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Upcycled Skateboards into Sun Glasses

Upcycled Skateboards into Sun Glasses

(upbeat music) – I’ve always loved sunglasses, and loved things made out of wood. (upbeat music) Working in lots of private
practices and hospitals, there’s be a lot of patients who would not be comfortable in metal frames, or would be allergic to the
plastic around their face. Then I connected all
those things and thought it would be great to have an eyewear brand made out of wood. Then researching that, I found out the best sort of, most
sustainable kinds of wood were bamboo and skateboard wood repurposed into sunglasses. Growing up with the
youngest of three brothers, there was lots of
skateboards around the house in Western Sydney where I grew up. That’s sort of one of the reasons that I thought skateboards would be cool. Instead of using actual
maple trees, we can use old skateboards instead
of throwing them out. They look cool, because of the detail and the layers that they have on there. Thinking of a name, I just thought Benjee, spelled the way it is
with two E’s on the end is my dog’s name, so I thought, “Why not?” He’s our official mascot. He’s always … When people say, “Are you Benjee?” it’s always
a good conversation starter. They’re handmade, but they’re actually sourced from actual skateboard decks, and then they’re cut
using a laser machine, and then they’re assembled, finished, polished, and painted by hand. Creating something unique, we get a whole array of people asking about them, from kids who think
that they might be toys, to people who have been wearing
glasses for 80 plus years. It was more the fact that, yeah, sunglasses are cool, but
they have to be different, and they have to be
socially conscious as well. (upbeat music)

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