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TRIGGER Beat Schillmeier Pro aggressive inline Skates REVIEW

TRIGGER Beat Schillmeier Pro aggressive inline Skates REVIEW

ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m
a wheel addict I am in santo andre which is the closest
skatepark to my newest hometown which is still my
old hometown finish Portugal I’m about to test these these are the trigger beat schillmeierr . hey Sam whats your skate size? European size with European size forty
which kids are gonna skate today 43 no it’s all good do the Portuguese champ
you know the body good one tests on voyage okay so it’s the next
day and I still got a smile on my face and I got a smile on my face because I
love this but let me tell you what I actually really like about this case
when I first got them I’m not gonna lie I look at them and I thought they’re
like little bit wide and I’ve been used to skate like slimmer skates when I look
from the top looks different so these would remind me more of a whole school
scale when I put them on first it wasn’t as easy to put them on that’s an
important thing because the phones like I said on a previous video
they’re quite thick so maybe with time they become a little bit softer I don’t
really like when the forms are too soft but at least from what I’ve felt until
now it feels good it’s like him the forms are like stiff enough to
provide you support when you look from the top yes they do look a little bit
wider than the m12 that I’ve been skating like I’ve been skating em trails
on as an aggressive skate and you can clearly see that these ones look more
like puffier but the truth is they work amazing and the frame I don’t even know
man I haven’t skated I haven’t skated freestyle in a long time even anti
rocker when I skate anti rocker usually I don’t have the best experience but we
did I did so let me start from one side I need to get like a sequence for this
review of these skates or for first impression that’s it
this is my first impressions about the trigger
Biagio meyer starting with wheels I am not really used to skate into
rocker that often let’s not forget that I’m quite heavy so I be scared like me
if the the urethane is not good enough as he couldn’t be core in one section
they did all pretty well I felt the wheels fast I haven’t been skating this
flat profile in a while which is more I think it’s it’s more known as a Street
skating profile I haven’t been skating Street skating that much but I can’t
tell you that they are fast they feel fast
they all did pretty well it was quite a warm day not super hot because today
it’s like super super hot but the day that I did this video which was
yesterday it was it was hot and like I said skating the par stealing a ball if
the wheels weren’t good enough they with the core right away and they did hold it
now the wheels on have the best grade which is quite weird because I keep
saying that at least with my experience over the last few months or even over
the last few years the black wheels usually have a little bit better grip I
don’t really know how to explain why but I’ve been feeling that but with this
wheel is actually the opposite the grip on this world is not that good which can
also be a good thing like for grinding and all that stuff
it’s actually amazing when I was carrying the ball not that
good maybe grip wise but that can also be because of that layer the top layer
that the wheels have so maybe after a few more sessions it’s gonna be amazing
so like I said before first they they seem to be strong enough to support even
scaling empty rocker I don’t have anything to complain about the wheels
they’re actually really good wheels the bearings fast as you can see on an
aggressive skate this is not common you you wouldn’t have this type of free spin
on a plastic frame in my opinion this frame is one of the best things about
this case I don’t know where to start so as you can see it’s kind of like to
create originals there’s like a big space you find like digging in the
frames like the logos are sticking out but like there’s like a big piece here
which is just like inside so basically when you when you do like so tricks
there’s only a minimal surface touching then the soleus groove it’s much less deep than this one so on ds1 because
it’s such a deep groove if you would have wheels I can tell you clearly it
would suck because such a such a deep groove the wheels will be super exposed
but instead of wheels you have to these two pieces here like kind of like a
freestyle block or something like that I don’t know how to call this it’s just
like fake wheels like I don’t know you know any skate anti rockers and the
wheels stop spinning that’s basically what this is but those wheels that don’t
spin those will that stop spinning they’re like really made of plastic
exact same material the frame so that’s maybe the reason why
I like them I don’t know it just felt really good then there was no clicky
noises on this skate maybe because of this triangle it’s not like just a small
thing is like a big thing so the the axles actually are like stuck in there
there’s no clicky sounds there’s no nothing it’s just when you skate it it’s
sounds solid there’s no anti rockers making noises there’s no nothing it’s
it’s it’s amazing I love it then going to the soleplate someone in the comments
