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Top 10 Pro Skateboarders

Top 10 Pro Skateboarders


10. Copycat
9. Copycat
8. Copycat
7. Copycat
6. Copycat
5. Copycat
4. Copycat
3. Copycat
2. Tony Hawk
1. Rodney Mullen

The Honorable mention list could have arguably replaced the bottom 5 skaters on the main list except MAYBE Steve Caballero or Gonzo.
Tony Alva should be switched to honorable mention, and put Peralta on the main list.
Dyrdek should have been in the 5 spot for the notoriety alone, plus he's a sick skater.
Danny Way I would put on the Honorable mention. No "Way" he's number 4.
Burnquist should be on the list but at the bottom, at most number 10. Xgames overrated him as a skater.
Mullenshould be number 2. There's never been a more creative skater.
Tony will always be number 1 on every list.

We don’t really need to rank them every pro and regular skater has there own strengths weaknesses and styles like tony hawks vert skating or Rodney Mullen’s freestyle and in my opinion nyjahs street and park skating also you did this research that anyone could do you don’t understand what it’s like to go threw all the time of learning all the times u eat shit and the community of people there are there are many things you could’ve use for content but it shouldn’t have been skating

any skaters can you please fill out this quick and easy survey

Bob in front of rodney mullen is redicules. alsow rod dydek and bam cut be on this list.
And luan olivera shut at least have bin an honerabel mension.

So no Mike vallely Christian hosoi Lance mountain Jamie thomas ben and tas Pappas? Hawk stole tricks from these guys but he's number one because he exploited the hell out of it better than anyone? Not even a mention for creators of iconic tricks tsk tsk

SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT!!! Bob placed higher than the man Rodney who was so good at his division he distoryed it. Then instead of fading away he adapted to another divisions "full size boards" Where he invited a shit ton new tricks. Also lets see Bob do any of that let alone with out Rodney the Ollie, kick flip and many other tricks might have set the seen back years had he not been pushing the sport.
THIS LIST IS SHIT… on and I have skated with most of these guys and bob is a dick!

Wait nyjia is a honerable mention??? Bruh he's easyly top 6 plus Rodney over tony any day and skater will tell u that


10 – Andrew reynolds
9 – Eric koston
8 – Mark gonzales
7 – Tony alva
6 – Danny way
5 – Bucky lasek
4 – Steve Caballero
3 – Rodney Mullen
2 – Bob burnquist
1 – Tony Hawk

Making a Top 10 for skaters is obviously too difficulty and will never please everyone, I don't even mind the inclusions in this list except for Bucky Lasek. Look I love Bucky but he definitely doesn't belong here.

This list has it wrong and went by popularity Rodney Mullen not being #1 means whoever came up with this list has never gotten on a skateboard. This came across on my recommendation list and I put off watching it because I knew it would piss me off where is daewon song?

Tony hawk is a household name. Literally everyone knows him. He may not be the most skilled skater but he’s definitely the most influential

Mullen is my god, don't get me wrong, but at the start of the video I was wishing he was placed on number 2. Not 1, because Tony Hawk deserves the number 1 spot.

But I was really hoping to see Rodney, Bob and Tony on the top 3, and I'm glad that turned out to be the case. Glad that a fellow brazilian got to be the second one!

I feel like mullen should be number 1. Invented the modern skateboard. Without his foundational tricks street skating wouldnt have come as far as it did so quickly. Sure someone probably would have done it at some point. But no. Mullen did all of it decades before most people could even come close to attempting it half the shit he did. CURRENT PRO SKATERS MAKE ENTIRE WEB SERIES OF THEM ATTEMPTING TO LEAN HIS TRICKS! TO THIS FUCKING DAY! thats just insane to me.

A list made by "Surface level" non skaters… ok🙄
And to all of these gen Z shit heads giving Rodney crap… You go out there and do what he did. Fuck you kids.🖕

Tony Hawk is just on another level, he has every category required to be considered the GOAT, he has career accomplishments, skills and talent, popularity and influence. He transcends his own sport. Thats the highest level anyone can get. To say he aint the number one pro skater ever is the same as to say MJ is not the number one basketball player ever, it just doenst make any sense.

Anybody who knows skateboarding will tell you Rodney Mullen is the GOAT. Bobby and Tony have a ton of influence in the sport and are more commercially known, but they aren’t better than Rodney…

If you don't know Rodney Mullen is the clear no. 1 on this list then you shouldn't be making this list. Who chose this list anyway, any pro skateboarder will tell you Mullen made skateboarding what it is today, from inventing the Ollie, over 30 tricks, some of which most skateboarders can't reproduce, to being the most consistent and talented boarder to creating the modern board. Mullen IS street skating, and nobody has held a candle to his awesome, unflappable talent.

Top 10 pro's not "top ten monsr influencial" pros.. and this real list is way different. It then again mojo is just filled with fruit Hooters..

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