Is AWESOME!

This Cheap Electric Skateboard Is AWESOME!

Hey, how is it going? Dave2D here. So, this is clearly not one of my regular laptop videos. This is an electric skateboard. But it should be a pretty good video anyways. This is the Boosted Board. This was actually given to me by my wife in October of 2014. So, this is one of the original old school version one Boosted Boards and I got this thing before these things were popular on YouTube. So, not that I’m like OGR or anything, but I’ve always liked electric skateboards. Because I grew up on board’s sports. I love snowboarding, I love skateboarding, I love waveboarding. This allows you to do it, without the time and effort it takes going to a lake or a mountain. Now this is the Dual Plus V1. I’ve put in a lot of miles on this thing. I ride it a lot. But as much as I love it, the one thing that holds this thing back from being like a product that I openly recommend to everyone. Is the price tag. Every time I have a friend or like an acquaintance that I lend this thing to, They all invariably loved it but the price at 1500 dollars. I mean now they are 1400 dollars for their top end model. It’s just way too expensive for the average person to purchase. Because even though it’s a transportation device, it’s essentially a glorified toy. Now ever since I started making YouTube videos, A lot of companies have sent me electric skateboards. And I’ve got to be honest, the majority of them, are crap. There’s like a handful of them that kinda stick out as being really good devices like the Inboard. Uhh.. the M1 and well the Boosted Boards. But there’s a lot of like knock-off companies that make electric skateboards that … suck. Now recently, a company called Exway hit me up and they’re like. Hey, we have the … I don’t know what they called though. Like the most intelligent or the most advanced electric skateboard or something. And I thought ok … Let’s be real here, we have another Chinese company. Making yet another orange and black electric skateboard. Like how good could this be right? but this thing blew me away. So this thing cost 900 dollars and I would say in many ways. It’s comparable to the top end Boosted Board version 2. They say it’s lightweight and I mean it’s still really heavy compared to a regular long board. But I guess it’s lighter than some electric skateboards. Some things that I do like about it, its Dual Motor system, 2000w peak. A water resistant motor area, I think it’s rated for IP55 or something. And it’s noticeably quieter than the Boosted Boards. It’s not a big deal cause normally when you’re traveling at a good speed the wind is just blowing by your ears anyways. But you’ll notice a difference right away when you ride on them. The trucks and wheels feel pretty solid I can’t complain about them. The orange bushing though feel a little soft. I’m 155 pounds so these feel pretty good for me. But if you’re taller or heavier, this might be a little soft, you might wanna tighten them up quite a bit. The performance though in general is really good. Fast acceleration, it feels very similar to the Dual+. And any hill that I went up on either one of these feel similar. The throttle is responsive and the acceleration curve feel smooth. I never had any issues with the connection or the remote. There’s an OLED screen on this thing and it supposedly gives you like a speedometer. I don’t know how accurate it is but it’s kinda neat. The braking also feels good on this thing. The reverse functionality on the Exway is a little bit weird you gotta triple tap on the remote. And then you can go reverse. On the Boosted Board, it’s just roll forward or backwards. And it’s very intuitive, this is a little bit weird. I don’t use reverse that much with electric skateboards, maybe for positioning at a stop light or something but that’s basically it. Battery life on the Exway board is slightly longer, it’s a 120Wh battery. This on the Boosted Board like the new standard V2 batteries are 99Wh. It’s not like a 20% increase like the number would seem, it is noticeably longer though. Maybe 8, 8 1/2 miles off of a single charge and it takes about 1 1/2 hour to fully charge this thing. Ok, a few things that I don’t like about the Exway board. I don’t like that they copied the Boosted Board coloring, I mean it’s something almost every freaking electric skateboard company is doing. Orange and black, I wish that they’ve gone with a different color scheme but that’s what they’ve done. The deck is also a little stiff, it’s supposed to have Canadian maple and like a composite of several materials. But this feels very stiff. This is a more pliable deck, there’s definitely more flex to it. The Exway has a ride that’s more like a skateboard but the Boosted Board just feels more plush. The one thing I really liked about Boosted Board though and I don’t know if this comes up very often in videos and stuff, The customer service with Boosted Board is phenomenal, so I’ve a couple of problems with the V1. I mean it’s an older board at this point and it’s always been a very pleasant experience, They send you a label, you ship it back, it’s all good. With the Exway, because it’s an Asian company and their website is like super Chinese, I don’t know how this thing will do in terms of their customer service. On paper they’re saying 6 months and it seems like it should be good, or at least should be acceptable, but I can’t really tell. One other thing, there’s another electric skateboard out there, called the Stary Board. It looks very similar to the Exway, the top deck looks pretty much identical but that thing is a completely different machine. I’ve ridden on it, it’s loud, it’s got a weak motor and the trucks feel super cheap. This, I mean aside from the top deck looking very very similar, they are completely different skateboards. Uhh… This I would consider quite good, the Stary Board, is in my opinion, garbage. So, in general, I think this skateboard company, As long as this product is actually representative of what their final product will be like, I mean as long as this isn’t some kind of one-off special edition that they made for me, I think that this is one of the best value you can get in an electric skateboard. So if you have been looking for one and 1400 – 1500 dollars for one of the Boosted Board is a little too much, Take a look at this one, I don’t know when they are gonna ship, I think this are still in like the prototype, pre-development stuff, But I think that the skateboard is actually pretty good. Ok, hope you guys enjoyed this video, thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it, see you guys next time.


