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Unboxing Mystery eBay Items!

Unboxing Mystery eBay Items!

Where you going dude? I’m sitting over here No just smell it No. It smells like green tea Yeah but you just coughed up a storm what do you want me to do cough up blood? What it just smells like a really powerful green tea I will throw them at you if you don’t come over here I’m not doing it Ow What’s going on guys I am Matthias today We’re looking at 10 wacky eBay items that Gunnar picked out And I’m gonna let you know whether he nailed it or failed it and picking out these items Ginko biloba Energy now herbal supplements. You know it’s so funny Speaking of my dad like I remember when I was a kid. He was like He was like yeah, yeah, ginkgo biloba He would talk about ginkgo biloba a lot And I thought I thought you I was just super excited that he was into Star Wars But it turns out he’s not into Star Wars. It’s just like an energy supplement “My name is ginkgo biloba ” Totally doesn’t sound like a Star Wars name dude Tiger Beat Yeah, you know it’s something goofy like that But it is an energy supplement be careful with any energy supplements people just try to eat normal food ideal for memory concentration and alertness Expert okay before I give you this take the tablets with caution. They’re herbal that means weed It doesn’t necessarily mean weed, but I appreciate a sentiment ideal for memory concentration and alertness energy now So there’s something about the branding that I do not trust. I don’t trust it at all It’s its own like design undermine its own value by being so Like weird how bizarre herbal energy blend? 1500 milligrams ginkgo biloba Guarna seed korean ginseng taurine guarana Well, I mean it’s there’s a lot of stuff. That’s probably not great to be ingesting in this kind of Fashion right I mean everything in moderation right but sometimes. You know you don’t want moderation of anything, dude I can’t even get this OH oh Whoa Smells like urban mate’ smells like green tea. Where are you going dude? I’m sitting over here No, just smell it it smells like green tea. Yeah, but you just coughed up a storm What do you want me to do cough up blood? What it just smells like a really powerful green tea I will throw them at you if you don’t come over here. I’m not doing it Wow oh they’re pills yeah, what do you think it was not pills oh? Okay gotcha There’s so many dude. Do you think next time you see my dad bunny. Just give these to him, okay? Oh sure, I like it It’s gonna taste like a vitamin I’ve tried vitamins before oh, yeah know why I like I’m not an idiot I know what it tastes like that’s why I don’t want it, so somebody mint. I’m like They’re coated with like sugar You mean like The Flintstones yeah bears? Candy But they say vitamin C on it the other lying it’s like more vitamin C. And just like looking at the Sun Okay, give this to my Devon you see That’s why I said give them to my dad closer to your dad you see him more often than I do I do Portable pizza pouch portable pits about portable pizza pouch PPP pizza lovers a resealable pouch that hangs around your neck this the grace invention ever be prepared better by – Like you got me dude. I’m gonna buy two now all right by now That’s relatively small I feel like I feel like it’s too small I mean most of my sizes of pizza or about this big Yeah Because if you’re thinking about it – its super flat so when you put a pizza a piece of pizza in it it has to expand vertically like this meaning it will it’ll Constrict it horizontally on that plane correct, so you can’t even yeah, you can’t even fit I saw a pizza this size in there I would assume or maybe this size because it does give you a little extra room Yeah, but this is best packed in there like I can neck There you go Jokes are even like higher level dad than my jokes ever have been You’ve been hanging out with my dad too much straight up ugly out you probably have ollie up alright, so give me a slice Dude, give me a slice. Let’s see how portable this pizza really is here. We go guys It’s a little difficult, but I can make it happen Yes even this one whoo this one’s barely fitting and there’s tons of extra space hold up pull up I need to be able to seal it well. I don’t want the Germans getting in I mean, I think I got a seal An old fashioned catwalk do you think model it, bro? I Would never hire you as a what pizza Lowell has a as a model in general which is short It’s sealed though. Yeah, it was sealed it was sealed oh That’s cold as always cold all right. I said nearly Barack Obama action figure an Action figure we can believe in maybe it’s maybe it’s just a joke you know it’s probably a joke from this company You know it’s hard to say though ad card Look at this dude Obama people loved Obama. They like follow him blindly I don’t know about you guys, but no no matter whoever is in that presidential seat Be wary of those kinds of people yes, let’s play with Obama here a little bit daddy now I can get Obama to do exactly what I want. Oh, I thought he was holding up a different finger there first. I was like Oh, he’s like chained in here dude. What does that? Tell you something’s wrong with that? Hold you got to hold him in dude? Why is their president trying to escape am I trying to skate mr. President? Where you trying to go? What are you scared of you dude? What is that like a toenail? Yeah use the chip to scrape it off oh No oh My god. Ah me, huh well what does he say? Oh good one? Tony he’s talked a lot in the past eight years That is true though. I feel like that’s all he did Roasted dude, that’s all a president really does though. It’s not true. All right. Well. I mean I think I’ve explored the extent of this Action figure so I mean let me know down the comments below is this something you put on your shelf I’m afraid to say failed it New climate BC compact lightweight inflatable portable seat cushion this could be okay, I’m Inflatable portable all right, let’s do orange, dude Yeah I’m just fetching the product. That’s all It’s really small All right, let’s blow this up dude blow it up Wow it gets pretty big oh wow look at how big that is oh? That is pretty easy That’s interesting because I can turn it as I’m blowing into it so I can seal it well. It’s super tight yeah, I mean So here’s the here’s the big the big test its how 2 percent better than like sitting on Just like bleachers or plastic or plastic or something like that. You know it It’s better even than sitting on this rolling this on the seat You just have to you just have to put position it a little bit You know I mean now. I’m a little bit higher up. It’s okay It’s okay, but I rate this one a nail. I do I said I said – nailed it Frette Fred and Friends stress-reliever beater brass knuckles rubber just gonna say