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Unboxing and Hands on OVEVO Tango D20

Unboxing and Hands on OVEVO Tango D20

Hi guys welcome back to the detekno youtube channel today I will review one of the best speakers in this year this is tango d20 Want to know what this speaker looks like? Watch the video until end Tango D20 has the best performance This speaker has a length 24 cm and weight one kg Tango D20 has good specifications and good sound quality because this speaker supported with power 20 watts. this speaker can be used for mono speakers or dual speakers to use this speaker there are two ways the first one uses the USB cable to audio jack and the second one uses the bluetooth application. Its easy The D20 tango is equipped with a 2100 milliampere hours battery capacity which can be used for 4 hours with medium volume and 6 hours for low volume With a long time, we use these speakers for outdoor or indoor activities such as playing in the park or when traveling Want to know the results of the sound from this speaker while in the indoor or outdoor Let’s hear… For you have activities outside, these speakers are very easy to place anywhere Having a magnetic component, makes tango d20 can be attached to object made of metal so that these speakers will still be able to be used in any conditions and situations It’s WOW This speaker can be used up to a distance of 10 m outside the room without an obstacle and a distance of 5m for a place that has an obstacle To charge the battery fully, tango d20 takes about 3 hours. One of the advantages of this speaker is that can be used as a power bank so we can charge our smartphone using this smart speaker The output used is 5v / 2A which is the standard used by cell phones, so it will be safe. Tango D20 can be used as a recommendation for those of you who are looking for speakers with high performance and low prices This is videos about ovevo tango d20 review Look forward to our video review See you guys … Bye …


Okelah, aku juga paham semua kosakata yg dia bilang karena ada sibtitle englishnya 😂 akurasi speakingnya udah diatas 90%

Bagus mau nyoba hal Baru.. Tapi buat kedepannya, jangan kebanyakan pake stabilizer software.. Kliatan kayak jelii :'D Sama diperhalus Lagi inggrisnya.. Atau indonesia aja udah mantab kokkk

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