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This Phone Splits in Half

This Phone Splits in Half

Magic Android Phone Feature! Secret Android Phone Feature! Secret iPhone
Button Trick! We’re gonna be filling magic slots in this video. Hey what’s good guys,
Keaton here. So, this is the LG G5, it’s a pretty standard smartphone. You know, it’s
got a touch screen, buttons on the back, all that fun stuff. But it has a secret trick.
So, let’s check it out. This right here is the Camera Plus module. It goes for $100,
links below. And what this is supposed to do is add a grip to your phone, allowing you
to take better photos, and just have more control than just hitting the photo button
on your phone. So we’re gonna test this out right now. You gotta pull the battery from
the side. And then slot that in, and then we’re gonna fill up our magic slot right here.
Turn it on. And now we’re gonna take some photos. I got the Camera Plus module all installed,
and to be honest, it feels really nice in the hands. It’s so comfy and I just love having
a dedicated photo button right here, and then zooming you just move your fingers ever so
slightly and you’ll be zoomin’. So, we’ll take some photos right here. Oh that’s so
much nicer than having to hit the photo button on the screen. It feels like an actual camera.
For $100, I really like this. Next up is the Hi-Fi Plus, it goes for $200 and the whole
point with this is, if you’re listening to some music through headphones, it’s gonna
really amplify your music. I first thought it would give you louder speakers externally
on the phone, but that’s not the case. So of course, the same kind of deal. That just
sounds so bad. You click the battery in, you fill up that magic slot and the pink on black
looks pretty nice. This is made in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen who definitely know what
they’re doing with speakers so, this should be really interesting. I’ve never actually
tried this out, so we’re trying it out live and I’ll tell you if it sounds good. I am
listening with Beats though so, that’s always a little fun right there. Once the DACs plugged
in you can actually fine-tune how you want your music to sound so I can up the decibel
count on my right or left ear. Pretty sweet stuff, we’ll do a sound demo. So we’re gonna
go to Youtube, like hi I just wanna listen to music. We’re gonna go ahead and give this
a sound demo and see if it sounds better than the regular phone. Oh wow. Wow. That sounds
insane. So yeah, these sound really good. Like these Beats aren’t the best and it sounds
like these headphones actually know what they’re doing. But for $200 it’s a little bit steep.
And I really wish the DAC was just included. So yeah in conclusion the LG Friends are awesome.
I really like that they fill up that magic slot, and I kinda think that this is the future
of smartphones. Drop a like if you guys agree with me, and get subscribed here if you are
new. And yeah, I’ll see you guys soon. Peace.


Why not just include all those features in one phone? It would be more efficient than having to pop that battery thing out each time and replacing it.

Techsmartt:Guys I finally got the Sennheiser Orpheus.Lets test it out!
Uses without the amp and all and uses youtube
Techsmartt: Eh, they are horrible.I would rather burn 50k.
Burns 50k
Techsmartt: These headphones are horrible.Never ever buy them 😠
All comments:😭😭

Its acctually semi-modular wich means you can take one or two things from a devise (dont know how to type it) and replace it with an upgraded or new part

Waste of money! I mean… $100 for a huge peice and a button and zoom thing on your phone. And $200 for… I don't even know…

The LG G2,4 can be better? Maybe or maybe not. LG isn't good at the G5. But LGs are good. The Optimus Q if you know it you know it's great.

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