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– I’m gonna give you more weight. Three, two, one. This is the worst idea ever! – [Vlogger] What is that? – [Vlogger] Is it a Gagoon? – But guess what? This time we’re going swimming. You wanna go swimming in that lagoon? – [Vlogger] Okay, we’ll do it. This was mom’s idea,
say “Thank you, Mommy.” – [Vlogger] Good idea, babe. – Hi vlog, we’re going
to lagoon to go swimmin’. – Swimmin’. Okay, say “Bye, we’ll see you at lagoon.” Bye! Are you guys ready? – We got swimsuits on, let’s go! Or maybe wait for us, sorry. Oh, high five. Yeah, nice to meet you guys. See ya! (relaxing music) (chill music) – Whoa! Whoa! (chill music) We’re goin’ in the cave. (cooing) Should we go under the water? – Good job! High five Zadley! – Yay! – [Vlogger] Good job! Look is that mom? Hi, mom! She’s going down the slide. – Here, take the vlog! (squeals) – Whoa! (grunting) Whoa! (grunting) Whoa! I did it! (chill music) And that is how start a best day ever. Adley loves swimming, I love it. Now we’re at the office,
we gotta get some work done but first… That. That’s our next destination, bank. We gotta get some money. It’s this idea I have for a livestream. Basically, you’ll see. I’ll link the livestream
at the end of this. And then, I have one really good idea that I want to film tonight. Doubles hover boarding. Flashback to me and Coen Holladay’s kid where we did like the
doubles on the hover board. New extreme sport, doubles hover boarding. To see if it’ll work. Like imagine in one wheel but like, one foot right here,
another person right there and you’re both riding it side by side and you’re like, no,
more weight on your side! More weight on my side! I think that’s where this
best day ever’s going. That’s comin’ soon. But now we’re at a bank. Look at that. Time flies when you’re
talkin’ to your vlog. Love you guys. Leaving the bank, we got money. Remember that one time
I did that whole curb? That was really cool. I’m still really proud of that. I’m just gonna keep bringing it up ’cause I’m really proud of it. This is the super cool thumbnail idea for the super cool
livestream I thought of. Oh yeah! That’s how you make the coolest
thumbnail ever, you guys. Dank! That’s a gangster thumbnail. That’s not a thumbnail. That’s like an album cover right there. Sick beats comin’ soon. (quirky music) – Adley, are you gettin’ toys? Livestream went good. I am preparing the final event today. These are all people’s names
and hover boards and stuff. We’re doing the doubles hover
board challenge thingies. So, rip these up, draw ’em out. It’ll be good. Are you guys headin’ back home? – Yes.
– Kay. Bye! Was she so tired? Did she take the best nap ever? – Yes, she did. – [Vlogger] Good job, Adley. Bye! – Chicken has politely declined to be a part of this experiment. But he will be judging
it from a safe distance. These are our participants. Their names are in this cup. Those are the hover boards in which we will try to ride doubles on. And let fate decide. Judge! Please draw out something. – [Man] Holladay and! – Holladay and every good
Holladay goes good with… – Sean Duris! (crowd exclaiming) – [Vlogger] Team Sean! Draw us out one of these things now. – Easy!
– Yo, here we go. What is your weapon of choice? It’s the swagroller. We got Holladay’s–
– Swagroller! Are you in charge of fil– No, no, you’re the referee. Anton, you film. So you guys in the comments, you’re gonna let us
know which doubles team did the best duo on these hover boards. – And usually when we use this feature– – Oh, I like that!
– You gotta doubles– – So we just go on like this?
– Yeah! – Okay.
– Three. – [Both] Two, one. – You, lean you. (yelping) – We gotta get–
– Whoa, whoa! – Okay hold on, reset. We’re gettin’ this. – [Camera Man] That’s
actually really close. – Three, two, one, go. – You– (yelping) (screaming) – What if we did it in
like a front and back? Could you get your heels on that? Three, two, one, go! (laughing loudly) Overload! Please get off! Wait, there was some
guy whose job is like, okay if they reach (mumbles) boundary, it’ll say, “Overload, please get off.” I feel offended right now. – [Holladay] We need
one more shot at this. – You just gotta focus. – You can do it!
– Three, two, one. – [Camera Man] Got it. (yelling and laughing) – [Man] Wow! – Conquered it! We made it across! – I’m actually impressed with
ourselves, you know what. Nothing a little teamwork can’t solve. – On it, pull that name out. I’m gonna give it to you– – Wait, wait, should
we add Chicken in here? We have that extra name thing. – No. No.
– What do we got? – Electric skate. Sean Duris. – Give me a good partner. – Pooky! – Of all men I’d like to
share a skateboard with. – [Chicken] Who gets the remote? – I like that. – [Chicken] Let’s go baby. – Yeah. – Nice and slow! – [Camera Man] Easy. – Easy.
– Ease. (laughing) – It’s not like that. Let’s try like in the actual like– – Yeah, do side to side.
– Skateboard. – What if we went side by side like this? – [Chicken] Maximize your profits. (laughing) – Yeah. Ready? (laughing loudly) (laughing loudly) – Oh, shoot!
