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This foldable electric scooter is slow on purpose

This foldable electric scooter is slow on purpose

(funky music) – Hey everybody. This is Sean from the Verge. I’m here at CES 2018, and I’m, maybe obviously,
on an electric scooter. This is the Relync Electric Scooter, and it’s not the same kind of flashy electric scooter we’re
used to here at CES. It has a range of 30
kilometers which is nice, but it has a pretty low top speed, and that’s on purpose. It’s because this is really aimed at the mobility sector. And by that I mean people
who need help getting around. Whether that’s old people, people who have maybe been injured, or have a handicap, and more importantly than all of that, it’s small, it’s relatively light. Only about 20 to 30 pounds, and you can fold it up and store it in really tight spaces. Take a look. All you have to do is lower the seat then reach down into
the floor of the scooter grab a handle, pull it up, and snap. It’s all together. And at that point it works basically as like a luggage roller, and you can even take the handle bar section and fold that down so that it fits better in the trunk of a car. Now the Relync scooter
is being built in China, but they want to sell
it especially in Europe, but also in the US. It’s gonna cost around $3600, and weighs somewhere in between
the 20 to 30 pound range. And it basically has all the things you’d expect from an electric scooter. A modern electric scooter. There’s a gauge on the dash that tells you how fast you’re going,
how much range you have, how much battery is left. And it’s powered by two batteries. You can actually swap them out. And just charge them at home. You can charge this scooter
right in a wall outlet too. Even when it’s folded up into
that sort of compact position. What’s interesting about this
scooter to me, especially, is that this is more proof
that this market is changing, because of how cheap electric motors and batteries have become. We hear the word mobility thrown around a lot at shows like
CES, or even auto shows, and it often sounds like
a really empty word, that these companies use because it’s never really tied to products that are coming out now. It’s talking about self-driving cars that are coming in the future, or shuttles that might
only be in big cities. Whereas something like this actually attaches some meaning to that word, and I think what I really
like about this idea is that Relync is a company that could actually sell this to someone that you know who might need help getting around in the short term. Somebody who needs something
in the next year or two. And while this might not be
the perfect kind of scooter, there might be faster ones out there, there might be ones that are better built, this is something is at the very least could be sold to that person who needs help getting around, or will inspire other people at this low end of the market to make something that’s pretty similar. And when you consider the fact that mobility scooters that are already out there on the market
cost way more than this, it makes that price tag sound
a little bit more reasonable. So for more weird electric scooters, helpful electric scooters, self-driving cars, cameras, phones, everything else we’re doing
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How will this help anybody when it has no place to even store a small purse and which disabled person is capable of actually folding that thing up when they're done driving it? Seems like a poorly thought out concept to me…

I like it. The only thing that would have made this slightly better is if a smaller set of secondary wheels could fold out in luggage mode so that it can become a walker.

Prices on equipment meant to enable disabled people has always been heartbreaking and while this is too expensive also, i'm sure tech will deliver more and more affordable tools like this one in the near future. Great initiative from the company who built it IMO. It's nice to see other stuff than toys for rich kids at these things.

At $360 it would be a decent deal . A barebones, compact mobility scooter.

When I search for 'mobility scooter', I'm presented with a bunch of options from $700 to $3000.

At $3600 it's ridiculous.

"help people who have minor trouble getting around"  any specific example ? even in the video I don't understand the purpose of this thing… I walk faster than this and if I need a scooter because I'm limited I obviously want it faster than this…

He says that it is aimed at the mobility sector but why else would you need a mobility scooter unless you couldn't walk properly.

Sorry dude, this is way too expensive.. this isn't worth $3k…it doesn't justify the cost for an old person, especially the way they'd have to sit on it, it doesn't seem comfortable

As a disabled person, no thank you. First, I'm 5'10 and that seat looks hella low. Its also really small for any plus sized bums. I cant alwaus bend down, so the folding part would need to be more accessible. If your mobility aids are prescribed you can usually get assistance paying for them, in case anyone's interested. At least thats my experience in Canada. I'm sure this is good for some people with a little more development.

Dude the proper term is DISABLED OR ENABLED TO WALK. Not FRIGGEN HANDICAP that is rude and disrespectful to a person.

The most important thing we want to know is how much weight can it carry? i'm looking for one that holds at least 350 pounds/23 stone and is available in the U.K.

Wow just $3600! I will have 2, how about this for concept. its not too technical. make one that is affordable.

We need another version not for handicap but for a busy city people something foldable and easy to carry around even in trains.

Your on cheap drugs buddy these scooters are selling in Canada for $100 US someone is getting ripped off seriously at your supplier

Tbh it’s too slow, if someone tries to rob you on it you can’t get away. DISABLED AND OLD PEOPLE WANNA GO FAST TOO

I was trying to contact these people a sforway for my mother in law, yolonda Mallory, to help her find out where the scooter is since shes never received it.

I ordered one in December 2017 am still waiting for my scooter I have not received it yet other wise send my money back

Love these types of scooters. Most are way too big to shop in stores with. I'm actually looking for one with a good seat and headrest though. Does this one have lithium batteries? How fast does it go? Wish they would sell more of these types of scooters in Canada.

I wonder if these people have any concept of what it means to not be able to even walk to the bathroom without losing your breath. I wonder if these people have any concept of what it is like to be homebound as a Vietnam Vet having served his country yet being left in a bedroom with only me to care for him. I wonder if a company like this understands what this scooter might mean to someone like him. I wonder if anyone cares. I wonder if these people have any concept that the price is prohibitive and so we are left to say wouldn't that be nice for him and yet let's just forget about him. I wonder if anyone cares.

I saw an advert for this on Facebook, clicked it, ordered it, paid fir it – money taken from my bank account on 19th September, and heard nothing since?. I want the product, as being disabked pensioner, it is ideal, but am willing fir refund if you cannit come up with the goods. PLEASE CAN SIMEINE HELP? I can't find any contact details! Mrs Gregiry, Balcombe, Sussex, UK

I ordered this on sept 6th and we are now November 11th and no scooter and my money has been taken I want my money back asap. I will call the authorities on this fraud because I am not the only one this has happened to. Scammers everywhere. No honesty in the world anymore.

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