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Torpedo ray attacks diver’s camera!

Torpedo ray attacks diver’s camera!

I head out deeper, to a sandy slope where
there isn’t much substrate for the kelp. At a depth of 90 feet, we discover a rare
resident of the kelp forest—a Torpedo ray! I move a piece of kelp so I can get in close
for a shot. The ray is not afraid of me, because she has a powerful means of defense—electricity!
This animal generates an electrical charge of nearly 50 volts that it can use to zap
predators, or its prey. The Torpedo Ray has a curious looking tail,
unlike most other rays. I want to see her swim so I can film the tail—so I give her
a little tickle. The ray immediately turns around and faces
off against my camera. I wasn’t expecting such an aggressive reaction, so I keep my
camera between the two of us and we stare each other down! I’m not making any sudden
moves and neither is she. But as Cameraman Todd moves in closer for
a shot and inadvertently closes her avenue for escape, the Torpedo ray panics and attacks
my camera, pulsing the muscles in her abdomen that create electricity! Then, as quickly as it began, she calls off
the attack and swims away. I follow along behind and now I can see how she swishes her
tail back and forth to swim like her relative the shark–much different from how other rays


love the video's , but …..

what is it with divers and trying to talk over fish aggression?
that ray did not have its avenu of escape cut off. it was just an aggressive fish.

accept it, fish can be jerks. 🙂

You shouldn't have provoked that ray like that. It would've been more humane to use bait to get it to move for the camera. No hooks of course.

What an amazing interaction with this animal Johnathan. Great job filming too. Kept your nerve and steady camera!

I got shocked by one of these on vacation in Naples FL when I was a kid. I've always had a passion for animals so naturally when i saw the little guy stuck in a small tide pool I try to catch it and set it free. Bad idea! Mann that thing packed a punch. We did end up finding a net and released him

Wow, that's what what happens when you play with nature! Be careful not to become like Steve Irwin! PLEASE! You mean a lot to me! Just like Steve did!

WoW dude, excellent footage!

 I guess everything at the front of your camera is plastic, otherwise she might have affected the electronics!

From checking other images, she seems to be a Pacific Electric ray. And although she has no spectacular colouration, she's a beautiful animal, in my opinion. 👍

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