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This Is Probably A Bad Idea…

This Is Probably A Bad Idea…

*Clap* Doing it again! So one nice thing about moving into this new studio This really big space that you guys have seen In previous videos is that I can now test out These unbelievably strange electric vehicles The world of bizarre electric vehicles has expanded to a great degree Which one is the best? Which way is the fastest? Easiest to ride? I don’t know! I should make a playlist of all the different electric vehicles I have rode around down there And today is no exception Today I’m looking at what I’m thinking might be the most difficult one I’ve ever rode Unless you would consider those giant legs. The kangaroo legs. Whatever they were. It’s called the Inmotion SCV V8 It’s a unicycle style, so it’s just one tire. It looks kinda like a bicycle tire. And you gotta balance it out Is this the final episode of Unbox Therapy? It’s quite possible with this thing. I’m going flying Right through the garage door. Alright, let’s crack this thing open. See what it’s about. Have I got this right? There we go Serious packaging here. What does it have, lights on it or something? WHOA! Is that the charger? Whoa. That thing is serious. That’s like, that’s like a military charger Or something right there. These look like pads probably to make the thing slightly more comfortable. “Ankle protection pad” If you’re going barefoot, I mean that is a different level of aggressiveness. If you’re going barefoot on this thing? A carrying bag! Thats kinda cool. Put that on there. Cover it up when it’s not in use. *Grunt of effort* Oh my goodness. That is an actual bicycle tire on there! Not silica gel Jack! “Sunter Dry” Oh no.. Jack… *Another grunt of effort* Oh ho ho ho ho, ho ho ho ho ho ho Ohhhh man! I can tell already I’m in trouble Oh my goodness. Wow! Oh my goodness! These are where your feet go You step on it like that. It’s kinda got grip tape like a skateboard on it. There’s a handle on the top Oh! Check that out. Like a way to guide it. I guess if you’re not riding it. This is your recharge port up at the top. Oh! There is a light on it as well And here’s the power switch right over here. Let’s take this thing downstairs and *tisk* see what I’m made of. Alright! Ohhh. *On sound* Look, it kinda starts to balance itself. OHHHHH!! Do we need some kind of instruction here? *On sound* This is how you do it, right huh? Look how aggressive the lights are. So people know Are you out of your Goddamned mind? This thing is more intense than I originally imagined. There is a learning curve here and I at the very bottom of the curve. *Surprised scoff* Oh wow! Whoa! Geez.. *Unbalanced grunt* *Snickering* *Laughing* Well obviously this the not they expect you to r-r-r-r-ride *Starts to laugh* *Laughing* Look at me! Look what I’m going here! Can they expect people to just pick that up out of the box and immediately know what they’re doing? I guess not. I guess thats not the point. This is more of an extreme vehicle Than the other stuff. That’s for sure. Like 100% This is way more extreme.


Learning to ride an electric unicycle is like learning a new skill. It takes some time and patience. I have the King Song 18L and it's a blast to ride. People who dismiss these things are missing out.

I'm telling you from personal experience protective gear is mandatory on these things. Especially when you think you Can take speed bumps on your 1st outing. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

I saw one of these things in a train station in Europe. Some guy was going at it up and down the terminal really fast. Almost hit me

Love your channel. But could you please not use the Lord's name in vain. I can understand cussing. Because I use to before I got saved. But could you please not use the Lord's name in vain. Thank you. Like I said you have a great channel.

I work on swing stages up on buildings in Toronto and have a birds eye view of couriers riding on these things. They must do at least 30 mph zipping around traffic. Scarry

Oh this must have been reuploaded. Could swear the original title was "how to look like and idiot BY busting the bank."

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