– Hold on. What if it’s like you stand in the middle and I’ll take wide outside? (Chicken laughing loudly) – It’s like in junior prom. (Chicken giggling loudly) (guffawing) (tango music) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Come on! – What is going on? Why don’t we go front to back? – [Chicken] Go, you just
gotta go, get speed. Get speed, it’s easier balance. Go, go, go, go, go! – Play some paper–
– You got it! Yeah! – Too easy. – [Camera Man] Some followers right there. – Next doubles hover board experiment, where are we at? Parker, select the next squad. – We got, comin’ up. First draw… Holladay! Sean Duris! – Don’t be the one. The one was gonna be so scary. – [Sean] I don’t want that. – One! (laughing loudly) – We talked about this like a month ago. I was like, dude I’ll sit on
the front, you sit on the back, let’s ride this and he’s like, never. – How do we deal with this?
– Half and half? – I think we have to go half and half. Like you go on that half
and I go in this half. – Holy smokes. – Whoa, whoa! – No joke! – On the count of three
we just gotta go up. Three, two, one, go! The worst idea ever! What if we go toe to toe like
we’re both riding it normal? This is backwards for me
but I think it’s okay. – [Chicken] Get secure. – Okay. – That’s looking–
– That’s actually not too bad. – Two, one. – Oh my god!
– Oh, got it! – Yes, yes, yes!
– No! – Move, move, move!
– Let’s back it up– (screams) We’re doin’ it, we’re doin’ it! That’s like actually super doable. – [Both] Three, two, one. – [Chicken] Center,
center, center, let’s go! – Yeah!
– Wooh! – Nice, let’s just get out of here. See you guys! This is too easy! Oh my gosh, it’s happening! Oh no! Look at this guy! – Yeah, we made it! – Three, two, one. Oh! Three, two, one. – Alright, let’s go. Dude, this is how we’re
going to lunch from now on. We could sa– We could save it. (laughing loudly) Dang! I’m still impressed. I’m still very impressed. – I think we have to try the seesaw dude. – We have to try it once. Three, two, one. This is the worst idea! That was such bad idea! I’m proud of you. – Let’s go!
– There’s just two more. This is the last one. Well, I think it’s guaranteed
a hover board, probably. – Hover board! – Two names, two names. Just pick two of ’em. Pooky and Albert! – [Camera Man] Yeah, buddy! Do you guys have enough
friendship to do this? You guys are both wearing backwards hats. – That’s pretty–
– You can squeeze both feet on if you want.
– Yeah, easy. – [Camera Man] Oh, wow! – Fully committed. Alright, forward march. You gotta turn, dude. You gotta lean. (laughing) This is communication. – [Camera Man] That’s the
cutest thing I’ve ever seen. – You gotta push it, yup, yup. – Go, go! – I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’, I’m fine. No need to panic. (laughing) The captain’s here. Look at these. – [Camera Man] I’m so proud of you guys. Oh, this is beautiful. This is fabulous boys!
– Wow! – [Chicken] Wow! – [Camera Man] Impressive, wow! Okay, now the real test. Can Chicken do it with anyone? – I’ll do it. – [Camera Man] You gotta draft someone and then we’ll randomly
select one of the boards. – This isn’t– This isn’t rude. I need to pick someone close
to my weight class because– – [Camera Man] Wow! – Whoa, I never said anybody’s name. So are you already assuming names? Are you? – Yeah!
– I’m not! – [Camera Man] You’re gonna pick Holladay because of his muscle mass. – [Man] Hey, I’m ready man. (laughing) – [Camera Man] Parker’s
got the dab on unlock. I want to see you and Parker
try to one wheel dude. – Are we doing the same
as those guys or like? – I think that’s the only way to do it. – [Holladay] You want some help first? – [Camera Man] I feel like
someone’s gonna get hurt. Oh my gosh!
– Oh no. – Is it on?
– You gotta lean over. – I don’t feel like–
– The wheel’s gonna explode! Look at these feet, they’re 12 times the size of a one wheel. – [Holladay] Okay, I’m letting go. – Lean, lean, lean, lean, lean, lean! Lean! Lean! Lean! (laughing) – I was afraid he was
gonna do the spin thing. – Doubles hovers boards
really don’t work that well. Unless you’re Sean and Holladay! It’s cause we share our names. – You saw us on that hover board, dawg. – [Camera Man] That was
medium, medium, medium. (chill music) ♫ Let’s go give it to ya ♫ What ♫ Wait for you to get it on your own ♫ Exco deliver to ya


you should have a rope connecting to a bike and have a person in the shopping cart and one person riding the bike 🚴🏻

Haha great video man wish i was a great farther like u but i lost all my great gfs back in the day n lost them 🙁 n now u dont have a gf anymore:( but really great video tho

can you give me a one weal because i have to go 3 miles to get to school and we cant afford a car and we live with my cousin plz plz plz see if you can send me a one weal

Some time when Jenny arrives at the Space Station, Shaun should be dog piled on Holladay in a different room.
Example: Jenny arrives and sees that Shaun isn't there. "Where's Shaun?" she says. "Shaun? Oh he's on Holladay." Says someone else 😛

Get it? On holiday? Vacation? haha

Omg I love adley sooooooooo much she is so cute and love the rest of u as u make me laugh and brighten my day

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