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Toddler girl amazes the internet for riding a hoverboard like a pro – Daily News

Toddler girl amazes the internet for riding a hoverboard like a pro – Daily News

It’s better to get famous at a young age, as the Chinese saying goes. And this cute girl is already a big star on social media at 14 months old. Long Yixin, from central China’s Hubei Province, has impressed internet users with her confident riding skills on a self-balancing scooter, also known as a hoverboard. The girl became addicted to the trendy personal transporter after first trying it a month ago at her home in Qianjiang city, according to her mother. Share this article Share 56 shares Yixin found the scooter in her elder brother’s pile of toys, hopped onto it and immediately started riding, her 30-year-old mother Wang Ao’ao told MailOnline. Ms Wang, a stay-at-home mother, described her daughter as curious, outgoing and fearless. The former saleslady said the girl also had a great sense of balance as she started to toddle when she was just 10 months old. Ms Wang paid 199 yuan (£23) for the hoverboard in October and gave it to her five-year-old son Long Jinyuan as a gift. But now, little Yixin is the one who spends more time on it. Every time when the toddler sees her mother or grandmother leaving the house, she would go to grab the hoverboard and tag along. She is now able to go in a straight line, turn in circles and squat down while riding the board. Videos featuring the adorable girl have become trending after being uploaded to Chinese video platform Kuaishou. While some fans praise the girl for her talent, others express concern saying it’s risky to let the girl ride the scooter, especially on open roads. Ms Wang told the public not to worry. According to the mother, Yixin usually plays with her scooter in her residential complex which is closed to traffic and occasionally she rides on a quiet road just outside their complex, but the child is always looked after by Ms Wang or Ms Wang’s mother. Speaking of the future, Ms Wang said she would let Yixin carry on riding the scooter as long as the girl likes, and her biggest wish was for Yixin to grow up ‘happily and healthily’.

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