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TRUCOS | Comprar un Coche Roto y Arreglarlo con Poco Dinero (Motor + Chapa)

TRUCOS | Comprar un Coche Roto y Arreglarlo con Poco Dinero (Motor + Chapa)

This is my current car, the last one I bought. Why? Well, the first reason is the price. I found it with a selling sign and I couldn’t resist the offer. In 10 minutes I was testing it, and I almost bought it at the moment. It is the car which I have reviewed and tested the least. I directly didn’t open the bonnet; as I say, when the price is good, you can’t get fussy. In addition, the seller gave me a lot confidence. He told me from the first moment which were the problems of the car Because of course, to make it cheap, the car must have something, and it did have something. It was broken, so in this video I am going to explain how I’ve fixed it. What I did first was things that I’ve already shown in previous videos but I’ll to summarize it a little. First, I cleaned the motor, because it seemed that they hadn’t cleaned it never in their lives. When I finished it was nice touching it, which was precisely what I had to do because touching the engine when it’s full of grease and dirt, isn’t appealing. Here you can see the difference in the before and after I did it with a steam-cleaner and distilled water. I also removed a few large scratches I had on the windshield which bothered me a lot when driving because I could see them all the time I did it with cerium oxide and a polisher The next step was the most important thing and was one of the reasons why the car was broken. When you stopped the car, if you tried to accelerate, it vibrated. It simply didn’t accelerate, you had to release the brake, let it take inertia and then you could accelerate. The reason why this happened was that the transmission hadn’t had any maintenance, the oil was black. As soon as I changed it, it improved a lot. I also changed the standard radio, cause it didn’t sound good, for a more modern one, with GPS and all that. It goes well, but at the beginning I managed by putting my old GPS in the dashboard since it works well and I’ve been using all my life. I also put an audio port to the radio, an auxiliary. I’m going to explain how I did it, because it’s a very useful trick. First, take a connector, the typical computer one, from a fan, and weld the 3 connectors to an audio jack. We also need a jumper, which are these pieces that close a circuit on hard drives or motherboards. Then disconnect the radio and in the back they usually bring a bright colored connector each radio will have its own color, but for example in Honda they are like this. To know exactly where to put it, I’ll leave the scheme in the description but the jumper is what activates this mode and the connectors are transmitting audio that’s why you usually put the typical port where headphones are connected so that you can later put a cable and connect a mp3, the phone or whatever you want. Then, when you’ve checked that it works, and above all that you hear from the two speakers it is when you can pick up a drill and make a hole in the dashboard. I did it on the radio, to pass this connector so it’s integrated and it seems standard and not as botch. Then, you close the radio and you already have the auxiliary socket. This can really end up with the desire of buying a new radio, because it’s more than enough and spending 300€ in a new one with touch screen, hurts. After having fixed the transmission, the car was usable, and in fact, I used it daily but it continued malfunctioning and as soon as you demanded a bit more it started to have sudden jerks and in the end this was almost constant but I will show this at the end of the video, because it was what took me the most, since I’m not a mechanic. So I started with what I more or less handle, which is improving the aesthetics of the car. It had the typical: scratches everywhere, punches, worn headlights, at the back it had had a small crash and the trunk was dented inwards, and that ricer logo was also awful because putting Type R and a big exhaust in a city car with less than 100 horsepower is a bit ridiculous let’s say the car wasn’t very good aesthetically speaking but then I checked the mechanics and it even had a book sealed with the maintenance the oil had been recently changed, the antifreeze was also very well, so at least the basics had been done. Something that helped me a lot to go fast with this car, i.e. a day to do one thing and then another, was that it had much room inside I could fit all the tools, all I needed to work in car, vacuums, well anything. It even helped me to advance more with other projects, for example, buying a lot of furniture for a van that I’m making camper I could fill the entire car without problems or even put a couple of bikes, and this is something that I liked so much that I will have in mind for my next car. Because in another car I own, I carry a lot of things but directly touching the ceiling because I can’t barely carry anything. One of the things that I like least is cleaning and I had to pull two whole days with this car, one for the interior and another for the outside. On the outside, besides doing a thorough cleaning which I’ve explained in another videos and isn’t difficult: lather, rinse, decontaminate and that sort of things, what I did was removing all scratches I had as far as possible It’s something that could be done much better with a polisher, but I did it by hand and a rag because it was at night and people live there, so I didn’t want to disturb them. The process is just as effective, it just