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Touchgrind Skate 2 for Android – Review

Touchgrind Skate 2 for Android – Review

So this is the first time I’ve played a legitimate,
professional, paid touchscreen skateboarding game. The first time I played a mobile skateboarding
game was this Van’s Pool game on Zune. In it, you steered and spun using tilt controls,
and swiped the screen to do different grabs. It was sort of fun… but not for very long.
So I was leery of actually paying 4.99 to play something based on the same technology.
Of course, it’s been about 6 years since that last one came out. In mobile gaming, that’s
a few generations already. So this is Touchgrind 2, for Android. I’m
playing it on a Galaxy Tab S2. It works just fine on a phone, but it gives you a much more
zoomed-out view on a tablet, so I recommend it if you have the opportunity. I played it
in about 2k resolution, but the screen capture is only in 720p. So keep that in mind. The
game is actually really sharp. Some of the textures aren’t great, but the board itself
looks really nice and the levels are all really well-made. So how does this game work? Simply put, your
fingers act as your feet, and you swipe different ways to get the board to spin. To ollie, you
lift your front finger, then your back one. To kickflip, you swipe your front finger instead
of just lifting it. And you pop shove it by swiping your back finger. You can do these
together to do varial kickflips, hardflips, inward heelflips, and stuff like that. Lift
your fingers in the opposite order for nollies. This setup might feel weird for you. If you
ever used to do fingerboard tricks, like with Tech Decks, this is actually switch stance.
Your index finger is shorter, so scooping is actually harder than with your middle finger.
So you’re playing as a goofy skater, while riding in fingerboard switch stance. I can’t
think of any other way they could have done it, but it can still take some getting used
to. You can do grinds by ollieing at an object,
then putting your fingers down at the right time. If you time it out right, you can land
on the nose or tail, allowing noseslides, 5-0s, crooked grinds, and things like that. So there are some limitations in the trick
selection. There’s no rotation, except for on banks and transition, where it happens
automatically. You can turn around by swiping across the screen, allowing for fakie and
switch tricks, but it doesn’t count that as a rotation. An inward heelflip with a body
rotation is just an inward heelflip where you somehow land fakie, not a backside 180
heelflip. Grinds are also somewhat limited. You can land heavily on the nose or tail,
but anything smith-related isn’t available. So smiths, feebles, hurricanes, sugarcanes,
Willy grinds and Barley grinds are all missing. There are also no manuals or grabs. Flip tricks are interesting. So, as I described,
you can pop straight, or scoop either way, and you can flick either way. But it’s all
based on physics. Depending how you do it, you can do varial double kickflips, 360 flips,
triple hardflips, 540 inward heelflips, or any other combination of flips and spins.
Also, the angle of your swipe makes a difference. If you flick forward, the board will nosedive
a little. That means you can do the same trick a bunch of times and it will always look a
little different. Or, with some finesse, you can do a forward flip. You can scoop forward
too and do impossibles. Add in late flips and late shove its, and there are actually
a ton of choices. The only problem is that it really takes a
lot of skill to do exactly what you want. If I really wanted to do a 360 flip, it might
take me 20 tries. It’s impossible to get consistent with stuff. If I scooped as hard as I could,
I might do a 540 flip, and I might do a varial flip. It’s hard to get a feel for it, because
you aren’t interacting with a physical object, and it’s hard to get any muscle memory working.
This is an issue when you start doing contests. But I’ll get to that in a minute. So what exactly do you do in this game? Each
of the 4 levels has competition mode and jam mode, which is just free skate. In either
mode, there are challenges that you can complete. These are usually things like ‘do this trick’,
or ‘do this trick on a specific object’. Sometimes it’s ‘grind for at least x seconds’, or ‘do
a trick x times in 10 seconds’. That kind of stuff. These are really addictive, and
a lot of fun. Sometimes they’ll require you to go somewhere you didn’t know you could,
or do a trick you didn’t know you could. One example is when I had to do an ‘impossible
underflip’. So my first thought is that Mike Mo trick everyone calls an impossible underflip.
The mini tutorial showed that it’s actually a half kickflip late half impossible. You
might more accurately call it a casper flip. This game has its own language to a degree,
but I think it’s meant to simplify things for non skaters. Introducing the term “casper”
might not have been worth it if it’s only one trick. The way the game works, any late
flip where the board is upside down to start is considered an ‘underflip’. And an impossible
is when the board flips backward. So an ‘impossible underflip’ is when the board starts upside
down and flips backward. See? It makes sense in its own way. And the terminology allows
it to be a half heelflip too, making it a little more approachable for non skaters who
are playing. One term that confuses me is ‘rail’, meant
like a generic term for grind and slide. You’ll see it a lot in this game. “Rail for 7 seconds”
or “rail the orange pipe”. That kind of stuff. If it ever says ‘grind’ or ‘slide’,
it’s being specific. So one challenge is ‘rail slide 10 times in a competition run’. That
