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United Skates (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

United Skates (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

MAN:Once you go
into the skate world,
it’s a world of its own.You don’t know what to expect.
You hear the bass,
you step out on the floor
and just let it go.
As you go across the country,
you’ll find if it’s a really
thriving rink,
it’s because they have
a really strong African American
skate community. It was a place
where the streets–everybody met up.MAN 2:
Everything was underground
at some point in time.
MAN:When jazz first came out,
everybody was like,
“Okay, wait a minute,
I don’t know what’s going on.”
You don’t understand
the culture, you push it away.
♪ (MUSIC FADES) ♪ The owner told us that they’re
not gonna renew our lease. This is the pattern.Our skate community,
it’s suffering.
What we gon’ do now?
Where we gon’ go? Black folks. They think you get
a lot of them together, -it’s gonna be trouble.
-(SIREN WAILING) Sheriff’s already out here. WOMAN:And they harassed us
the whole time we were there.
MAN 3:We gotta keep fighting.This is my history.
This is my culture.
Whatever the situation,
we’re gonna roll.


I'm all over this 1
& got my skates ready
even if all do close up
some of ur sis & brothers have built
stake rinks in their own private basements(🖕toodles 👮 ) so we can
still enjoy this pastime
thank u Fam

Used to be part of this community in atl I’m going to dust off my skates I’m ready, can’t wait to see this documentary.

This is not game of thrones so take that bullshit to game of thrones related content this about the skate community and the community I’m in so please leave that hateful stuff over that way ✌🏾

I just watched it. Of course it was about race….
"On white nights. No security no police but on black night, tons of security and tons of police" – black soman2

blah blah blah. As if there is such a dividing night anyways.

Facts, on those said nights, on "white nights" its much calmer not 1/3 of the amount of people, a different crowd and rarely drama. On "black nights", its hip hop music and draws a different crowd. Place is packed to the rafters and there is always beef mulitple times in a night.

Enough is enough. Look in the mirror and quit playing the poor me im a victim bullshit. Its beyond getting old now ppl!

Everything has to be so dividing now a days its disgusting.

Omg are you seriously fucking tellimg me that closing skate rinks is a racist plot? Give me a fucking break. You liberals have reached an entire new level of stupidity with this one. HBO is pure garbage

I watched. I live in nc. There are EIGHT rinks within 30min of my home. Greensboro north has a thriving"adult night". The guy from nc was either lying, exaggerating-but truly mistaken. There are more than 14 rinks in nc.there is a black skate culture in nc.

It brought back good memories of the roller rink in eatontown nj good ole days long branch Asbury park red bank Neptune 👍👍

Watched it yesterday and it was great! I really had no idea that skating was such a big family thing in the African-American community. That’s awesome. It definitely made me want to skate again.

Thanks HBO for putting our story out. Just need it released to other venues so everyone can see that they are closing Skating Rinks down all across the USA. Those are my friends and skate family. Love them ALL

OMGoodness this movie makes me SOOOOOo happy!!! I LOVE roller skating!!!! SOOO glad to see there are ppl out there who love it too!!!!

The lying starts right @00:15, this ginger wants to blame everyone but hinmslef for the downfall of rinks. No One wants to drop their kids off some place where they have to use Metal Detectors at the door. Now factor in the Vulgar music and skating is a pit of shit. We are so far removed from skating to "Sugar Hill" and "Dianna Ross" that this ginger can't see the light of truth. It was never like that in 70's, 80's and early 90's. The people he is saying makes it prosper are the ones responsibile for it's downfall. Same group of vulgar people make it impossible to go to Chuckie Cheese without exposing your kids F-bombs and vulgar language. Add in the feral out of control children and that too is hell hole.

Twin City Skate, Elizabeth, NJ….RIP closed years ago….We won't be stopped tho!!! I''ve been skating since birth!! Skating out of my mama's womb!! LOL!!

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