something about stress beater Really remote all right now. Let’s maybe punch some people back in the cart So it is very rubbery so the idea is it’s so dusty and dingy in there I’m gonna do it though I would let you punch me, but I know the rubbers do it still hurts. Yeah Why why it doesn’t make any difference? Oh, maybe you’re just supposed to squeeze it oh oh I see, but that’s that’s uncomfortable though. That’s not like that’s not nearly as good as a pigeon spinner or something like that try it It’s like kind of hurts your hand a little it does. It’s almost like a like your arm Without any resistance. Yeah, never seen those like things where you squeeze its like that Yeah, but with improper resistance like you see look look at your hand when you do it You could see that do it do it. I can’t even do it from that. I literally over up from that angle Yeah, I have to have because my hands are so big. Oh, yeah Yes, it’s not even doing it correctly, so I feel like there’s more pressure on other parts of your hand I wouldn’t recommend using this to relieve your stress Pringles promotional amplified speaker with box and instructions though they give you a speaker and they’re supposed to Make your Pringles can like to make it louder to make the speaker ladder But the question is does it work Are they just trying to get you to buy Pringles? And then you got to worry about buying the ones that don’t have like all the greasiness on them Yeah, you know seasoning is bad. Yeah, so it’s not like super messy. Uh well whatever let’s try it Pringles I just offer you tea really for what? Dude watch your hand goes Hate that so like feminine Alright, what were you doing? Yeah, there you go pops on the top, okay, just and you want to have a phone that uses this no Okay, so I’m gonna turn this on I’m gonna play something on my computer. I connected it to my can cure for those of you Who don’t know that’s a headphone jack? It’s an ancient piece of technology, but Apple in the year 2016. Maybe was it 2000 2015 killed off similar to Like maybe a decade before that when CDs were killed a CD is a compact disc six and a half Hours late in you seen the fake battle universe Check this out alright you see these are battle universes videos check this out Channel like copies us Hardcore. Oh look capture the flag. I mean everyone can do capture the flag. I don’t really care that much I don’t even care that they’re copying that much hidden weapon challenge their hidden weapon challenge We made up because they know the books Bennett you doing so lot of people do that the mystery box mystery box nerf challenge Yeah, for sure dude. Let’s listen this Okay, so the speaker sucks Quality-wise the speaker absolutely stop it I mean as far as these guys. Hey man more power to you. You know I mean my god I don’t care you had you do you bow if you if Being you is copying me you do you let’s watch the real deal man, dude It was pretty good quality no, it’s not it’s bad quality. Here’s the bigger issue Whoops how do I get a check please pop it off too late bro? Oh? My gosh, that’s actually really difficult You’re trying dude what oh Geez that was actually way too difficult to get to the check. I was a failed Three lump of coal for naughty boys and girls in worn box is a picture here isn’t even in focus It’s not even in focus someone was drunk again That one’s in focus. It’s a sweet. I’m not gonna buy it if it’s not a worn box Okay, the box has to be worn. You know it’s got to be used and got to be used This is what I hate about the eBay video is that everything’s used alright Add to Cart dude Add to Cart Sometimes, I don’t get you’ve got some things that legitimately don’t understand what’s going on here head For some reason you’re still here Drugs again, I watched a lot of videos about drugs last night. I’m saying so now you’re now I’m on them because I want too many video guys like on a new one oh I Think it was just a piece of like a hug Well like a bug crawling. No. It’s just yeah you see that little thing that’s like falling around down there, dude We totally thought this exact thing well. I mean it’s cold, and it’s in a used box, so I guess I can’t return it shucks So Used coal. It’s actually kind of cool looking But just why so much why so much why I’m gonna have to say failed it 12 sand art bracelets kids craft kit assorted colors with funnel oh I get it I get it I get it Okay, so it’s like the lame parent does this well the cool parent does this but it’s sugar you go to the sugar factory they you can literally do this and get like a Necklace of sugar well you right you right? So this is disappointing already that it’s just colored sand you can try to eat it Gunnar had to carve by now buddy Go buddy go It’s gonna pop out Sam. Do you think so oh? Yeah, you’re right. I Mean it looks really interesting because it’s always been super interesting when you can like separates and because it’s all technically the same stuff It’s just different colors, so technically we can do though that that’s so sad, right Now you’re gonna is this the drugs that you did well I made it I made a mess now guys I made a mess yeah, so I came with money. This is a u.s.. Mil Millennium note. That’s what it says Why though, this is my first million dude. I’m gonna frame it I could actually use out right now wide to do this This is just getting too weird. I must say failed it 1996 bun rised Talking outhouse bank. No People are so fascinated with toilets. I don’t know why it’s just like every time I put like a toilet and the thumbnail people are just like I got to click that I got to all pooping the thumbnail got a click it calculate Add to Cart click OK alright, we’ve got the talking outhouse this looks relatively new I Feel like I put those in there for a reason because they used to work at Chuck E Cheese
You used to work at Chuck Are you haunting me? You have like a stash of Chuckie Cheese coin had some left over in my pocket that I forgot in a pants that I haven’t washed in like Gutter you used to work at Chuck E to you yes, and yes, I know what you’re gonna ask I was Chucky No you what you had to do it. No. You’re not no. You’re not yes Yes Tanner never told me this it doesn’t come up. Why is my dad never told me this you don’t know either Yes, yeah, he does. He knows my deepest darkest Tearful weirdo ha ha ha oh my gosh all right, let’s close That’s it. That’s it no so underwhelming I got more out of your story push me down Oh he fell into the outhouse thing oh, I see did someone die in here Where’s the toilet paper this is very underwhelming yeah That’s somewhat disappointing. What’s a failed it? See it them now right there that isn’t not joking that’s designed to be sad on Not joking whatsoever click it and I’ll explain over there alright. I’ll see you over there, right


