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USD AEON XIX – What’s different in the latest aggressive inline skates from USD?

USD AEON XIX – What’s different in the latest aggressive inline skates from USD?

ola YouTube my door is open and I
need to close it i wish i could jump and land on this chair but it’s I
just the whole chair it might break so not today anyway what’s today what
happened today is these boxes arrived and if you do know this : you know these
logo well that’s partial ID yes that’s right
powerslide just sent me a box and that box included three pairs of skates even
if you only see two pairs of skates here they also send me a frame and something
else which is cool but I’m only going to show you in another video because in
this video what I’m going to show you is this this you might know this logo right
yeah USD black on black you can even if it’s a little bit dirty here you can
read glossy a and logo on the black and what’s case art is well first let me
open this what’s the most contrast e-collar that
you know with black is white these are the USD team the USDA and team 1919
being spelled X Y X like in the Roman alphabet
I think it’s Roman alphabet anyway white just like those you know what those are
those are the Chris Edwards rollerblade skates the tarmac C II Chris Edward old
old one these well these this look good so I haven’t skidded aliens in like over
one year and I have to tell her that I usually like the aliens a lot I really
love aliens and it was these skate not be the same top with this Kate was the
skate that made me start skating flat again and the reason why I started
skating flat again with this Kate it’s because it’s just easy but it feels
super super smooth it it’s gonna feel like a regular flat set up on the
rolling side like you’re gonna roll super smooth you’re gonna feel like you
can turn easy it’s gonna be fast at the skate park your wheels are going to last
long but then when you want to grind you have these over for thing it’s like a
full hand of grinding space and I got like big ends so I’m talking about like
these big grinding space again with all the pros from being a flat set up now
this Kate I don’t know if you can actually see it maybe they said the
lighting might not be the best but the collar on D on this skate it’s not
really white white white you know it’s like a milky white it’s hard to explain
I can see that the liner is like really really bright white that’s for sure and
the liner on this skate well I usually start by the wheels but on this skate
I’m gonna start from the top well starting from the top in the outside
this case it doesn’t have a buckle it has a strap on top I don’t know if I’m
gonna like this I’m gonna try it I’m gonna review it on this channel so if
you wanna see the review of these skate well subscribe to this channel click on
that notification bell and well like the name says you’re gonna get a
notification when they upload that video now the last skate that I skated with a
strap like these was the Richie Eisner skate the carbon freeze and then before
that I did skate the rollerblade solos when they came out with a TRS solo the
theme one laughs at least the one that I had it was like a black version with a
great soap later it also has one of these and on the releve that didn’t
really enjoy it that much even on the Reach’s I ended up changing it for
buckles but I know a lot of people loved it
including organ and in it loves to skate them like these I think even skates with
one of these on one side and on the other side skates with a buckle because
he had like some ankle injury before then right underneath the stress well
you got I like the liner these liner I said it before and I keep on saying it’s
one of my favorite liners ever I know that a lot of people love the intuitions
I do have intuition liners but I do love these liners a lot I really really like
this liner this is the my feet second skin liner and this is the second
version which is the one that has the lace loop so you can
chilly place it on top maybe a wife liner it’s gonna get dirty but the part
that you put your food inside it’s like black so that’s cool it has this little
X rubbery X on the back that is supposed to give it a little bit more stability
to the liner but also because it’s rubbery it’s going to keep the liner
inside the skate now here you can see a little bit of what I was just saying
that the Y’s are not all the same so the white on the shell is like a milky white
and then there’s like me a little bit dirtier if you can say that white on the
cuff and then the liner is like really really white I really like it I think
this game looks super super clean I think you already seen a lot of these
reviews from aliens right basically the alien like I just said is a it’s a
perfect flat skating setup even if some people is skating them as as anti rocker
it works too because it’s a super solid skate and the reason why it’s so solid
is because on this cake the frame doesn’t come out basically the frame and
the boot the shell is a hole it’s a one-piece construction so these and this
is all one piece and because there’s no screws going from underneath the frame
to fix it to the boot basically instead of having that screw or that piece of
metal there’s the hole which is the space where these will actually goes
which means that these will is sitting lower like closer to your foot giving
you even more control what happens here is that you make what’s what’s basically
impossible to do with the ufs skate on a ufs in this direction it’s basically
where you have the screws I’ve never measured it before but I’m pretty sure
if you’re gonna measure somehow the middle like the center of this wheel
with the center it should be around 167 which is the distance in between bolts
on a ufs what I’m trying to say here is that these wheels go exactly
where the screws on the ufs goes and that’s why the a is so special and
that’s why I like this case so much now the main difference between this skate
with the other AMS on the market is like I just said before these little straps
at the strap you can make it even with other skates it doesn’t really matter
what you can’t make me the other skate at least the same way is the top of the
boot and it has like a little it’s hard to explain really cuz they put like I
think it’s only glued because I don’t see any stitching in here but they glued
a piece of fabric a piece off I don’t think this is this is leather
they call it PU leather I think Rosa’s calls it echo leather well you can call
it whatever you want but this is not real leather now what I think it’s going
to be a difference between these and the other a and is that for a lot of people
the aliens used to make way too much pressure on the top of your food and
because these one as a softer piece the softer material well this should fit a
bit more comfortable I never really had a lot of problems in aliens but I know a
lot of people complained about it now wheels these kids come with 61
millimeter wheels which usually are amazing the wheels that come on their
hands are actually really good they not under cover but they are really really
good wheels I don’t know they’re just good wheels and usually when they’re
when it’s like a natural color of the urethane the wheels are a bit stronger
so this should be strong enough it should be long but a lot of people
complain is on this skate because you need to have the same material for so
tricks or back slides for tourists and at the same time for you to skate with
the whole thing is the same material some people complain about the speed of
the salt rings I don’t think it’s really a problem or at least it was never
really a problem with me but there’s ways to fix it you can always just I
don’t know I never tried it but imagine if you just drill some holes here you’re
gonna reduce the surface of grinding and that should make it faster I don’t know
you can even make it like you can even be really really trendy
put some pieces of metal here then they’re gonna slide better maybe on
coping I don’t know I do know that these look really good and I do know that I’m
going to give them a try and after last week that I said so many good things
about the trigger skates because they were freestyle now this is the complete
opposite of a freestyle setup but I still have a lot of grinding space so
that should be cool now the only thing that it’s still freaking me out is
actually still the strap but I think it’s just me this is noise I’m just
scared of it but I’m going to report about these noise if it happens or not
or if I hear it or not and I will also report about anything
else that I feel about this skate so if you wanna see that if you want to see a
full review on this gate if you want to if you want to hear my opinions well you
know what you got to do again subscribe the channel click on that Bell button
you’ll get notifications every time I upload one of these videos and if you
like it well boom thumbs up if you didn’t like it thumbs down but let me
know what I didn’t like about this video and like I always say more important
than anything else just don’t forget why we all started skating with our without
the ends it’s always because it’s fun Cheers and see you soon Napoleon noise


