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TRUCO Quitar sonido de alarma Ninebot Mini Plus SOUND ALARM TRICK

TRUCO Quitar sonido de alarma Ninebot Mini Plus SOUND ALARM TRICK

Hello friends, what’s up, here Atharif. Well, today I’m going to show you a video of how Remove the audible alarm from excess
Speed ​​of the Ninebot Mini Plus, let’s go to start, all Ninebot Mini users Plus, I guess you’ll recognize this characteristic sound of excess speed, it’s a pretty sound signal
unpleasant, it seems that it is a ambulance that is walking down the street, I understand that they have to put us security, but hey, in this case
I discovered a trick through one’s own Segway-Ninebot application for
Remove that sound now I’m going to make the sound of his speed sound and in the third tone, the last tone, you will hear a strange sound, that weird sound is simply that what
I did at the moment I was playing, is something else and now it does not matter what
you do not have sound anymore, it’s not going to sound the speeding alarm, the advantage of this trick is that you can disconnect and connect all the times
you want when you want, What’s more, it’s that if you do not touch it, the solo sounds again after a mouse, or we’re going is to remove it permanently, it is
just a small period of time, Now I’m going to switch it off again,
which, that little period of time that comes to haunt the five minutes,
ten minutes, depending on many factors, during that time it’s not going to
sound nothing, because what is supposed to be let’s do is erase them,
it’s not removing them from the Ninebot, but not recognize them, as we know in Ninebot Mini Plus has many sounds, many many, many, every function you do has a different sound, the climbing over to the pad, from the remote control,
the bluetooth connection, the horn, has many that right now I practically do not even remember all that has because it has so many, well then here
is where the trick comes, how to remove all these sounds to the Ninebot so
temporary. Well, I think it’s a failure of the
application or it is not a fault, it is that it is logical that is really not me
if they can solve it or not but the thing is that those sounds are modifiable to
through the application, this is my profile, I’ve put it here so you can see
how I go, but the important thing is settings of the application, exactly the
top right button color green with a microphone, which is the
voice configuration, here are two voices the one above, at least for me that
called the Loomo and something the chinorri and the below that is directly something in chinorri, if we give to load some of them, the Ninebot will erase the sounds
who has and will start to load these new, there allows us a time between 5 and 10 minutes that we can be without sounds, at any time we can cancel it and the current sounds come back, we put it back and we have about 5 or
10 minutes to be without sound Maximum speed alert, we give you cancel and as new, it’s more if we leave the
Quiet application will finish the process and the sounds will stay, if
we deactivate the application nothing happens, recover the previous sounds, so
we can disable it so temporary, so that it does not bother us.
Now if you are going to use this trick to remove the sound I ask caution, the
sound is for something, it’s not that it helps much or not but the truth is that I
the moment I remove it at my beginning feeling of fear, because
I was missing that point of reference, The Ninebot becomes much more stable, you can say, because you can control the Tilt-Back much more, but precisely the problem that he has is that Tilt-Back is what
unique that will allow you to feel the excess of speed, that is to say, if you realize it, the Tilt-Back goes so far back that I’m able to put my knees together
it goes a lot back, I have to recover to be able to catch it again
with the knees, because as you can see he throws a lot back, so why?
please I ask you to take care of the time to turn off the sound and go a
a little more attentive. It gives you more feeling, because you really forget your hearing and
it helps you a lot have it on the feet, is what the
Own Tilt-Back. Well, friends, I hope you liked the video, if you liked to give it a I LIKE, if you want to see more videos
subscribe and see you in the next video, greetings

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Hola Atharif. No se que versión de la aplicación y firmware tenías ahí, pero yo tengo el firmware V.1.1.7 y la última versión, y las dos voces que salen son la Loomo (lo que a ti te sale en chinorri, rsrs es Robot sound), y la Harmonic sound y las pone en castellano. También tiene una alarma para la marcha atrás que me ha recordado un consejo que no se si te valdrá. Una forma de ir ganando confianza en la marcha atrás del Monociclo es practicar la marcha atras en el Ninebot, te va dando seguridad en eso de conducir hacia atras, mirando hacia atrás, que al principio creo que a todos nos reculta complicado y con bastante menos riesgo que en el de una rueda. Si luego lo intentas en el Monociclo, verás que te va resultando más facil. Un saludo.

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