Ola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict I’m with my baby jaylin I’m about to
leave my place to go to work and today the shop is not done the city is not
done but I’m gonna make a little yeah Huayra Hill and I’m gonna skate it with
my ice skates so stay there just good I know
three two one the goods thank you the adventure starts now
I need to go with the scooter with this can I ask you just to do something can I
ask you to kill me the most stupid thing I’ve been a mo you
ready to learn how to ride you don’t need to come back to try it after and
these all rail Kostis to a rant with extra plastic for a second one for those
of you don’t know that’s about fourteen dollars here’s some tricks with a basket on the
new rail I don’t think we’re gonna be able to take that long because first our
neighbors I but I’m making a lot of noise so I
might need to stop this one now if you want to see if I can land this trick in
this place with this case maybe subscribe to the channel I’ll keep
trying it how positive I’ll make sure to post it once I’ll end it and if you
liked this video give me some thumbs up if you did and thumbs down but a let me
know in the comments what I didn’t like about it if you like it also leave me a
comment and tell me what you liked the most
just don’t forget why you’re so scary

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