Hey guys thanks for the upload and keep them coming. I look forward to watching your vids and really enjoy them. Hope yall have a great week.

"That's a headphone jack. It's something Apple killed off so that you cannot just go and buy any decent headphones but instead have to buy overpriced ones from Apple. So far no other company did this."
Oh, and with those speakers: You can get them for free (or like 2 bucks shipment or something like this) if you buy two cans of pringles during the promotion and send the foils in. So paying like 7 dollars for them plus shipping I'd say you got ripped off.

bro i'm shook, jungshook to be exact since i still use dvds and the ear phone jacks at age 17…JUNGSHOOOK!!!!*shaking*

Haha this is the first video I've watched with gunner as co-host and he is terrible. Tanner and sam are wayyyy more entertaining, sam more then tanner just because she is cuteee AF 😉

16:00 Gunner worked at Chuck E Cheese… that explains a LOT. 😉😏 jk. I want to know how many kids he scared dressed as Chuck E. 😆. My older brother had a conjoined Birthday party with friends there for I think his 5th bday. (I wasn’t born yet) but have a picture of him standing in front of Chuck E holding up a shirt they gave the Birthday kids. He looks so scared. 😂 (we also have multiple pictures of us crying/looking scared on Santa’s lap) there’s one where my brother is sitting on Santa’s lap, leaning back looking at him w a disgusted face. I think Santa had bad breath. 😆🙊. That was a long story. #dontyouhatelongcomments #andlonghashtags ?

The chip can speaker lid is to make use of the empty can after you've eaten all of the chips. Not while the chips are still inside. That's what I'd use it for.

When I was seven I got ran over and stepped on by a chuckee cheese mascot, and he didn't stop to help me up, he just kept walking

Geeez Matt! C’mon! Don’t you know you should take the chips out, smash them with your forehead and then carefully scoop every last crumb back into the container!?!? That’s the ONLY way the sound will travel correctly.

you seriously kept the chips in the can? LMAO!! you gotta take them out for reverb… the can's supposed to echo with the speaker….

"Does anyone have a phone that uses this"….yes…most people. As far as Android, Samsung alone sells more than Apple. Poor Apple disciples.

you should empty the pringles can before you use it as a speaker, I made a speaker with an electric toothbrush (the motor more specifically) some copper wire, and a paper towel roll, as sound is just vibrations, the chips can ruin the sound quality because they are lose in the container, so they vibrate too,m which dampens the sound. but I mean, why pay for it when you can just use the speakers you (most likely) already have on your phone or tv? so actually, I agree, that was a "failed it" . . .

I'd put Obama on my shelf, that's a nailed it. Too bad the fingers aren't poseable, but oh well. At least it's a great figurine

those gummy vitamins are kids vitamins. For KIDS not adults. I mean adults can take it but it's made for kids. And I'm 10 years old. I know things.

Gey my history teacher has the Obama action figure and it stares at me everytime I sit down it's creeper😶😶😶

I love how Matthias thought the rubber knuckled 'stress reliever' was for punching what causes him stress and not using it as a stress ball. Hahaha

what's with Gunner and all his extraness while giving products to you Matthias!? Give me Cool Brian back or even Tanner!!! Me love Bri and The TanMan! ♡

You know it’s bad when Matt says “cus um afraid to say failed it.” 🤧 It’s a Barack Obama figure. Why. I would be afraid as well, but EHY HAS IT GOTTEN TO THIS POINT!?!?

PLEASE tell me Someone else noticed the company's name, that produced the pizza pouch, was "Stupidiotic" …… c'mon now, this has to be a Stupid and Idiotic Pizza GAG Bag….. In more ways than one !!!!

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