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Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict if you remember about two or
three weeks ago there were two kids skidding around the park and I made a
video with those kids about 1 week after that video their parents came to my shop
and they bought two pairs of USD skates for kids so the skates are called USD
Transformers today it’s Tuesday and on Tuesdays we all skate in Cape Town at
the Shred skate park the kids are here and I have a surprise for them so let’s
city’s kids really really want to get like a USD shirt they want to skate
skate shirt so I got two shirts two USD shirts for them can you call Michael
Michael Carey come here give me a give me what’s your favorite call this black
or white black ok black that’s yours I’m money Michael and Abbas how old are
you saving and why do you like to skate good so the fun in skateboarding is it
yes there is no you just have fun yeah you said finally see this that you skate
and all do you like your new skates very much simply void let’s make a little interview I want you
to tell me what’s your name how old are you and why do you like to skate I don’t
either no I like to skate what’s your name
yeah I do and now what are you six and why do you why do you like why do you
got these skates and not a skateboard or a scooter people you all get you
traditions is that why you like good means I don’t get it engines in you my
legs are getting black why because of what Christians and what’s your favorite
trick with this case nothing mean like this
and then your shirt your new shirt nice it’s a little bit too long now looking at a all the cars in the city go rushing by I
sit here alone and I wonder why I the boy don’t check on your watch not
another day I’m not leaving is born gotta get a brand new experience Oh baby homie play warning yeah if you wanna see buckle it me to
subscribe to shall get to 500 boom I want to see another area go for it that was good and that’s it Michael just
said it if you want to see Michael you need to subscribe the channel
hope you enjoyed this video if you did you know what to do you will descent and
if you liked the video give me some thumbs up if you did it thumbs down but
more important than anything else Marco why did you start skating


I think it’s theses little things that make kids love whatever they are doing more. That reciprocated love. Lino, you are a symbol of skating the world round, a simple word of encouragement from you can make anyone love skating even more. It’s like if your skates could hug you. In a funny way you could call yourself the “skate whisperer”

I suggest you follow-up on these kids once in a while over the coming weeks/months/years and document their progress. I would be a fun project.

Awesome angles and camerawork, looked so dynamic and action packed. I remembered. I dont know if you have ever tried skiing Lino, but the feeling when getting full speed and jump around to fakie, going for a bigger jumps, just the feeling of hopping around and continue in fakie is even more satisfying than the whole fakie trick itself. It just feels so good. Got the association from when Elijah told hes favorite trick 🙂

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