Top 5 Most Innovative Products Unveiled At CES

Here are a few products that won CES 2017’s
Innovation Awards this year, an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering
in consumer technology products. 1) Wireless charging ceiling tile:
Cota Tile delivers wireless power without plugs and pads. Built to replace a standard ceiling tile,
Cota Tile can charge electronic devices within a 30-foot radius. From offices and hospitals to coffee shops
and homes, Cota Tile makes power as convenient, safe and invisible as wireless Internet. 2) AI that works wonder for the visually impaired:
Aipoly Vision is an artificial intelligence platform which allows mobile phones to recognise
thousands of items in real-time to assist the blind and visually impaired, helping them
explore their surroundings. 3) Self-administered eye exams:
Through a smartphone app, EyeQue aims to bring the eye exam into the comfort of your palm
— with no doctor attached. It does so with a Rs 2000 optical device that
connects to the app. 4) Sense heartbeat for identity detection:
Goodix Live Fingerprint Scanner is doing something very interesting. Apart from capturing the user’s fingerprint
through the fingerprint scanner, the company also wants to learn sensing the user’s heartbeat
and use it as an additional layer of establishing identity. 5) Floating in the air wireless speaker:
One look at Crazybaby’s Mars levitating speaker makes you wonder whether it’s a
music device or some miniature alien spaceship. The mid-air floating speaker magnetically
suspends over the woofer unit of the speaker, which bears an uncanny resemblance to a Mac
Pro cylinder desktop.

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