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Underwater Skateboarding Haleiwa Hawaii

Underwater Skateboarding Haleiwa Hawaii

Yeah yeah woah woah
Staring at the ground I see a blood red stain A memory I can’t forget, remember how it came
Words too hard to take back now and I didn’t mean it
A constant reminder that my tongue I should have bit (CHORUS)
So float me away Help me to forget yeah
Because tonight could be the night Yeah tonight could be the night
Kiss me on the mouth and then we’ll call it quits Driving all alone at night passed broken street
lights Seeing the usual faces now I’m feeling alright
Asking for my spare change I give my two cents No matter what I give away there’s still resentment


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I like it because it has a story.
That board would be broken.^^ Especially bearing deck
have a good image
I'm going to try

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