takes longer but you avoid buying a machine if you don’t have it. We just need a microfiber cloth, polish and patience to be rubbing in circles a good time. As watching a guy rubbing a car for hours isn’t something very entertaining, I’ll directly put the result of the before and the after. Don’t think that it’s photo retouching or anything similar, it’s simply to streamline the video. I really tell you that there’s no trick. We can improve a lot the defects, for example, the rearview mirrors, which are always grazed, can look as new Another thing which is easily fixed and usually disfigures the aesthetics is the plastic parts which become whitish overtime. When we clean them and they are wet, they look good, but after a while of being dry, they look awful. Well, you can improve this with a dashboard cleaner or a plastic restorer (aka uv protectant), they’ll improve a lot. To leave the headlights good, we do the same as with the scratches: polish, rubbing and a lot of patience, because it takes quite a long time, but look at the difference between the before and the after. About the logos, those who like it, don’t take it as an offense, but I think it’s tacky to put a sticker from the dollar store, that has nothing to do with how the car really is it isn’t Type R, I don’t even like the serial ones, so something like this, even less. You can take them out with a tar remover very easily The exhaust pipe was so tight that it touched the bumper and it made noise. At first I wasn’t going to remove it, but when I realised the noise, I took it out and leave it as stock. However, it looked awful, as if it was a cut piece of tube, so I put a smaller one and it looked much better, as a Mini Cooper. I allow you to see if you notice the difference between the before and now. Now, I move onto the interior which was much worse. This is disgusting, it’s supposed to be a phone holder but the only thing it does is melt in the sun and stay as a snot all over the dashboard which besides, costs quite a lot to remove that if it doesn’t leave stains of glue which can’t be removed with dissolvent because it would also remove the paint. I also found a pair of dirty sneakers, it seems that every car I buy is dirtier than the previous one. This one even seemed to have mold, that bacteria that forms in the food, look there and it had stains that I don’t want to know of what they were. The worst thing is that it wasn’t only the driver’s seat, which can be normal because it can me smeared where you put your ass but the front passenger’s back was like wet I don’t know how, but was very dirty, you know the armrests, all it was disgusting to enter there, especially with a flashlight like now. Besides, in the back it had chocolate stains, everything, it felt like firing it up and buying new seats but as they have airbag which cannot be easily changed, I decided to clean it with ammonia and water and only by passing a wipe it was impregnated in brown So I used liquid vacuum which comes in very handy to do these things and like that I didn’t have to touch anything with my hands. As you can see, the water coming out is like yellow, almost pee, so I cleaned it thoroughly, not only looking that it was clean but that also that it was disinfected on each edge and corner. I got a couple black water buckets which is normal, but more in a work car than in a utility one which is usually used by normal clean people to go to places. But hey, in the end it was super clean without any stain, so it was nice to enter the car. To clean the floor I didn’t have to remove the seats or anything because the seats can be lifted up and I could clean very well the floor and all over what saved me a lot of time, still I spent a whole day doing this, but I think that it was worth it. Look at the difference of how it is now looking at it in close detail and with a light, it looks as if it was new from the concessionaire. Then I could have changed the rugs, but they had some very rare forms and they wouldn’t have looked good or cost very expensive so a trick to leave them a little better and remove the fuzzing, is to pass a burner to remove all the strands You won’t burn it nor leave it burning, it stays more compact, as if they were new much better than passing a blade or cutting the threads cause this way, it won’t happen again in a lot ot time For the steering wheel, the key is to use wet wipes, wetting them more with ammonia so it also disinfects because those wipes are usually made for sensitive areas such as the bum, therefore we have to use a stronger product to remove everything Afterwards we put a moisturizer, because ammonia dries the leather, and this way we restore the original appearance and touch. Then other less important thing is the scratches on the dashboard, as you can see it has a lot I suppose because they simply passed a cloth and with time it stays like that. As we’re going to look at it all the time while driving, the best thing is to polish it. You don’t need to remove it or anything, with a swirls remover, which is like polish but softer for the paint, and a microfiber cloth, you rub in circle or in the form that your dashboard has and it will be like brand-new. Even with this light which is really close, it seems that there isn’t a plastic or that it’s a glass. This is something that we can also do with the steering wheel’s insignia, which sometimes is scratched. Something more serious was what the front bumper had in the area below, I suppose it had grazed a curb it broke and they put a bit of filler or bandage plaster, because it was super crappy. Although it may seem as very