say that the look of this soleplate it’s embarrassing that’s what someone
was saying let me tell you something I don’t think it’s embarrassing I actually
it’s not my favorite design for a stoplight I actually think it’s an
original soleplate and that’s a cool thing because most of the soleplate is
nowadays there’s like a trend and then all the soap plates look like that trend
or there’s a trend for a frame and all the frames go like that and that’s
something that I love about these guys at trigger what they did with this skate
they’re doing their own thing they’re not really looking of what straining or
what people are expecting they did what they want to do what they like to do
what they think it works and it does work so the soleplate might have these
curves and all that it might not be the cleanest but you can always just if you
want to just make it like more like flat here but even if when you look at the
scale it looks a little bit weird when he skated it does feel amazing and
that’s the most important thing in my opinion and I was also talking about the
sound when you skate with these skates there’s no cracking noises that
obviously comes buuut these fabric on top of a hard boot
because this Kate and me it has a plastic shell and then it has this
fabric I said before when I made other sketch reviews like when I made the G
boots review which is a USD seven with the leather skin I wouldn’t say it’s
like these but it’s something similar the sound of that skate is amazing
that’s what happens with ds-12 there’s like a plastic construction
underneath and then there’s this fabric yes it does make the skate a little bit
heavier but I didn’t felt it maybe because I’m used to skate with flat and
on this case I was anti rocker or freestyle which is the frame that comes
on this case so it didn’t really felt that heavy I’m gonna keep going up still
on the material still on the fabric undies of the boot I don’t think this is
real leather but I had a few Falls and few fools at the park and a few like
scratches on the rail and all that and of course it was rails it wasn’t like
really hard cement but it seems too old quite well of course if I’m gonna be
straight skating every single day and like skating ledges and going through
the soleplate that’s obvious that these material will not last as long as if
you’re skating something like these which is just plastic it’s not that it’s
not gonna last that long it’s obviously going to last maybe even more because it
has the fabric outside the plastic but once you go through them through the
fabric or once you go through the skin then the skater gonna look weird but I
don’t think you’re gonna rip it that easy I don’t know maybe if someone
skated the previous version please let me know in the comments I
didn’t really felt that could happen that easy these 45 degree strap I really
think it’s imported I would love to see it differently instead of being stitched
maybe if there would be a possibility to take it out maybe just a little screw
like a lot of the companies do but again like I said before you have to give it
to these guys because they didn’t try to do what the other ones are doing so in
the end yes probably that’s the reason why they didn’t put a little screw here
for you to be able to take the 45 degree strap it would be cool to have that
possibility but at the same time the function on D skate the function of this
45 degree strap it’s really important because you have such a thick such a
puffy found that if you don’t have this 45 degree strap you won’t have the same
amount of control now talking about the tongue that would be the thing that I
would actually like to be different so if I’m gonna keep skating this gate I
think I’m gonna give it a little cut here and probably try to make this skate
have a little bit of a slimmer thumb but that’s obviously because I would like to
skate to look or to feel a little bit slimmer it’s comfortable that’s
something I can say it’s actually really really comfortable it’s more maybe
something look wise but the truth is I was skating on short and when you skate
with shorts that’s why you can actually see how the skates feel or others that’s
why that you can actually see how this case look because if you’re skating
short some skates actually look ugly and these skates actually when I looked from
the top good in my opinion maybe you can judge
be me come and let me know let me know if you think it looks okay if it doesn’t
to me it beat felt good now what did not felt good at all is the
little receptor here on the buckle it feels like it’s a little bit sticking
out and because it’s sticking out and because the boot is so puffy like I said
before I wasn’t able to tight the buckles so much so the buckle was just a
tiny bit here I would just put a little bit of the tiny I would just put a
little bit of the this buckle strap just something like this and because there
was not a lot of blasting inside every little touch here please we just came
loose another thing that I will do on this skate from what it keeps skating it
it’s probably changed a receptor maybe it’s it’s not about changing receptors
because it’s exposed there is ways to fix it obviously you can put a little
bit of plastic or whatever but yeah it was maybe a little bit annoying but that
can also be because I’ve been skating with the other ones that I just told you
