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Ultimate Spacestation Makeover!! Adley and Jenny help share our story! (new tripod by Joby)

Ultimate Spacestation Makeover!! Adley and Jenny help share our story! (new tripod by Joby)

– [Shonduras] Is that yummy, Nico? Look, he’s eating chicken and stuff now. – Yup. – That’s pretty cool. – [Shonduras] Adley, are
you enjoying your dinner? – Uh huh! (laughs) – Jenny and Adley are on their way here. Once they get here, we’ve got a special, very special, Best Day Ever, so keep an eye out for ’em. (footsteps) – What the heck? The vlog’s here! – What the heck? What’s the vlog doing right there? Is it on? – Yeah, it’s on. (laughs) I’m gonna scare Daddy. – [Jenny] Okay, scare him. – [Adley] One, two, three. – Hyah! – Dad! – Hey, you found the vlog! Hi, guys. Where’s mom? – I don’t know. – Did she come in? (rawrs) (screams) – [Shonduras] Nico, you stinker. You scared me. – You got him, Adley! – [Shonduras] Adley, guess what? – Huh?
– [Shonduras] I’ve totally got a surprise for you. Are you ready for this?
– I wanna see! I wanna see! – [Shonduras] You know how… – Guess what?
– [Shonduras] What? – My shoes are new and this is new, and I got everything in the car is new. I got a new red ball
that matches my dress. – [Shonduras] Wow! Those
are some awesome updates! Give me some fives! Oh, yeah! New dress? Summer dress? – Summer dress. – [Shonduras] I like that, and her other shoes were getting
destroyed, so that’s cool. – Nico can give high five. Watch! High five! – [Shonduras] (laughs) Yeah! I have a surprise for you! – I wanna see! I wanna see! – [Shonduras] Okay. You
know how you like to carry the vlog around and stuff? Look what I got you. “Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo!” – What? – [Shonduras] Where did I put it? It’s in my backpack? Brandon! – Hey!
– Where’s our new Joby tripod? – Uh… – [Shonduras] I was so
excited to show Adley. – [Brandon] It was right
there last I saw it. – We got the new Joby 3K Pro. Been wanting this tripod ever since NAB. Remember NAB when I was on
the Joby booth by the way? Giant wall in the Joby booth, and I’m on it. (inaudible) – [Shonduras] Nick. Oh yeah! They’ve been filming Adley videos on it. – Whatever. – [Shonduras] So this is the
perfect guy for Adley videos. It can fit a little
mirrorless camera on here. Adley, look at this little vlog camera! (Adley laughs) – [Shonduras] Isn’t that cool? See? So you guys can start
using that for Adley videos. They have been using… We share the Joby tripod. This is the 5K Pro I believe. It’s just kind of overkill for a mirrorless camera like that. And especially where Adley likes to use the camera a bunch. She can handle that one. Go put it on the couch really quick because I got another idea. – I’ll put it… – [Shonduras] You out of here, Nick? – [Jenny] I want to know the surprise! – [Shonduras] Later, bro. Adley, Nick’s going. You want to give him a high five? – Look, she set it up. – [Shonduras] Aww, thank
you for setting it up. (explosion) – [Shonduras] My surprise idea is… I want to show everyone the new mural. If you’ve been watching the Best Day Ever, we’ve almost had three
years of Best Days Ever. They started when Adley was born. – No, no, no. – [Shonduras] Four? – She’s almost four. – [Shonduras] You’re almost four? The very first video of
Adley was when you were born. Did you know that? – Mmhmm. – [Shonduras] Our very first vlog. We’re all done. Mommy gets to hold the baby. – Finally. (laughs)
– Look how cute they are. If you’re new here, you’re maybe like, “How did this all get started? Where did they come from? What’s the Best Day Ever?” Now we’re going to show you. We wrote the whole history on our walls like cavemen. It’s like a mix between a
Space Station and a cave. So we did. (Jenny laughs) Brandon, do you mind doing some vlogging? – [Brandon] Nope. – Adley, let’s show them
where it all started. Come on. I need your help. Today’s Best Day Ever is the history of the Best Day Ever. It all starts right
