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This City Is The Portuguese Street Skating Heaven

This City Is The Portuguese Street Skating Heaven

way to start! she’s living and if you want to see what
we just did well watch yesterday’s video she’s just living the skate park that’s
my wife and I just changed my skates I’m about to go skate the city of Santo andre, which is 15 minutes away from my hometown all I got in my bag is tools my
phone let me just put my helmet on okay done really important tip when you
wanna the spot already that’s a spot here I need to sketch it anyway when you
skate with big wheel skates always make sure that they are tight now check the
spot this is sick let me see what I got here there’s even
like a little ramp coming from there I really wanted to skate the feeder but
these things just they just call you you know yeah do it
okay the city okay so this place is called centenary
it’s really close to my hometown and the floors are actually really good here
check there’s no cobblestone has you have in most of the places in Portugal
there’s lots of stairs and like how you say get in this city a lot like for
Street skating spots rails ledges and stuff but today I’m gonna be using my
skates differently so let’s do this they’re set wait start against the wall anyway for
downstairs here like a a grass cap that I leave a few
years ago basically let me see if I can show you nothing crazy but it’s actually
quite cool came from there and jumped over the grass it’s quite long let’s see
what else I got there’s a cool dropping thing against
the wall little rail here that I’ve done a few
years ago nothing crazy you’re not looking at it back then he’s look a lot
bigger I think that Luke fish brain pull kept kind Ryan I leave top material this
one the ledge is actually cool to see maybe let’s just start by dropping this
ledge drop the ledge and then with the other girls Central Park not Central Park New York
but Central Park Saint Andre it’s a little bit slanted their custom truck
now but I’m not wrong it’s all really good
floors probably the best idea what to be would be to do it first steps fuck
first it’s going uphill and then down here that I really have no idea what’s
up with this place cut again debris the magazines
went is nobody got soap in Daraa we top the Gothic you got okay let’s do this that’s cute that’s it it’s nothing crazy
but it does feel good it’s a little bit slanted now there’s some stairs here but
I’m not really having a lot of luck with stairs let’s see if I go with these ones those stairs are way too steep something
that you should know is that let’s face it it’s the truth
going down stairs with three wheel skate it’s much harder than with four wheels
reason for that bang it’s because there’s a much bigger dent like the
space in between the wheels it’s much deeper because it was are bigger so the
back wheel that hits the every step hits it in a different angle making it stop
so yes it’s possible but it is a lot harder spot here see not today I’m gonna
tell you I think it’s pop just not today it’ll be a challenge those stairs but
maybe also not today let’s do it let me go I go up I’ll go down right
maybe let’s do it it’s a good place to start I’m gonna go fast that’s for sure yeah-ha-ha the wind the wind is not let me go
letting me go a lot faster but it is the reason now this is new I haven’t been
here before I’d like a little can I call this place
a new supermarket let’s just sit and everything is new
I’ve noticed a gap there you’re not happening today for sure I’ll
just go down so that you can see it okay little ramp here we could if I
could do it and turn but I see stand there so not today no the grass gap that
I’m saying it’s it’s quite long you come from the top and jump from there to here
I’m gonna show you let’s go on the top I’m just not to fight it’s not actually
too big but it’s a good way to see spots are check this this is cool one of those
posture you can actually spin into it gonna keep scouting for spots it’s a whole new different area so
there’s some ledges here that look amazing
check this wow that’s some Street skating perfection right here I want to
film here check this and it’s like a little bit slanted so you might just be
going down and skating little rail there what am I going now okay now that I’m
scouting spots I know there’s also a double rail going down that seems to be
really cool so let me check it and now might be coming back with the other
skate I haven’t really done any good and this proper Street rail on aggressive
skating quite a bit sometime so that might be a challenging one thing
is I can’t do the rail today but no one is telling me that I can’t do these
right might be even harder more dangerous at least sketchy as you’re
landing on cobblestone you never know when you’re gonna get stuck on another cool there’s a lot of here you can’t
really skate it’s all copper stuff I know over there is some pretty epic
ledges a few years ago we used to come here and you see those steps I remember
there was a few times that we came here he was running I remember that was the
few times that we came here and it was raining so our own way was to skate
those badges now this is new and this is something else that I wanna skate King
crow the landing is actually not the best but see these are the spots that we
used to skate in the rain let me know in the comments if you used to if you also
use the skate ledges not really I just stairs like that
now these he’s an amazing sweet spot these ledges
are perfect there’s this one and then there’s these
one that we used to skate a lot and here there’s the cool gap check I’m going to
show you from here there’s a cool gap here that comes from here so we used to
skate it up and then gap now again because I’m with this skate I’m gonna
use this the opposite way as a precision patch check this hopefully I see like a
water pipe let’s hope it’s not on my way it was way too wet telling you I keep on saying three
wheels I know a joke for this and talking to the camera in a new place is
also not too good cuz you know no idea what you’re doing okay
I’m gonna show you some more spots that we use this case one is here pledges
stairs everywhere we used to get through those little two things No
I think I’m gonna end this video soon wait I’ve seen that one that’s the new
one where is this coming from that’s a thick little downhill but it’s
just super slanted Wow rails this is the fish market and the back of
the fish market just have this little slanted thing so I’m gonna do this and
I’m gonna go to those yellow buildings and I’m gonna show you one kink ledge
that I’ve done about 15 years ago which I’m still super proud and we’ll see I
might even find some stuff on the way so let’s just drop this one
I have drop it fakie nothing too crazy but it was cool felt
good so we’re at the yellow buildings already
and gonna go up the other way so you can see the kink legend I was just telling
you a little ledge that we use this k2 feel
okay but if I’m gonna be dropping that right now I would kill myself
and that told you I was proud that’s the drop King Clyde’s that I’ve done about
15 years ago check it is no joke oh I’ll be sure from the top there’s also a few
gaps here on the top that we’ve done before say this I don’t know what this is at
the kink rail but against the wall pink ledge more sports more sports check
these or not this is a big one I’ll be the skateboarder kind of mine that did
the flip from there who’s quite big I know if you can see it but it’s about
maybe more than two meters maybe two and a half meters you’re gonna see him in
one of these videos for sure one of these days he’s from this hometown and
that’s it I hope you guys enjoy this video we’re gonna hand up here the whole
idea was to do some some spots scouting here in st. Andre really close to my
hometown cinge Portugal and with that well with that we’re just gonna hand
this video just gonna do one last downhill because I’m just looking at
this it seems like a cool downhill so I’m going to do one last downhill and
then we end this video so I’m not gonna talk anymore I’m just gonna tell you not
to forget why we all started skating and you already know that is because it’s
fun Cheers I should in fact I could just drop this dropping would be
cooler but the drop in as a little crack so dropping in and then do the whole
thing that would be amazing let’s see oh my god guys check this
doesn’t seem easy actually bit scared see today is a drop-in day the cars
coming up please never ever ever do this I’m dropping in without knowing if
there’s any car coming from there I’m getting alone and there’s no one else
here so I need to trust her myself I need to trust all my ears Lexie seems
to be good enough it’s so so rough lady doesn’t even look
like a down hill but it is what it is and there’s nothing that I can do about
it so Cheers see you soon