difficult to repair, actually it was quite easy We have to cover the ground with some cardboard and the wheels, so we don’t paint the tire. Then, we only need some duct tape and a few sprays: first the primer, then a painting spray with the car’s color code and finally a lacquer, to make it shiny and protected This is something that I’ve done previously, I think that this is the second or third time, and I’ve explained it in other videos. But I don’t have a lot of experience, simply you’ve to work hard and have patience. The first thing is to sand everything without fear, but without reaching the plastic, because otherwise paint won’t grab well. Leave it smooth so when you pass your hand it felts soft, as if was the original painting but in matt. We do that with a 400-grit sandpaper and then you shake well spray and you first apply the primer you’ve to apply thin layers, 2 or 3 until you see it’s well covered and while it dries you can do other things, or paint other parts. For example, I tried to fix the dents of the boot, or at least leave it as smooth as possible cause it was inwards and with oxides, so I removed the trim that covers the inside door and that way I tracked where the dent was to push from the inside. I did it with a chisel and a hammer, which I’m sure isn’t the best thing but I didn’t have professional tools, since I’m not a professional. Then I tried to remove the logo and I almost broke it, so I said “I better cover it” and that’s that. As I say, I was giving coats of primer, in the trunk for example, and while it dried I did the same in the bumper, and I continued like that until I had applied the paint and the lacquer. The final result won’t be as good as in a workshop, but it isn’t bad and for me is more than enough at least it didn’t have oxides and from the distance it looked well, even looking up close. Although under the headlight there’s still some missing paint or scratches, I didn’t want to obsess myself, I was happy with it looking a bit better than before Finally I only had left the engine or transmission problem, which gave jerks every 1 or 2 minutes and it was as when you suddenly release the clutch, but since this car is automatic, it had to be other thing. After studying all the possibilities and reading a lot on the topic in forums, many said that the coils eventually broke and had to be replaced, whose cost was estimated at more than 1000€ because it has one for each spark plug, and this car has 8, not to mention the manpower. So what I did was to remove them all, to try to fix them myself. You simply have to remove the connectors and take out these gadgets, which were very dirty as you can see and that is bad, is a bad sign that they had much humidity, oil…and in the end the inside pieces got rusty, which are the ones which make contact with the spark plugs. While I was at it, I also took the spark plugs out to check them, because if they were broken it could be that To take them out in these engines which have the screws so deep, you need a wrench with an extender, and when you’ve unscrewed them, you use the coil to remove them, because it hooks up and you can take it. After taking them out and seeing them, I had two news, a good and a bad one. The spark plugs were in good condition, which meant that the engine was fine, but it also meant that I had to keep looking. If the spark plugs are in good condition we don’t have to change them, we can clean them with a wire brush and apply a contact cleaner but it is important that it is specific for that so it doesn’t leave residues or conduct electricity because the standard WD-40 will normally leave a bit to protect it against rust, but in electronics this isn’t good, the standard one serves for everything except this. Dismantling the coils, as you can see, is very easy. The have two parts, you separate them and inside there’s a spring with a fuse. Everything was covered in whitish dust, and that’s bad, that is charcoal, residues… and I’m not an expert, but that shouldn’t be there and we have to clean it. We can use a wire brush that fits in the hole, but without using much strength, cause the plastic could break. When we’ve cleaned most of it and dust doesn’t come out anymore we can use the contact cleaner even filling the hole, that is, slowly throwing drops until it is full, and then let it evaporate. This is the best way to clean it, and it’ll make better contact. We should also clean the fuse and the spring in the same way, first with the brush and then with the spray cleaner. As you can see, only by doing this the whitish dust begins to disappear and it recovers the metal color, and that what we have to achieve with all the parts. Look at the difference between one which is clean and another one which isn’t. It’s more noticeable in this part, which is already black and clean, and the other one is still full of dust. Only by shaking it a bit against the table, look how everything comes out and that’s what didn’t allow the spark plugs to make a good contact, then the motor couldn’t spark properly and that caused the sudden jerks, at least in this case. I could repair it with a spray which costs less than 5€ and a metal brush I had at home, look how clean I left it. Afterwards, you only have to reassemble everything, but it is best to do it with patience and carefully, to avoid having to do it again, or at least in a lot of time. For example, I left the parts submerged in the contact cleaner several times until it evaporated. Then, I cleaned this rubber which protects everything with a small brush, putting the cleaner until it was full and it overflowed, cause