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trying to dunk with wolfieraps ๐Ÿ˜‚

trying to dunk with wolfieraps ๐Ÿ˜‚

(drum beating) – [Men] Oh! – We’re going to the airport. We’re at the airport, now
we gotta get on my airplane. Made it on the airplane,
now we gotta go to New York. – [Man] (Mumbles) you want to see ’em? – Made it to New York City. Now let’s find the car and
get out of the airport. – [Man] Yay. – Found the car, let’s get out of here. Oh hey, we also found Tanner. – I’m here now. – He’s here now. – [Man] (Mumbles). – Awesome, thank you very much. Hey, high five. – Oh. – [Man] Yeah. – Look who just got on the
elevator, Furious (mumbles). Bro, I swear to god, I’m
no fanboy, but I’ve been watching you for like five years. – He’s that way (mumbles). – [Man] So I’ll see at the event tonight? – [Tanner] Yeah, heck yes. – [Man] Later man. – [Man] See ya. – Tanner just fanboyed so hard. (laughing) Dude, I don’t know how to get our floor. Like there’s nowhere
to slide for your card. And it won’t just take you there. I’m serious, how do we do this. (buttons pushing) Now we’re going up? – [Tanner] Why are we going up? – [Man] We’ll just keep
riding the elevator meeting famous people all day, I’m down. – I like that idea. (laughing) – [Man] ‘Cause like
sometimes you need to scan your card, you know. Now we’re on floor 38. – Excuse me, do you know
how the elevators work? We can’t figure it out, we’ve been in here for like minutes. – Yeah. – [Man] (Mumbles). Just keep hitting it so it
can’t refuse us service. – [Tanner] Why? Do you guys know how these elevators work? We’ve been here for like 10 minutes? – [Man] We really don’t
know how they work, we’ve been trying to– – [Woman] What floor were you– – [Man] We’re on 12. – [Woman] Oh, you’re on the wrong thing. – How do we do it? – I’ll show you. – Alright. – [Man] Oh okay. You can’t just hit 12. – [Man] No.
– [Woman] No. – [Man] Oh that makes sense (laughs). – These elevators go one
to five, and then 16 to 38. So you got to, if you want one through 16, you’ve got to go to the
ones across the hall. – [Man] But that’s
annoying ’cause it says 12. – Have to go down and then across. Yes, thank you guys. – [Man] How inconvenient, sorry everyone. – [Woman] No problem. – I just don’t understand
like pushing the 12 button would be an option if it
doesn’t take you there. – [Tanner] You should have
a glass thing over it. – [Man] Is there a 12 on this one? – [Woman] I don’t know,
we’re on the wrong one huh. – [Woman] We’re on the wrong elevator. – [Woman] Yeah. – [Man] We did the same
thing, it’s a journey. Good luck girls. – [Woman] Oh thanks. (laughing) – [Man] It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. – [Woman] That’s right. Good luck.
– Bye. – Alright success. Check it. Beautiful, a little dirty,
but almost beautiful. Dang, not going good at this hotel. Six o’clock. That means the entire day’s disappeared. We left my house at six
o’clock this morning. 12 hours of travel. Let’s eat food. – Food. – Food. Nothing in this hotel works. (screaming) Look. (clicking) – Ah, I can do this, I just– – [Man] You got this. – [Tanner] Something. Oh (laughs). I was kidding but I did it. – [Man] Okay, we got to
shut it and then just keep your finger on it. Oh snap. Wait, do you have the hotel card key? – [Tanner] Nope. – Neither do I. Bad news, both of us left our
phones charging in the hotel, we’re not really sure
what our hotel, what hotel is it called, is it a
Westin, or West, or Marriott, it was a West. – I’m pretty sure it was a
Marriott but I don’t know what branch of Marriott. – We’re not sure what we
wanted to eat, so we just started walking and now
we’re like already lost and we don’t have phones. This is gonna be bad. – We found somewhere to
eat and they have toys. We’re gonna have an army battle. (groove music) – [Tanner] Oh look, you got fries. – [Man] Dang, delicious. Thank you. – [Tanner] Can I get ranch too please? – Things are looking good today. – [Tanner] Man.
(knocking) (laughing) – Had to grab our sweaters
and we’re heading to the VIP party, the whole reason we’re here, we got invited to a party. I don’t know the details
right now but we’ll figure out the details
and it’ll be jamming. – [Man] If Tanner hits it. – [Man] Oh oh, killed it. – Let’s go. And I also met– – [Man] Sup dog. Let’s make gummies tonight. – (Mumbles). – We’re gonna teach Wolfie
to back flip and then he’s gonna teach us to make gummies. – Tonight, we’re making
the biggest gummies. – And back flips. Dang. This is the jam. New video game coming out, I
think they’re gonna make us into playable characters. I don’t know, lots of cool stuff. Let’s just walk around
and see what’s going on. Meeting lots of cool people like Wolfie, I never met him before. Bunch of guys. I like
going to events like this. They’re fun. Oh snap. Am I getting a haircut tonight? Whoa (laughs). I got that, I got that. – I’m being serious, I was
here for a Playboy (mumbles). – Here is pedo over here. (trap music) – (Mumbles).
(laughing) – Dang, look at that, that’s good. (Mumbles). (laughing) – What do you got? – [Man] Oh golden. (laughing) Money shot. – Oh (claps). We’re gonna go try the
new game now. I’m excited. Oh, this is the secret room. Can we film in here? – [Man] No. – Oh this is no film zone. We’re going into no film zone. You guys can’t come in,
I can’t film in here. That was dope, really cool. I don’t think I can
show you that stuff yet but I’ll put in a vlog in like seven days, I think is when I can show you. We’re gonna go get inside
the game, like you can be a character in the game. So I’m getting scanned. You guys get this game, you’ll play as me. I think, maybe. You going in the game? – Of course. – WolfieRaps the character? – Tanner Fox, it’s in the game. – [Man] It’s in the game. (synthesizers beeping) (rap music) – Oh snap, it’s happening. (rap music) (heavy bass rap music) Tanner has to stand on a
bed. You should talk to him. (laughing) That’s awesome. Oh. Oh. Okay, we’re learning how
to dunk a basketball. You’ve got to use teamwork.
Teamwork let’s go. (ball bouncing) Yeah, we did it. That’s how you dunk a basketball. – All about teamwork. – Teamwork. (rap music) – [Man] Oh. – Oh. Those dunks. – [Man] Oh. ♫ Why is James crying ♫ Cause he just got dunked on – You’re nine and a half right? – Yeah. Oh dang. Check it out, there’s
boxes. They gave us boxes. Tanner, shoes. All day. Oh oh, snap. – [Tanner] Those are tight. – Dude, those actually… Dang. Solid night. Alright, I think we’re
heading back to the hotel. – You want me to hold it. – Oh no, I’m done now, we’re good. – [Man] Oh you’re already done. – We’re back, that’s the end. 12 hours of travel, then
12 hours of awesomeness. We were suppose to be
at a soccer game tonight but we couldn’t go. So I gave those tickets to
the biggest soccer fan I know. – US Men’s National Team versus Venezuela. – [Man] Those are your. – Oh my god, thank you. – [Man] And there’s four of them. So friends, maybe dad. – That’s so sick, thank you. – Yeah man, enjoy it. Homie went tonight. I told him to get a clip, so if he did it, play that clip now. And if he didn’t get a clip,
then that was just awkward. That’s the end of the vlog. Tomorrow, we travel
home to see baby Adley. I don’t think she’s
been feeling that good. Last night, she was up all night. We gave her a bath at
like 3:30 in the morning. Hopefully, she had a better
today (mumbles) vlog, buy. (groove music) (basketballs bouncing) I just made the coolest
shot. Put it in the vlog.