that was a great video. all the great spots so close to each other. In my hometown(Brasilia, Brazil), we had to skate for 30 minutes from spot to spot. Or take a bus to nearby cities which would take 30~60 min. Although there was on place with great spots all over, a shame that we had to share it with skateboarders which often resulted in us being kicked out or even shot(literally).

I was more interested with " where I can find this Micro Delta F skates ?" then The Portuguese Street Skating Heaven.
That skates look cool, and more cheaper then "Seba" , I heard.
But it not means in not interesting.

There is propably an hour of footage to watch, to get what you saw in these spots. 👀 But I am shure there is comeing more of this beutiful City, although the surface is probably not for AntiRocker. 🤪

Concrete 110 vs 100 for urban? I am kind of stuck in this question, any tip? 100 turns fast and slides bether?

This was great, Lino. Go back with aggressive skates and hit the spots you can, maybe? It would be a great video too.

Agora em português: Podias fazer uma comparação de 3×110 vs 3×100 e informar onde compramos esses skates, abraço e bem vindo de volta!!

Great video and thank god someone finally said it. I recently got back into skating and was having difficulties hitting stairs with my 3 wheeled skates(first time ever riding 3 wheels), now I know it's not 100% that I suck at it I just need to work a little harder at it lol.

Street porn! Looks like you can get a decent coffee there as well! Dropping those thin ledges is pure ninja skills. Love it!

Those skates sound smooth Lino!
Cool video man.. nice skating! How does it feel being back in Portugal?

i just purchased my very first pair of skates with the link you provided, super excited. i live in Guimaraes from SA. muito obrigada.

Great video. Nice skating and pretty spot. That last road sure did look rough 😱 but you made it work 👍😎

I live in Qatar unfortunately there no space to skate freely like this and the only place is packed with kids

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