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Üo – innovative 360° scooter that rides on a ball

Üo – innovative 360° scooter that rides on a ball

Welcome to Üo. The brandnew 360° self-balancing scooter. Hello, I am Olaf Winkler. As you can see this is a special machine riding on a ball. I call it Überball or short the Üo. I have been thinking about the Üo for more than six years. In 2015 I quit my job in automotive and dedicated myself to this project. This is already the sixth generation of it. My goal was to build a personal transporter that gives you absolute freedom of movement, a smooth floating experience, and a lot of fun riding it. The Üo has three electric motors with omniwheels that can drive the ball it is riding on in all directions including turning around on the spot or while going anywhere. In order to provide this great level of smoothness and safety, many parts of the Üo have been developed especially for this purpose. For example, the omniwheels are custom-made to provide outstanding stability for a smooth ride. It is easy and fun to ride the Üo. You just step onto the Üo, start it, and it will pick you up and get you going wherever you lean to. It even has a beginners’ mode for easy familiarization. The stick will give you a safe control over your ride and the little joystick allows you to turn around, no matter what direction you are going. On top, there is an automatic steering mechanism that can be switched on and off making it easy for you to face to where you are going. Now let’s see how fast the Üo can go. I have my cell phone in my pocket to monitor the speed. The LED ring has different settings and the light will always follow your driving direction and shine your way. So, you can make quite an appearance in the dark. The development of the Üo is finished. I plan the delivery of the first 50 pieces in two months after this campaign ends. *plopp* *plopp* again


hi olaf , I need one, I am motor challenged, I have no credit card but I have paypal, lots of merit to you!!

nice! never quite seen anything like this before. i hope one day you'll be able to produce one without the handle. I'd really wanna go hands free like what the electric unicycle could do. good luck!

Whoa…this is quite something! Except for the irritating noise it makes, it's amazing. Can you please explain how it balances itself and how is the sphere attached to the machine?

The awkwardness of the standing position and the control bar will need to be redesigned. And why not have a seat and a wireless controller?

Oh I see you have company on kickstarter. Will u improve design (or at least hide engine) and do something with voice ?

HI, I’m a copyright producer on, Ekaterina.
Are you the owner of the video?
May we please use it with credit to you on all and platforms ?
Thank you very much in advance!

Gute Idee, aber es muss noch etwas schneller fahren. Haben Sie das Üo schon mal bergauf probiert? Und wie lange würde der Akku halten, oder was erhoffen Sie sich im finalen Produkt?

Für die Produktion muss der Antrieb aber wesentlich kleiner werden… Am besten so, dass es wie ein Melonenhut aussieht, der über den Ball gestülpt ist.

Use a bigger ball,self balance, and make it a like a scooter with a seat that can adjust from standing or sitting. It can make tighter turns in small areas like in crowds.

Hi Olaf! are you still developing the project?
it is a very interesting scooter, I wold ike to talk to you, about it.

Awesome! I had this idea for years. Now I finally got as far as making a ball balancing robot. I'm excited to see where it goes and also to see how your project evolves. What type of ball are you using?

I had a dream there were scooters sorta like this in the future. Only it was a bit taller the seat and the control board.The rider kind of straddled the seat control board. it also could raise and lower the seat. It was good for people with limited mobility. It could self balance like this robot kind of… Balls can make sharper turns in limited space.

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