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Top 7 Most Dangerous Kids Toys

Top 7 Most Dangerous Kids Toys

Top 7 Most Dangerous Kids Toys Whats up Guys, mr top7’s here coming at you
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for this weeks winners! With that said Let’s get started! Toys have been around for an eternity – as
long as there’s been children on this Earth, there’s a been a manufacturer producing bright
and shiny new things each and every month. Most of the time, companies have the little
ones’ best interest in mind – however, whether it be oversight or just pure unintentional
negligence, there’s also been a HUGE variety of playthings that have proven to be anything
but fun. From malfunctioning devices to flat out health
(and life) hazards, today – let’s take a look at the top seven most dangerous toys. Number seven – Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids During the Christmas season of 1996, kids
got a little more than they could chew. Or rather, than their DOLL could chew. The Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids were designed
to “eat” little plastic snacks that were given to it by the child. Once inserted into the mouth, the little bits
of poly would travel down the back of the doll and redeposit into a backpack that hung
off the back. Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong. An oversight in the design missed an obvious
safety issue – that same mechanism that “ate” the snacks had no problem grabbing and devouring
fingers and hair, too. After a whole bunch of kids got hurt to varying
degrees, Mattel (the manufacturer) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission voluntarily
withdrew the product from shelves just a month later in January 1997. Number six – Moon Shoes Moon Shoes have been around for quite some
time – and in fact, continue to be stocked on shelves to the day. However, earlier designs for these “rebound
footwear” devices were just a bit more – how do we say this… stupidly designed? That works. Originally introduced in the 1950s, these
bouncy miniature foot-trampolines were constructed mostly from metal – which was the first red
flag in a series of baffling manufacturing choices. Unsurprisingly, there was a slew of broken
bones that followed – temporarily taking them off the market until Nickelodeon rebranded
them to feature closed sides, bungee-styled springs and a plastic (rather than unforgiving)
metal construction. Number five – The Bat Masterson Derringer
Belt Gun The name is slightly misleading – of course,
this isn’t a REAL gun marketed toward children, but it’s got 1950s-danger written ALL over
it nonetheless. Back in less technological times (otherwise
known as the era when kids still went outside), the Bat Masterson Derringer Belt Gun was one
of the coolest toys a kid could sport on the playground. What was there to NOT love – it worked as
a bitchin’ belt buckle and would swing out and fire a small pelt at the touch of a button. As you can guess, firing off miniature explosives
so close to the groin is generally regarded as “a bad idea”, but it didn’t stop hoards
of children from sporting this crotch-ruining nightmare. In case you’re wondering – yeah, a LOT of
little ones took some damage. Number four – Creepy Crawlers If you’re a boy (or had brothers), you’re
probably familiar with this nostalgic cook-em-up toy. Similar to an Easy Bake Oven, this little
baking station allowed for kids to make colorful insect creations out of goop and pewter molds
– all they had to do was insert it into the oven-shaped device and let the lightbulb-generated
heating mechanism inside reach a scalding 350 degrees fahrenheit. That’s dangerous as is, but the original models,
released in the 1960s, featured components that got even hotter – creating lava-hot,
toxic, liquid plastic that could easily burn the shit out of anyone – kids and parents
alike. And of course, burn it did – a plethora of
hospitalizations led to an ongoing tinkering of this bafflingly dangerous kids toy. Number three – The CSI Fingerprint Kit The hit procedural CBS show became something
of a marketing goliath during its heyday run – spawning a huge variety of merchandise targeted
at both children and adults. The one thing you DON’T expect to find in
licensed paraphernalia is the future threat of mesothelioma, though. Allowing little ones to “search” for fingerprints
just like the TV program, kids would use the supplied dust inside to locate and play detective
with prints. The only problem? That dust contained as much as 7% tremolite,
one of the MOST fatal forms of asbestos you can possibly find. Making matters worse,according to media, manufacturers
denied any such thing and continued to sell the toy despite the massive hazards. It was finally quietly pulled from shelves
in 2009. Number two – Hoverboards This is one of those toys that aren’t just
for kids – who DIDN’T want one of these badass dual-wheeled balancing scooters when they
were unveiled during the holiday season of 2015? They quickly became one of THE most sought-after
gifts, selling in record numbers both in-store and online. However, fast forward to just a couple of
months later, and over 500,000 of these roly poly death-machines were recalled. The reason? Spontaneous combustion – as in, the battery
packs installed would, without warning, erupt into flames – shooting sparks, smoke and fire
in every direction. Needless to say, there were tons of injuries
and they’ve now become a butt of “bad present” jokes all over the world. Number one – Lawn Darts Known by many as simply “jarts”, this classic
kid-killer tops our list for its sheer ridiculous amount of injuries and problems caused in
its wake. While other entries on this list may have
been pulled, modified and re-released in a safer format, lawn darts simply got an outright
ban. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re
basically hard plastic, oversized darts with a pointed steel tip, meant to be hurled across
a backyard and played with target rings. It’s also worth noting they’re heavy, sharp
and dangerous as hell even for an alert adult (which prompted the company to release a “for
grown-ups only” disclaimer on the box). Printed warning or not, there’s been an estimated
6,000 injuries that required hospitalization due to playing with them – not even counting
the three kids it killed and the 11-year old girl that ended up in a coma on account of
it. Yeah, we’re guessing the ban was probably
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