here with this hot girl. Who’s that hot girl, Adley? – My mommy. – [Shonduras] Yeah. (Jenny laughs) That’s Jenny. She was cool. So corny.
– She was… WAS cool. – She used to be cool. (both laugh) No, she was cool. We went snowboarding. We went longboarding on
one of our first dates. (inaudible) Yup. There’s the dogs. We fell in love and, I don’t
know if you guys know this, but I asked Jenny to
marry me on a crosswalk. Why was it on that crosswalk, babe? – Because that’s where we met. – We were in college and I would always skateboard across the
crosswalk to get to class and she was driving her car down because she just got out of a class, and I’d always see her, like, waiting up at the top of the hill for me to cross. Then she’d start going.
– No, he would always wait for me while I’m driving down and he’d
jump in front of my car and do a kickflip.
– She would wait for me. Then I’d do a kickflip.
– No. – Anyways, we fell in
love on this crosswalk, and that was kind of the
start of the Space Station. From there, we did a jewelry boutique. It was kind of our first
attempt at starting a business. It seemed fun. It was part of a college project I did, and it was kind of, we tag-teamed it. Right? Honorable boutique? – Yup. – We both love cereal. After that I got a job with D.C. This is what it represents.
– [Adley] Hey! What’s that? – What do you think that is? – I don’t know. – Mom, do you know what this is? – New York City. – So when everything started happening in the social media world,
I’d go to New York City all the time for Snapchat.
– [Adley] Pony! A pony! – I drew this funny pony. That was my very first Snapchat. It, like, went viral. It got shared on Reddit or
something and it took off. – [Jenny] She had rainbow hair. – Yeah. Pop up the picture of
the Snapchat right now. Boop. That was it. I go to New York City, became friends with Casey Neistat, Gary V. He put me in his Crushing It book. From there I got my
very first big project. To make the first…
– [Adley] Dad, you’re big! – Do I look cool? (Jenny laughs) – The project was Snapper Hero, the first Snapchat webisode series. That was Corridor Digital. From there, the next
brand I worked with was Major League Soccer, so
a little nod to that. Then, this is me. And a big (inaudible) style Maximum Salt. – I like the first eSports. We started in our basement. – I wouldn’t say it was an eSport, sorry, but it was a couple boys
trying to become streamers on Twitch. – And one girl.
– And one girl. So we used to stream video games. It was in our basement. – That looks like Nico’s tiny feet. – It does look like Nico’s tiny feet. – This is Pookie. – Pookie was one of the very first people to ever work with us. He would come over. We’d live stream, have fun. Pookie has always had a
messy desk, so messy desk. Favorite game’s Smite, and then he always wears
these darn flip flops on the hoverboards. (Pookie yelling) Bugs me so… (Jenny laughs)
…Flip flops on a hoverboard. And then who’s this, Adley? – Hey.
– Where’d you go? Get over here! – [Jenny] Adley, who…
– [Shonduras] Oh, this is our museum of all the history. See, this is the old Space Station. That’s where we used to stream and stuff. There’s the Gary V. Book
we’re talking about. (gasps) The original tripod. This thing has been around the world. This was the very first
tripod Best Day Ever #1. Best Week Ever #1 because
we couldn’t do daily videos. We thought we were too busy. – [Jenny] Yeah. – Wow! I didn’t even know
how old this thing was. It’s probably for… They have red… Yeah, now they have this… What kind of aluminum is this? Yup, confirmed. – [Adley] Dad, this is my mom’s trophy. – That is mom’s trophy! (applause) So now they have this. It’s like a Arca-Swiss Ballhead. Really tough, and then you can drop it down to like… Shoop!
Shoot vertical videos. – [Brandon] Oh, nice.
– You know what I’m saying? Anyways, I’m not sure what