it may seem exaggerated, but it’s better to exceed a bit than having to repeat everything. After all, the bottle costs nothing and the repair was going to be more than 1000€. By the way, each side is theoretically sealed, so you have to clean them up and down. The spark plugs were in good condition, and even more after I cleaned them, but I preferred to changed them, basically because I had already bought new ones. It’s something that doesn’t cost much; buying the ones indicated by the manufacturer, they cost a little more than 3€ per piece and look at the difference between the old and the new ones. It’s best not to throw them from above, because we can break them, we should use a tool or the coil, to put them in place. Don’t tight too much, if you don’t have a torque wrench, tighten until it’s hard and then give an extra quarter turn. Now, before mounting the coil with all the pieces we’ve cleaned, to avoid that they become rusty or whatever, it’s best to seal them in an easy way: putting a little grease or lubricant on the edge and so when we close it, we achieve the same effect as in canned food. Another option could be to put a bit of silicon, but I don’t think is necessary. Once we have them all assembled, which is something as simple as connecting the two parts with the spring inside, we put them on their place until we hear the ‘click’, which means that they’ve engaged with the spark plug and then put the screw so they don’t become loose with the engine’s vibrations. Since they are plastic or rubber, don’t tighten them to much or they’ll break. We’ve to couple each spark plug with its connector, which are just beside them and have an unique position, where the tab makes ‘click’ and that means that they are well placed. As you can see, is not something very difficult, it’s simply knowing what to do, and what you don’t know this it can be messy to find the solution. For example, at the back there are other four coils and spark plugs, and I don’t think many people know this because when I unscrewed everything, besides they have a difficult access, I saw that the back ones were even in worse conditions as if they had never been changed and the mechanic who did the maintenance didn’t know they were there, or he didn’t bother because it was difficult to work with them. But look at the difference between the front spark plug, which is at the right, and the back spark plug, which is at the left. This one is super black and the other one not. To put them in hard places like these, what we do is grab it with its own coil as if we were mounting all together, we put it on the hole and then we turn it so it screws itself. It is doing exactly the same thing I’ve already explained with the previous 4, but with 8 spark plugs don’t forget the back ones if you have an engine like this. By the way, the front and the back ones are different, I don’t know if you’ve noticed that they have a strange form; these ones are places sideways and the other ones vertically, and this is because they aren’t interchangeable. Among the same group yes, that is in the same line of spark plugs it doesn’t matter how you put them, but you can’t put the front ones at the back or vice versa. So, I think it’s best to change one group and then the other to avoid mistakes. The plastic that protects the motor isn’t obligatory, but is much more beautiful and are two screws. If the car continues having rare vibrations or giving jerks, it may be the accelerator’s cable which isn’t tense enough, it is as the bike’s brake, you just pull a little of this nut. Another possibility is that you’ve to change the CKP sensor, which costs about 20€, it wasn’t my case. Now the moment of truth, if you start the car and it sounds weird, turn it off because you’ve connected something wrong if it starts well and sounds good, that is great. I went to try it and demanded more to the car, doing stopped accelerations, reaching more speed than I usually reach, to see if it gave jerks in more demanding conditions but it didn’t, so for an almost null cost I got a decent car to move around the city for nothing cause moving with a MX-5 is complicated with the pollution restrictions making you drive at 70km/h Those are the type of situations which don’t allow you to enjoy any car so at least this one is comfortable and reliable, which was the second reason why I decided to buy it cause they said it’s one of the cars with a more reliable engine, so I thought that if it was broken, it couldn’t be very broken. I don’t know how long I’ll have it, because aesthetically I don’t exactly love it, I don’t usually like this type of cars neither it has a lot of power, I mean, it is not that I need it for the use I give it, but I like having at least a bit more. Then, it’s automatic and even when it really surprised me how well it works, I’d rather stay with a manual at least until the cars are electric. I hope you’ve liked the video. Those who aren’t subscribed to the channel won’t understand this, but those who are, are surely waiting for a video of the van because you’ve asked me hundreds of times. I would like to have the video, but humidity doesn’t allow me, I know it sound as an excuse but the humidity of the climate doesn’t allow me to sand, paint or glue anything because the ban is icy or cold, and besides I get frozen. I can do nothing, because I can’t take the van into the garage and work there, because it’s too big. So I don’t know what to do, I can show you what I already done so far, or you can wait until good weather comes and I can continue doing things.


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