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¡Total cross UN PIE! // Total cross 1 FOOT ! // Tutorial Freestyle Slalom

¡Total cross UN PIE! // Total cross 1 FOOT ! // Tutorial Freestyle Slalom

Hello my dear rollers! How are you? Hope you’re doing really well My name is Carito Welcome all to this channel an apology for this voice that is a little bit hoarsely but with all the attitude to be able to share you guys a new tutorial today today, we’re going to do a trick that is called “total cross” but not any total cross because that one I already tought you and I will let it to you right here in the suggestion, this total cross can be useful to do freestyle and we’re going to combine it with only one foot you’re going to see it in a moment so let’s put our skates on and start with the video ok guys, this trick is called total cross one foot and something like this is how it will look literally what we’re going to do is a total cross making a small twist in the connection between the second and third cone for achieving this twist the only thing you need to practice is the spin or rotation in your rockering or in your middle wheels what I do is to put the weight on my right leg making a curve and kicking softly with my left leg to have more speed on my rockering sticking my left leg well and directing my right toe so that my left leg will be free to move and after that I will do it again but moving my left leg crossed back to go to the third cone now let´s practice it as if we were already in cones but without them first cross will be forward directed to the right and then we will do cross backwards and there is where we’re going to pull it backwards to do the previous exercise which was the twist or the rotation in our rockering that will be the connection between the second and third cone once you have under control this exercise, let’s start doing it continuously to do it continuously, we will do this exerecise that we’re practicing and while we’re doing the twist I will do the cross with left leg back that will give space to the right leg to be able to give direction to the right cross the cone, then pull left leg for the next cone then the twist again and so on now in cones! now that we’re on cones let’s do it from zero I mean, just one total cross, one movement, the twist then cross with your left leg back and we’re going to stop there when we’re ready we will start doing it continuously so that you can measure the distance, the strength you will need to get to the other cone so be patient first we’re going to do it just one and then little by little we’re going to connect more; don’t forget that is super imprtant to bend our knees because that will make easier the movement help yourself with your arms, specially in the twist to have more balance and have strong your abs when you’re ready accelerate the speed little by little to make it more fluid every time and if you got stock while you’re trying it on the cones, like you’re throwing cones, etc. don’t worry go out of the cone line and start practicing the exercise of the twist again and once you have it, go back to the cone line and well my dear rollers, this has been all for today’s video, hope you enjoy it a lot, I know that at the beginning it can be clumsy or even frustrating but keep calm, be patient becasue practice makes the teacher so I know you can, practice it a lot to make it more fluid and it looks awesome in you write me down in the comments suggestions for next videos, comment or question you have, leave it down there, you know I will answer it to you follow me on my social networks that I’m letting you here, so that we can be more close and in touch send you a kiss, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, give a thumb up for this video and share it with all your friends see you next Thursday with a next video!


Hola Carito espero que este bien.. Podrias hacer un tutorial de tipo de frenado con los patines de 3 ruedas 110… Que este super bien 😘⛸️

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