the old ones are made out of, but this is an older one. Ooowah! – Good morning! – You guys are getting the
whole history today. Okay. So, Adley. Who’s that? There’s a computer, and he’s really tall, and he kind of looks like a chicken. Who do you think he is? – Tall Chicken. It is Tall Chicken. So Tall Chicken came. He helped us out with Maximum Salt. He built our computers. Together with Chicken,
we made our very first Space Station in our basement. Dude, hurry and kill the Lich King and let’s play hoverboard basketball. – I’m working on it. Yeah. Okay. – Jenny actually named the Space Station. Our fans used to always
call it the Space Station, and then Jenny’s like, “You know what? It actually is a space station. Let’s just call it the Space Station.” Made a bunch of fun videos. We used to cut things open with
what’s inside all the time. We cut open a lava lamp. That was our first big video. What’s that? – A Onewheel. – Onewheels. You guys
know we love Onewheel. Who’s that? On the scooter. – Tanner. – That’s Tanner Fox, huh? – Daddy, what’s that? – That’s spray paint because
mom painted our Onewheel. – [Jenny] We got this light blue. – And then who’s that?
That guy with the beard. – Brandon. – That’s Brandon. Then Brandon came on and
he became kind of like… The keeper of the Space Station. The keeper of the keys. The captain of the Space Station. Jenny loves Harry Potter,
so she calls him Hagrid. Because he takes care of her sometimes. (Jenny laughs) – Yes. – If you guys remember,
Brandon would always wear the N7 hoodie. Little nod to that. Tough like a viking. Best Day Ever because Brandon edits all of our videos. You guys, we don’t give
Brand enough credit. He’s amazing.
– Aww, thank you. – [Brandon] That’s
right behind the camera. I don’t need the credit. – I love you, man. He’s been editing so many Best Days Ever. He reads all the comments.
I read all the comments. He’s been part of the Best Day Ever. Hey! – [Jenny] What’s he doing, Adley? He’s going to launch a rocket. – So, yeah. Brandon launched us to
our new Space Station. He pushed this button… Pshew… And a rocket shot up… Pffew… And another rocket. And it landed clear up there. Okay, so when we got to the Space Station, we put us on the roof because we always used to hang out on the roof. Remember that babe? – [Jenny] Yeah. – Always on the roof. Are you just going to get some work done? – Oh, gosh. – Our very first drift kart we opened, Marcos rode it, and the wheel popped off, so that’s why it says that. I taught Marcos how to play video games back at 1.5. I was like, “You need a video game name,” and he’s like, “Honey Boy,” so that’s been his video game name. That’s
why it says Honey Boy right there. – Okay. That one is Mailtime. We used to open our boxes
by punching them open. I guess Adley’s still…
– And there’s death darts. We used to shoot death
darts at each other. They’re basically NERF darts with… This guy remembers that time. – I was the first one
shot with a death dart. – [Shonduras] Didn’t one get stuck in your finger? – In my pinky. (both laughing) – And then the hot tub. Lots of fun times in the hot tub. We used to play video
games in the hot tub. Pop to that. (funky music) We were always in the hot tub. It was a good time. I loved it. That is the hoverboard graveyard. We have tons of not working hoverboards because we just had fun
with them and trashed them. (orchestral music) (hoverboard slamming on ground) (makes chomp sound) – [Jenny] Remember when we
used to ride hoverboards with a briefcase? – Yes! And then Brandon’s
like, “No more briefcase. They’re hard to edit.” – [Brandon] They are. – And then Alex joined the Space Station. That’s Alex on a longboard. How’s that for a Joby tripod? Look at that one. That one’s kind of…
(Jenny laughs) …skinny and whatnot. And then over here is
one of my favorite parts. This is all about integration. All the cool stuff we’ve done on YouTube and social media with brands and projects. Do you know who should