Awesome. I don’t skate my Aeons much because of the tightness near the ball of the foot. I recently ordered some carbon free skates over these Aeon XiX because of that actually. After this review and learning about the soft area of the boot now I really want to try them!

I saw those RB Chris Edwards White Chocolates as soon as the video started. The Original Tarmac CE's (black ones) were my first aggressive skates. I currently have some brown Chocolates that I'm refurbishing…

I know you are tired of hearing about Salomons, but what makes the Aeon more responsive is what I liked about the original non-UFS Salomons. On the original ST8 and ST9 skate, the frame and soul were one piece and so the boot was a few mm closer to the ground. Also, instead of using only 2 screws holding the UFS frame to the boot, the one piece frame/soul used 10 screws which flexed less.

I totally love the Aeons XIX!! It feels so right, super responsive, and it looks just perfect!
I did change the top strap to buckle, and the 45' strap is always too short, so is this one, so I changed it to the carbon 45' strap, now it's perfect 😀
I use Dead Wheels 88a-95a-95a-88a, and it's now my favourite skates for sure!
Hope you enjoy bro!!

Damn they are a sexy looking skate! Excellent initial impressions review. I've always been a Razor/Roces guy though as I've got narrow feet, have never actually tried USD's. Might be worth a go sometime 😀

I bought them and they are amazing. The only think i see is the power strap that is oppening to much 😀 but one the best skates ever!!!

Woow watching this video I noticed there are 2 laces in each boot. One for the liner and one for the boot. I was using the same lace in my sevens with Lomax liner… Will try with an extra lace! Congrats for the chanel mate!

that's one thing i've noticed on my Aeon's, the buckle is not really protected. So if you miss a trick, you'll likely hit it. I feel like the strap would be good for this.

Hey Ricardo, my skates have that metal thing. It doesn't make that noise once you strap it on. I'm really looking forward to the video of you skating them. And you're awesome as always.

This is a super sexy skate. I remember going to the local skate shop to buy a Sway for fun and ended up buying a white Aeon 72. I'm not doing much aggro any more, but I'm loving them. it was kind of an impulse purchase and did not regret it at all.

Not sure about the top buckle though. What is the wheel size?

since they dont make this skates with small size. this skates will never on my wanted list.
why USD hate people with small feet ?

Hello Ricardo. My shoes are 44-45 size. Generaly 44.5. Do you think 43-44 will be ok ? Can i downsize a bit ? Thanks

I haven't skated for about 10 years and its pretty comical how big the soul area is on modern skates

I pretty much only skate bowls and rails, do you have any suggestions for the style/ type of frames I should be looking for? The Kizer Element II frames look appealing, but I don't know if they will suit me best.

Love these skates. Got my pair about 2 weeks ago. After skating a couple times with the straps, I swapped the straps out for buckles. I really gave the straps a chance, but the straps come loose to easily while skating. They are so comfortable with the additional room on the top of my foot. I’ve always skated anti-rocker. I have the 11-12 us skate and liner, and there is so much grind space that I’m skating flat for the first time ever. They are great!!!

Ricardo do you use the extra shock absorbers that come with Aeons? The ones that fit over top of the included shock absorber?

Hey Ricardo, when u drive this beauty and give a review? Wnat to buy this and i think its gonna be a sick skate ;D

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