Dude. Juice and Wolfie helped Shaun dunk. With the Alboe boys. Man that was awesome. Saw so many awesome YouTubers in one video

I was camping and I couldn't use my data so I missed your videos so it wasn't the best day ever I am so sad

Can we get a tanner fox warning for the people who don't want to see or hear him? I only came back because I thought he was gone for good. Sorry for thumb down but it has to be done.

I never comment, but i love basketball, really hope i can play you in 2k18 and can't wait for GSW to take the win against the Cavs

I really don't think he realises that he just got some custom Blue OG Air Jordans Retro 1๐Ÿ˜ฒ I bet those won't be on 100day Give away! lol

hahaha I love these vlogs so much I can't even, your vlogs are always there when I need them, thanks guys <3 highfive

you should have met CASHNASTY you to have the same voice and he's the blacker and badder version of you HAHAAH

The jealousy is real tanner fox, Wolfe raps, and shonduras at NBA getting free stuff and being in the game. I wish I was you Shaun

You and Tanner make the best team. Keep collaborating with him. In fact, make him an honorary member of the Spacestation.

You allโ€‹ are complaining about Tanner in the video and disliking it or whatever means your not a true Shonduras Fan. I dislike people to but doesn't mean I'm gonna give his video negative reviews because hes Tanner's friend. Shon and the crew put up great content and that's enough for a like and my happiness.

shonduras your the cereal king and can you put my name on the cereal wall charlie on fruity pebles

I never thought I would have the urge to dislike a video from one of my favorite YouTubers, I didn't, but I really just can't stand listening or seeing Tanner Fox, same with wolfie. Both I just happen to personally find really REALLY obnoxious.

Wow. I've been here since 40k ish and I kinda strayed away from him. Now I'm coming back and he's passed a million! I'm so proud and happy for him

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