tell you about this? Probably Holiday but
he’s not here right now. Trav. What up, what up? I need you to come explain
the Integrations mural part. We’re seeing a clock with big muscles, and I’m just not sure what
that represents, you know? – Yeah, so when I first
started getting up early, I randomly set my alarm for 5:14 and… – Yeah. It just stuck. – It just stuck, so I’ve been
getting up either at 4:14 or 5:14 for about five years. – And we troll him about it so hard. Like I’m going to bed at, like, 2am and this guy’s about to
wake up in three hours. – And then you’ll see a
carrot in the other hand. – For your birthday, we
gave you baby carrots. (everyone sings Happy Birthday) (everyone laughs) The hat. What’s that? – That’s Holiday. – Holiday’s hat? And then you’ve got AirPods. You know, Holiday always
has his AirPods in, like there’s literally a
hundred clips of Holiday wearing Airpods, which we can cut to. It’s a wrap on (inaudible). Good Snapchat, guys. – Oh, he’s got a call. He’s got to go. – Peter McKinnon’s coin right there. – Yeah. – So Pete got his coin. The Hotwheels car.
Guaczilla. Launched off a Hotwheels track. – [Trav] I like the green
touch on that, as well. – [Shonduras] And then
the Integrations bus. Very first deal we ever
did with Integrations. I had already done a bunch of deals, but the first official Integrations deal was with a Greyhound bus. It was like two years ago. Holiday, of course. Captain of Integrations. He’s up there with his Pete’s pirate flag. And then Marcos’s notebook. So Marcos was the very first
guy we hired on Integrations back in 1.5. He has this notebook that has everything, every deal since the very beginning. And then, so that’s his notebook up there. So this right here is
everything A for Adley. It has so many fun memories. Why is there a dinosaur? – That was one of the very first videos we did. We went to a dinosaur park and Adley just walked around and just said, “Look
at this. Look at this.” – Look at this. Look at this. – Yes.
– Just like that. – And it’s actually our best video yet. – Nick’s riding the dinosaur because Nick has been the filmer
of the videos since… Eh, you filmed a lot of the
beginning ones, but then… – Nico was coming, so
Nick came and helped. – And then he’s riding the dinosaur, and now Nick’s really hands-on with Adley’s channel. Uploads the videos.
Edits. Stuff like that. – Ah, nah, nah. – Hmm? – Ah, nah, nah. – Adley, why is there lava up there? – Ooh. – Because we play a Lava Challenge. – Yeah. – We do? – We like playing Lava Challenge. It’s one of Adley’s favorite games. And the struggle muffin! – [Adley] Mom. What’s that airplane? – What is it? Do you remember that? – Do you remember the
airplane? What happened? – The airplane shoot all
the balls out because mommy was going to have a baby. – Yeah.
– That airplane is for Nico. So Jenny gave Alex the scan that said if he was a boy or girl, so Alex knew before us. Went and bought a thousand blue balls because it was going to be a boy. Put them in an airplane and
then we went up in the mountains and they dropped on us. And it was a surprise. (cheering) And then when we told
the Space Station crew, we had a baby in the ceiling. (yelling) – Oh, what’s wrong with it?! – Why? – Here is #2 on the way? – (together) What?! (yelling and cheering) – Yeah.
– That was so fun. That was the best baby reveal ever. – You still have that baby. It’s creepy. (laughs) – Yeah. We took a picture of Nico
and the creepy baby together. Continuing on, we got bird coming on, that’s a rocket going out of control. One time, our YouTube channel got hacked, and the guy who hacked
it had a really weird profile picture with lines by his head and a rose. Ugh. So we made a hacked
rocket that looks like that. Then you have the Dark Ages right here. That’s when we moved to the new office. We lived out in the warehouse. Brandon, why don’t you tell