I've used a LOT of electric skateboards and I think this is THE best one on the market for the price =)
Thanks for watching my off-beat vids 2d fam!

Who else was suckered in to the "CHEAP" click bait title? $1000 is not cheap… If I was spending a $1000 on a skateboard I'd just go all out and get the Evolve GT… the word cheap in E-boards is $400 to $600 and $600 is pushing it… So far for those of you who are looking for all around specks and price and reviews it seems Meepo is the best option as long as you swap out the deck for a better one…

To me one of the best values out there is the Meepo Board! Its cheap and has interchangeable parts if something breaks. Check out my quick unboxing vid I did for mine if you have a chance and let me know what you think. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss my review video uploading soon. I will return the sub favor!

Dude check out the ZBoard!!, you will like it a lot better then the inboard or the boosted board.

^^^^^ check it out

can you please review the genesis skateboard. Know one knows about them. I,m not an owner or a co owner just a costumer.

great video, but judging from the comment, people still think 900 is not cheap, so what will be a great price for this backfire board? Maybe 699?

You say that you tried a lot of différents skateboards but did you try the meepo v1.5 board because it's cheaper and has the same specs

Oh, just 900.

The price of a more than decent electric bicycle that can actually cover all of your commuting in all conditions.


Cheap and 900 dollars is not a sentence when talking about electric skateboards. Get real. Meepo board has good reviews by a lot of people and is under 500 dollars. Then we're getting there.
Sorry, but titles and content like that deserves a dislike.

They actually are the worst.

They don’t provide customer service (told me they can’t do anything about me not even being able to use it. It stopped working after 3 weeks).

It took 4 months to get to me.

6 month warranty basically is a scam.

Board broke in a few weeks and got water damage even though it’s ip55?

Almost got injured because they told me that it’d be easy to repair myself with the new part. Little did I know I nearly got shocked as the electricity reacted hard.

They don’t care about their customers at all. The board is heavy, disconnects from the Bluetooth remote, and doesn’t even last a long time. It is a crap board and their service absolutely sucks.

I am so unhappy with their service that I feel this is necessary to say. Nobody deserves to go through what I did and I’m gonna let it be known that everybody gotta go buy the boosted board.

$750 USD? Cmon it’s a steal.

Their new line puts exway to shame. Don’t even think about them, you will thank me later.

For a second there I almost thought that you were actually going to talk about a good cheaper alternative. Instead it’s another promotion for another expensive board. I can’t help but wonder if it was given to you for free for review. You can’t beat the $400 Meepo boards, a real cheaper alternative with good quality.

EXWAY boards actually are the worst.

Here’s the video I made on why they suck and why BoostedBoards are the best.

Meepo board or Wowgo board are the only 2 Chinese brands that matter in the electric skateboard game. Both can be had for under $500.

Hi. Have you have any problems with the wheels falling apart? (As described by FabTRAV in his YouTube channel). Basically (according to him), they start to break after a few kilometers due to the sharp edges of the wheels. Thanks a lot for your reply

The customer service for boosted mustve went to garbage now because i ordered the mini x and they still cant explain to me why im still waiting

You should ask them to get you a custom one white and blue lol that would be dope. Get super dirty fast but it would be nice.

Knock offs are just copies of really nice words re-designed with crappy parts I am belong in the garbage

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