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Ultimate Hoverboard Hockey

Ultimate Hoverboard Hockey

(upbeat rock music) (cheering) – All right, we’re ready to have some fun. We’re gonna do some hover board hockey with some epic reveals. Let’s do this! – [Person] He’s off
the board, take a shot. – [Person] Get back on
there and hit somebody. (alarm whirring) (grunting)
– [Person] Goal! – Too easy, too easy. (alarm whirring) – [Person] Oh, here it comes. – [Person] Oh, Shaun is down. – [Person] I got this, I got this. (cheering) (wood tapping) (upbeat rock music) – [Person] Oh, here it comes. – [Person] Come on Shaun! – [Person] Here we go. (cheering) [Man in Zip-Up] What a save! (cheering) – Did you see that slide shot? – That was pretty awesome. (groaning) – [Person] Oh no! (plastic thuds) (cheering) (laughing) – Ow, do you want my helmet, Stewart? – Check him against the thing. – [Person] Here we go,
he’s got a sling shot. – [All] Oh! (laughing) – [Man in Black Zip-Up]
He’s caught in the net. (screaming) – [Shaun] That’s a small
‘stache, what is this? – We’re gonna make this
a little more difficult. So, I got my security on, roger that. – [Shawn] The grey in the
hair, is that natural? – To make this a little
bit more difficult, we have drunk googles
that you have to wear. – [Man in Black Outfit] How
did you get around me so fast? (alarm whirring) – [Person] I can’t find my hover board. (Darrel speaking indistinctly
as hover board rattles) (alarm whirring) – All right guys, we had an awesome time playing hover board hockey. Big thanks to our friend Sean Duras for helping us out with this video. Be sure you check out his YouTube channel, we’ll have the link down below. – Now, if you want us to
do some more crazy stuff, we really want to know
what you want us to do. Put that in the comments below. Also, tell us what YouTubers
you want us to get crazy with, that you (mumbles) with. – And let’s not fall while
we do it. (shouts and thuds) – Subscribe, gotta do the subscribe. ♫ Subscribe I’m getting dizzy. (laughs)


That was awesome! Would love to see dodgeball at one of those trampoline parks or some downhill derby racing or life size mario kart. Just some things that come to mind.

Hah funny video guys. Snow boarding on something other than a snow board. Or if you dont have any snow, water skiing with something other than ski's. Ok, I lack imagination hah.

OMG that looks like so much fun. Everybody busting their asses was hilarious….And that PAUL BLART…..lmbo Priceless…lol

omg i love you guys tnx for responding is this real omg you all are awesome lov yaa :***** plz send a hi to jared and his family and hi to parker and his wife

Do one of the trampoline dougeball sport things or anything related to that you know what I am talking about. 😀

I loved the video!! An idea would be using pogo sticks for something. Maybe an obstacle course on pogo sticks? Whatever content you provide though, your viewers are sure to love.

cool video! would love to see some kind of waterballoon fight, i'm sure you guys can make it something special. special guest: Joel from Bonnie and Joel

Yes Jared!! He really has what it takes to be a goalie haha those were great moves! Awesome video guys, can't wait to see more!

okay time-out. before i even start the video i would just like to say that i am SO READY for all the wipeouts!

Bubble soccer, bubble football, bubble whatever! Just do it!! And get the kids to do life size hungry hungry hippos or you guys could do it , but they would be cuter.

In no way am I an audio tech. but I do suggest you guys adjust the audio gain on your "hoopla" clips. The audio is peaking badly and it also hurts the ears, especially when your music is set so low already.

That being said, I'm in Sandy and am an aspiring YouTuber. If you ever need some extras in your videos, hit me up. Also, I'm an avid rock climber. Let me know if you want to do any videos that entail climbing or rappelling. I have access to all the gear.

I can only imagine how much editing work this video was! 😳 Wow! Well done, well done. You dudes deserve way more views!

the Johnston family Jeff… better still all the woman. lol follow most of you guys… just new to watching vlogs…
love from Northern Ireland 🍀 x

I'm thinking that the goalie has a huge disadvantage if they have to block while standing on the hoverboard. They should check with the goalie union to have the rules changed!

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