us about the Dark Ages? (Brandon laughs) – It was dark times for sure. – [Shonduras] It was. – 15 of us at that point. – [Shonduras] Yeah.
– No A/C. Middle of summer. – Well, why is there a broken hammer that says “Two More Weeks”? – So we had this guy working for us. We’ll not name him. Kept telling us, “Just
two more weeks until the office is done. Two more weeks.” And those two more weeks
were probably, like, three or four months. – [Shonduras] Yeah. That was rough. – So it became a running joke. – [Shonduras] But then, we
found the ultimate guy, Scott. So that signifies Scott,
and he’s welding this new catwalk up here. Scott, our metal guy is… – He’s the best. He is the best. – Okay, should we go upstairs now? Okay, Nico. (Brandon laughs) You can throw the vlog, not my baby. Are you going to draw or
are you going to come? – I want to come. – So are we going to show them the slide? You’ve probably already seen the slide. The slide was specifically
put in for Adley and Holiday’s boys. I think if you’re a
die-hard Best Day Ever fan, you’re going to want this vlog. Or if you’re new… – [Adley] Daddy! – [Brandon] What’s in here? – [Shonduras] That’s Adley’s fun room. Anyways, if you’re new,
then now you’re getting all this history of where
the Best Day Ever came from. Adley, you want to show
them how the slide works? Scott’s been doing a lot of changes. Look how cool! Me and Brandon’s offices. I bet you guys don’t know that. That’s where me and Brandon’s offices are going to be. Waaaaah! (Adley laughs) To the next part of the mural. And there’s the hot tub
over there and all the broken hoverboards. All the stuff we’re saying, it’s real. Next part of the story:
Space Station gaming. eSports, video games, this jersey. That’s Space Station gaming. Jax came to the Space Station, Tyler came to the Space Station. They started working
on Moon Walk Marketing. It’s kind of like Integrations, but for the gaming world. We have a giant astronaut. The Space Station logo. New guy: Taco. That’s for him. PUBG. A video game we’ve
always been way into. Rainbow Six. That’s for Gil. You guys know Gil. He’s
like the quiet one. Shhh. Doesn’t say that much. Before the Space Station, he had a company called Tailored, and it’s like for cars. He has really, really cool cars. If you don’t know much about Gil, you got to figure out stuff about Gil. He’s an interesting guy. We got Space. We became world champions
already in one of the games. This is for the place by 1.5 that we’d always get horchata. – [Brandon] In Beto’s Burritos? – I probably hired,
like, six people with job interviews getting horchata
in Beto’s Burritos. The Space Station in New Jersey. The collab with Champion. The Utah Jazz, what we did with them. And Rocket League’s a favorite game. And then, you know, everything’s still happening. We still have tons more fun stuff, so the only direction is up. Positivity. Only going up from here. This is us launching
into the next part of the Space Station.
– Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! – What? – Travis is leaving. – He left? Bye Travis! – Bye! – Bye! And then this will be our new office. So this will be my new office. Desk will go right here. You’ll see all the gaming guys down below. Integrations is going to move down there, so like Marcos and all those guys. They’re going down by Holiday. Guess who’s going to go next door? – Hmm? – Brandon! – Whoa! – Want to show them your new nest? – [Brandon] Sure. – Yeah?
– [Brandon] Yeah. – All right. Brandon will give you his tour. Ooh, look at that. Strong enough to move wood with two hands. And this is Brandon’s new office. Look at that desk. Isn’t that awesome? (Adley laughs) – [Brandon] You’re crazy. So this’ll be where my new setup is. Nick and I will be in here. – [Shonduras] That air
conditioning though. – I’m so excited. Nick better wear a coat,
because I’m going to be having that air. (Shonduras laughs) – [Shonduras] Scott’s making
this, made out of metal. Really cool. – This looks nice! – Right? – This is what our table downstairs is going to look like?