means you have to specifically do boardslides, bluntslides, or any other slide trick. Again,
it makes sense, but it’s just something new for skaters. In another effort to be approachable, the
game has added graffiti, stickers or signs that it can use as landmarks. So it will tell
you “Grind the light post. Hint: Find the red arrows”. Then you’ll actually see the
arrows on the ground and know that you’re trying the right thing. This is really helpful because some of these
challenges are really hard, and if you finally landed it and realized you weren’t on the
right obstacle, you’d be really upset. For example, one challenge is to kickflip over
the truck and darkslide the pipe. Now, there are vehicles and pipes all over this level.
But it mentions the blue circle. So there’s no confusion that you found the right spot.
That’s good, because this trick is almost impossible. When you catch the board, you
drop to the ground. So catching the board upside down and still clearing the whole truck
is complicated. You can either flip the board really slow and try to catch it at the last
second, or you can do what I did, and do the kickflip late. Clear the truck, then do the
flip right before you land. Unfortunately, not all of the challenges are
very clear. One of them is to do a powerslide into a grind. Now if you powerslide at a pole
jam type of rail, you just bounce off of it. Powersliding, ollieing out, then landing on
a rail doesn’t seem to count. And when I did it on transition, it seemed to count the powerslide
and grind as separate tricks. I worked on this for a long time, eventually decided to
give up and leave that challenge uncompleted. Then I somehow managed to fluke my way into
completing it. I’m still not sure exactly why it counted that time. But if you really want to get frustrated,
try the competitions. The amount of points that you need to get
the gold is really high. The only way to win is to get an 8x multiplier and do heavy-hitting
tricks until the time is up without ever making a mistake. The multiplier is hugely important.
On earlier levels, you can do lots of shove it tricks to keep your points going, and you
might be able to win. They aren’t worth much, but the plus side is that you will always
land them. Do a shove it as hard as you can, and if you land sideways, you just keep rolling
sideways. Mix in a few grinds, and you’ll be okay. But on the later levels, they can be insanely
hard. Getting 4 million points is a tall order. Luckily, this is the kind of game that you
can turn on and just mess around with while you watch TV. Getting gold in The Factory
level took me days. I played it for an hour or two every night just trying over and over
and over. Luckily by the time I did the docks, I had it all figured out. Here’s how you win. Get some high-scoring tricks consistent. Forward
flips are worth about 50 thousand points, and you can do them on flat. Sometimes 20
thousand or less though. I’m not sure why. But a plain old kickflip is about 5 thousand,
so it’s a big deal. Get used to triple flips on transition. A 360 triple flip can be about
150 thousand points. Just be ready to catch it early at double if it doesn’t look like
it’s going to come around. OK, now in your run, just get your multiplier
going and keep hammering these same few types of tricks. If you do the same thing too much,
it’s worth less every time, so try alternating spin directions. Don’t bother doing grinds
though, because they don’t score enough considering the time they take. A 360 triple hardflip
with an 8x multiplier can be worth over a million on its own. So just hang in there
and restart if you ever lose your line. Like I mentioned before, consistency is really
difficult in this game, so it’s better to focus on doing a handful of high scoring tricks
instead of having a ton of variety. If I spent time cruising around the level
and doing grinds and flip tricks on flat, I might get about 2.5 million on a good attempt.
But this method got me over 7 million on my last try. As you beat competitions and challenges, you
unlock things. Stickers, decks, wheels and grip tape. This is really cool. Usually I’m
not one to customize my board in video games, but you spend a ton of time watching the board,
waiting for the grip to come around to catch it… So having all these options is nice.
It keeps track of how much you’ve used the different decks, and they show wear based
on that. You can’t edit your trucks, either the look
or the tightness. Maybe that will be in the sequel. There’s one more issue with the game that
may or may not be worth mentioning. Almost every time I played The Docks, I got a splitting
headache. It’s a really dark level, and there’s a lot of stuff you get stuck on that makes
the camera move around. I’m not sure what the reason is, and I don’t know if it affects
anyone else, but I thought I would throw that out there. So, I beat every level 100%. And I unlocked…
A thank you screen. I was kind of hoping I would get another mini level or a new mode,
but I guess I can’t expect too much. Was the game worth it? A couple things to
keep in mind – there are only 4 levels, and a lot of the challenges will take you
a few seconds. You’ll put a lot of time in the game trying the competitions and the harder
challenges, but it’s still not a ton of content compared to your console game options. At
the same time though, it’s a good way to kill time on the couch and it’s only $5 for everything.
You can download the first level for free and try it out and decide from there. But
I think you’ll probably end up buying it. I really enjoyed it. Anyway, that’s all for this time. What’s your
favorite mobile skateboarding game? I can see there are a few, but this is the first
one I tried. Any that I should check out or avoid? Let me know in the comments. Thanks.