before which I’m not gonna fear again and they’re flat here so that might be
the reason other than that well I can tell you that these things for back
slides and for torques just like I’ve told you in my previous video I was
saying that I would I was really I think I hopes on these skates being good
skates for back slides and for Tory and they are amazing like back slides
and torque some disc aids just felt super super super easy I mean I haven’t
done a back slide in a quarter pipe with a grab quite a bit it’s not because I
can’t do it maybe because of this case that I’ve been skating with I haven’t
been trying it that much or maybe the spots I’ve been skating so yesterday at
the ball with DS I just wanted to feel my back’s like I did one without the
grab and then I was like I let me try one with the grip and I did one with the
grab and I felt so much control that after doing the full backslide at in the
coping I ended up having control enough while still grabbing my foot to come out
forward and that happens because these Kate give me gave me really really good
control in back slides now in torques I’ve said it also in previous videos
maybe even I don’t know a few weeks ago I wanted to try a torque and I couldn’t
do it and I just said like I haven’t been doing them in a while so I was
really having I hopes on this case for torts and they worked so good obviously
because I haven’t been doing them in a while I wasn’t doing them the way that I
really wanted to do it I could do it with a grab or without a grab but I
wasn’t jumping both feet and cramping in the air I was kind of like stepping a
little bit but I hope you guys understand I haven’t done them in a
while but now with these skates I think I’m gonna be doing them again and more
often I might get rid of that step toward that step of torque and actually
jump into it this that’s the way you should be doing that then usually if you
can do like slides and if you can do torques you can do all the cross tricks
kind of like unities Venice or should I say our unity I don’t know
whatever I usually say so I know but I know some people call it opportunity it
doesn’t matter top side tricks top such tricks works
really good I haven’t then the top side trick in a Ledge like obviously on Rails
and copings is easy when a Ledge is usually different but because I’ve been
skating with the sole of frames that are really really slim you actually need to
put your foot completely sideways right away otherwise you’re gonna be rolling
on the wheels so with these canes all I would need to
do is my foot was a little bit sideways and as long as the skate was in the
right position we just slide it to the right position so I ended up doing a few
top assets and tops walls yeah so that was good top side tricks really good
negatives and there’s some marks here he does I can’t say it’s a good or her best
case for negatives it’s just a good existe skate that has a wide soleplate
and the frame is actually aligned because with old remedies the OS ones I
think it was hard to do negative somehow he would venture foot outside and it was
really hard for me to do negatives with these and most of the other states easy
if I do negative you do the m12 and with these it’s just super easy because the
the soleplate is wider what else cuff the cuff looks super simple it has
one line here on landed it’s really really simple as a cuff but it does work
well so in my final conclusion about these skates I really really think it’s
an amazing skate it it kind of felt to me like
sheetings games just made everything so easy so I would
say if you if you’re really into doing tech tricks it’s amazing and if you look
at this guy’s theme like I mean Adrienne and they are these two guys they’re like
super super tech skaters and I think they got the right team maybe they
should have a bigger team but at the same time for a small company having a
bigger team it’s also not a good thing so at least they have some scares that
can show what these skates are really good for and these kids are really good
for technical tricks that’s for sure now one last thing still about rigor but not
about the Beata pro model is I just realized that they started making kids
skates so maybe check the trader website I’m gonna put the link in the
description and that’s it for this video I’m gonna keep scaling it for a little
bit longer this might even become my main aggressive skating skate I don’t
know what do you think I actually like them so that’s it for today I hope you
guys enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video
woof give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like it well I could tell you to
just say why I don’t like it you can give me a thumbs down but if you’re
gonna give me a thumbs that give me two thumbs down click on it twice other than
that well subscribe to this channel to see if I’m gonna keep skating with this
or if I’m gonna be skinny there might be a few new states also
coming out that might be on my way or not I can’t really tell you yet but I
can tell you why I started skating and that is because it’s fun
so thank you guys for watching these and see you soon
let me see if I can do double backflip through these gates because I remember
that Julian Kudo was really good at backwards
with this case let’s see I got it