– [Shonduras] Yup. – I like it. – So in the basement,
he’s making us a table just like this, too. And that is the history
of the Space Station, which I thought you
guys would want to know, and now we’ve got a
cool mural that kind of tells the whole thing. And it was made by one
of my buddies, Jeff. – Here, mom. I’ll push you. – [Shonduras] Give her a push!
(Jenny yells) (Shonduras yells) (Adley yells) – [Shonduras] Wooh! Hey, Adley. Should we go get your camera? – Yeah, I’ll go get it! – [Shonduras] Let’s do it. All right. And we’re heading home. I didn’t give this new
tripod enough love yet. Focus. Yeah. Anyways, I’m actually super,
super excited about it. And let me tell you why. Normally I travel with a tripod this big. – Boo! – Hey! Is this heavy? Which one’s heavier? Now hold this one. – Not heavy. – Okay, which one do you like more? Got it. See? Comes Adley recommended. – Daddy, I can put my
shoes on by myself. Watch. – And Adley can put her
shoes on by herself. – Watch, dad! – [Shonduras] Wooh! Good job. You sit right here and
you can talk with me. You hold this one. I’ll hold this one. – Okay. – Hey, it’s red. It matches your dress. – Mmhmm. – So I usually travel
around with this one. It’s been all over the…
well, this is the old one, but the one the camera’s on right now. Been all over the world,
and I enjoy it because it wraps around trees
and it’s convenient for timelapses or just
holding it. Whatever else. But it does take up some
space, so with the new 3K Pro, same thing. Can wrap around trees. Do
its thing, and it can also set up for timelapses,
talking to it, all that kind of stuff, but it’s
not quite as bulky, but it still has the same durability. You guys know I throw the
camera around a whole bunch. Aluminum legs for durability. – I can throw it around. (tripod falls) – Whoa! – I can… – See? It’s durable. Watch this. I’ll do it really high. Hooh! Got it. Here you throw it to me. Hooh… wah! I got it. So yeah, it’s basically
the exact same tripod. I love it. Just a little bit smaller. – Can I try to bend it? –
Great for mirrorless cameras. Stuff like that. – I try to bend it? – You can bend it. I’ve used Joby tripods
since the very beginning. I don’t think I’ve ever used any other tripod, so I’m soaked on
them and this is their newest thing, so wanted
to share with you guys. Should we go home? – Yeah. – Do you have that silly? Let me see. Good job. – And then it can go like this. – See, and Adley’s learning
how to use tripods, and it just… it melts my heart. – I can play video games. – Video? Oh. And you can play video games with it? Wow. You’re amazing, Adley. Okay.
– And I can hold it. – Should we get our stuff and go? Throw it in the bag. I got your camera. – Okay. – And bend it. Brroop! – And bend it, and bend it, and bend it. – And let’s go home. – Can I ride a motorcycle? (gasps) – No way, Jose. Should I race ya? – I’m going to race you. – No, I’m going to race you. – Are you going to go faster? – I’m going to go way fast.
– I’m going to go way fast. – Let’s see who wins. Deal? Psssh. See you guys at the house on the other tripodded camera. (door slams) – [Shonduras] We kind of ended up going to the Olive Garden instead. Jenny’s idea. – [Jenny] Always. – [Shonduras] Is that yummy, Nico? Look, he’s eating chicken and stuff now? – Yeah. – [Shonduras] That’s pretty cool. Adley, are you enjoying your dinner? – Uh-huh. (Shonduras laughs) – [Shonduras] Adley. Shhh. Oh, here she comes. (Jenny screams) (Shonduras laughs) – You scared the crap out of me. – Yay! Yay! Yay! (laughter continues)
– That’s not funny! – [Shonduras] I was hoping
you’d come in and go straight to lay him down
and just see Adley there. – [Jenny] Oh, my god. – [Shonduras] Good job. Oh, yeah. Okay, good night guys. – Muah. (EpidemicSound music) – Love you. Bye!
– Love you. Bye! Get in the carseat. And buckle. – I’m going in my car. (Mario Kart sound effects) (Jenny laughs)