this is a fun little game, to me anyways. it's a good time killer, just wish it was alittle more responsive

this was a nice and thorough review. i do prefer true skate to this one though, if you haven't you should try it out. it is really similar but i think the physics are a bit better and you can do most of the things this game is missing (manuals, caspers, primos, smiths, etc)

Haha the same thing happened to me with the powerslide to grind thing, I was trying forever and then gave up and it just happened randomly.

I'd like to see your thoughts on true skate. It's the best skateboard sim available now and it's a mobile game, i've sunk countless hours into it. Set to realistic mode, put your swipe sensitivity all the way up and it's gold.

I have yet to try this game, but I have spent a lot of time playing True Skate. Its seems like very similar mechanics. It really blurs the lines between a skateboarding and a fingerboarding game. Have you ever tried fingerboarding?

everybody seems to like true skate allot and I can agree Whit that but the game I really recommend is skater.It has lots of real life spots you can skate and it has nice graphics.

Imho TG2 is garbage. First one was great, even tho small skatepark. True Skate is how it was supposed to be. Check that out 😛

I have spent a LOTTTT of time playing this game, and I progressed more and more every time I played it.. it started out really fucking hard.. then I slowly progressed and then it certain things like spins and flips combined were totally random.. but now I can consistently do any trick essentially every time.. and it's awesome.. you can just jam and do what you want.. you have a feel for it and don't even have to think about it. Took a while though! most people have other shit to be doing lol.

Oh god.. the kickflip into darkslide over the truck.. I did not know if could be late.. good thinking dude.. that pissed me off heaps lol. The first time I played it I went through the whole thing not knowing how to use the restart position thing lol, so bad… the next time only took me less than 2 hours start to finish.. much better, could do it faster but it's hard to wrap my head around which directions to swipe for the switch tricks and shit lol.

Tip for gettng high scores.. just do a bunchhh of late impossibles.. you get a decent amount for them, they add up quick and they're easy to do consistently if you cant do flips and spins easily. That will be the easiest way. You can also do impossibles and forwrd impossibles on flat ground easily if you time it right and use a finger to swipe fast.

Also yea I with the Docks were brighter.. it's too miserable looking, I'd play it more if it was brighter and more happy lol. And some of the stuff on the level looks silly and just in the way and boring.. I like the Car Park the most.

This game is so bad. It is good. But the controls are so bad. I get a headache trying to do tricks. Not because I don't land them, but because my board doesn't even do what I'm doing. If your thinking about getting this dont

when oy ging it feels like shit 😛 not good when itz called touchgrind skate 😁

I don't agree I can do as many 3 flips or hard flips or any trick in a row if u don't believe me check my channel I've got a touch grind part on the best tricks I've done

I 100% completed this game!
So if anyone is stuck on something or confused about something, I can totally help!
Because it sucks not knowing how to do something.

I've been playing this game all the fucking time for about 4 years I know all the physics and all the glitch spots in it. I disagree with how you said tricks are inconsistent in it, I can do pretty much any trick I want 1st try or within a few tries. You just gotta know exactly how to swipe your fingers; if you play it enough it just becomes a natural muscle memory kind of thing

the games really isn't that hard once you really get used to it. I have gold in all levels. jam and comp.

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