Sweet! I’m planning to do some aggressive skating soon! Good timing man! Glad to see you making videos again!

Hola Ricardo!!!
I really like your videos, I enjoy watching you doing your stuff, I am 32 and just learning to inline skate (to old I know haha) I have 3 months being a "wheel addict" and I am loving it, it has become a very important part of my life, now is like a life style…

I would like you to have more tutorial videos… That would be awesome… You know? A serie of videos from basics to pro in freeskating…

Would it be much asking?
Thanks for taking your time on sharing your stuff with us, I appreciate it, I mean it.
You rock man!

The frame reminds me of the Murda block ground controlsixed with create originals like you said.
Sadly the skate doesn't come in a 12 US. So I womt fit. But if anyone wants to get them boot only in a large frame size hit me up I'll pick up your frame off you.

Ricardo, just a thing. Could you use a front light? When you where showing the skates they looked very dark from this angle and can't see some parts clearly. Great video!

Two friends of mine had problems with the buckle, an impact in the buckle (negative side) and the buckle got stuck, almost impossible to take off the skates. Important to say: it was on the first trigger model, maybe the made better system/material on that new one

That ASMR in a dark cave does not work for me sorry. If you do reviews do them in a more traditional way, keep the arty farty vids for other types of content. Just does not work, you come across like you dont care and dont even bother to raise your voice or have some ethousasm in your "review" It is probably the jetlag, and just being super tired of the move etc, i can totally understand the situation. but if this is the new direction it just does not really work great for a action sports content channel. It works good for photography channel or sorts.

Ricardo, I have brought these 4 weeks ago and have had nothing but issues. They click like hell and I've had to put a razors ratchet strap on because the angle of the teeth on the white ones were to shallow to hold in the buckle( everytime I jumped they came undone! Almost broke my ankle.) Also they don't really seem to sit straight up and down, they bow outwards like the old remz used to, but they make tricks feel so good. I'm torn.

Ricardo, i love your vids man but music is often extremely loud ! Still happy to see you skate though 😉

Hold on,
is the dust cover of your record player up?


May you tea smell of elderberries!

Hi Ricardo, long time sub. I have the trigger Julien Cudot. I didn’t like the frame, so put on Creates OG frame flat 57. I cut both lines on the cuff, and replaced the buckle with a Velcro strap. The shape of the soul plate holds the boot so there is no wiggle. The d-rigs on the 45 strap will break, I replaced with small chain links. The material is leather, and holds up well. The shell, after the liner packed out, was very painfully and dug into my inner ankle, luckily I was able to heat mold them. I contacted the company about the ankle pain, they said they were made aware of the problem as it was a manufacturing defect, and no longer needed to contact them. They left a bad taste in my mouth. I will not pay the company for replacement parts. When these boots are done, they’re done. I don’t like this company, but love your videos.

Nice video. It's must be great to skate again after such a long period of time. I don't know how you were able to stand it. I would have jumped out of a 1st floor window.

Thanks Lino ! These skates are all I wanted when I started out around 5 years ago.. getting trigger skates asap

hi ricardo, i need your advice because im planning to buy wowgo mini at site have you heard about this e-commerce site? are they legit? is it safe to purchase online. your advice will be very helpful to me. thanks

i got a pair of like 2009 (or so) rb new jack II's they still fit great and i wanna get another pair. i'll most likely get these. but i really need your advice where do i get replacement wheels? i live in the sticks and tear up wheels quick!!! ALSO… what are your "Cadillac" of bearings. i'm starting to be able to afford anything…even…*cough…ceramic bearings, kinda, are they worth the almost 8X price difference? if so, i'll go for it but i don't wanna drop two small on something that usually costs pocket change for dogshit. lemme know…PLEASE!!!

So the frames are like old GC Murda blocks/Fifty Fifty Juice blocks then? They look like a mashup of CO and different GC's from over the years. I was wondering what was up with those skates a few weeks back and after looking stuff up I couldnt really find much so thanks for doing this Lino, MUCH APPRECIATED!!

Excelent review Ricardo, we have to support this kind of industry less sharks" more design and roller creation. Thanks so much for your time 🤜🤛🇨🇴🇨🇴⛸️⛸️

Beat Schillmeier veen sempre au skatepark na minha cidade aqui en Näfels ( Suiça). Eu vejo ele quase todos os domingos e ele e muito boa pessoa

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