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Love this video and the drawings through the spacestation! Ive been watching since the lava lamp part of history, the lava lamp was the first best day ever I ever saw!

Dear, Shawn i have Ben watching your videos since the very beginning the wall really did bring back some cool and funny memories. You truly inspire me to have the best day ever everyday. To see how far you have come is amazing good luck to you in the future, keep being amazing. And hopefully you have the best day ever.

So awesome! I arrived to the YouTube channel in the midst of Spacestation 1.5, and have been hooked ever since, working my way forwards and backwards in the timeline. What a fantastic idea for a mural!

LOVE that mural! Wow such good times 😊 we’ll have to keep adding 😁
Lava lamp was my first BDE and then I watched like 2 more and was like yup I like them and I went back and watched allll the videos until I caught up. 😊 I LOVE y’all! Such a great story you’ve got. BDE!

Been here since day 1 and its amazing all the recap and all the years of memories!! You guys are amazing

The face Niko made on the slide reminded me of the face Adley made on her first rollercoaster. Love the new mural!

Loved the road down memorie lane the art was outstanding enjoyed this vlog very much!!!RoxanneπŸ€—

Probably one one of my favourite vlogs, really nice to see the little references to old vlogs, only feels like a year since it started, crazy to think it is coming up on 4, proud to say i haven't missed a single one.

It is so awesome to see your evolution.
IΒ΄ve been there since you appeared the first time on Caseys Vlog (IΒ΄m afraid I donΒ΄t know the exact day :/)
It fullfills me with pure joy watching your best days ever. This mantra helped me a lot through ruff times when I wasnΒ΄t able to move (mentally and physically) and it gave me a lot of hope!!! Now I reached my dream studying medicine and I will always connect this archievement with your great work and sense of living!
THANK YOU!!! (you are always welcome to visit me in Germany)

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I hope brendon always knows that we love him, even though he isnt in front of the camera so much ❀😁 also so many good memories


807th person to like the video πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’˜β€πŸ’“πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’ŸπŸ’—πŸ’™β£πŸ’šπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ And 129th person to comment down below πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’˜β€πŸ’“πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’ŸπŸ’—πŸ’™β£πŸ’šπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Awesome and amazing video as always!!!!
Love u guys soooo much!!!!

Love u guys soooo much!!!!
Awesome and amazing video as always!!!!
Love to meet u guys one day but I like in England (Worcester)!!!!

I LOVE this video so much! Its so much fun to remember all of these and memories and it makes me want to go back and watch a bunch of old videos! Love you guys!

Awesome, I love the mural story, it brings a lot of great memories πŸ™‚ (although I'd hope it would expand, showing more nods to many events :)) And I'm glad Brandon is getting a cool (get it, get it?) new office πŸ˜€ As always, it's amazing to see you grow. Great job guys and all the best further! πŸ™‚

Shaun, I've been here for ages, but this is so cool to see your success mapped out onto your awesome building. I'm just in my first year of running my own business, after years of struggling part time, and can't wait for the day when I'm moving into a space as cool as Spacestation 2.0, with all of my friends bossing it around me, and an awesome family – you have a (nearly) four year old who's basically already an entrepreneur! You're such an inspiration for my business side, and your family is an inspiration in every way possible.
Keep on rocking.

You’re such a great dad! Always giving Adley attention when she wants it! Many don’t, well done!

Beginning of vid Shawn says Adley looks like she did something bad to present vid look at this Adley hit Jenny ouch but this vid is so funny with memories

I used to watch your channel everyday, but then I left for some reason. I’m back now! Great to see how this channel has evolved and especially the space station. πŸ˜„πŸ›Ή

This was a major throwback and the first video I ever watched of yours was cutting open the lava lamp video so many years ago!!!

This is so cool I remember all of this Niko is really cute. Thank you for always making me smile

Somehow I always thought that I was late to the party, but I just realized I am here from the beginning πŸ˜€ So cool and joyful to be with you guys the whole time, and I don't go anywhere. Let's have more and more, tons of best days ever together!!

Its actually crazy watching you go from You Jenny and baby adley and a couple friends in to this huge business. Incredible

congrats on making such a successful company. this video is definitely one of my favorite videos because of all the recaps. i remember each and every one of those memories (been subscribed since Best Week Ever 1). just now watching the videos i missed because i was out of town and tHEY ARE AMAZING!!! keep up with all the good work!
also: see Best Day Ever 459 "0 days since the last accident" (one of my favorites because my comment was pinned)

What a cool way to tell and be reminded of your story! My boys and I have been watching since you were in your old house- so fun to reminisce how far you’ve come!

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