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[Vinesauce] Vinny – Skate 3 Glitches (Episode 2)

[Vinesauce] Vinny – Skate 3 Glitches (Episode 2)

One of the simple joys in life is Skate 3. I have a vibrator- I have a vibrating skateboard in my chest. (Laughing) Oh my god! What- What the fuck? WHAT! I’M IN FUCKING SPACE! Guys, I’m gonna exit the skybox. I am going to exit the skybox. I exited the fucking skybox! (Vinny laughing) That is his front. That’s his back. This is his butt. (Whispering) Oh my god. (Laughing) Look at his shoe! (Uncontrollably laughing) Look at the fucking shoe! (Still laughing) Look at the fucking shoe! (Laughing) I’m gonna fucking die. (Vinny laughing) (Faintly) I’m gonna burst. I- I can’t- I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe! (Sounding like Miss Piggy) I’m turning into Miss Piggy! Oh my god. (Laughing) He’s got a hand growing out of his fuckin’ head! (Faintly) Wha- Oh- Oh my god. Ok. He’s just- His head is fully implanted into his crotch. Oh- Oh my go- Oh my god (Unintelligible demon noises) Hooo shit. (Shocked) WHAT! What’s that? Is that a foot? Is this “The Philidelphia Experiment”? It’s like “Donkey Kong”. He looks like a fucking gorilla! I can curl up and like yeah- (unintelligible noises) I- It’s even- ten percent (starts laughing uncontrollably) He’s like a ballerina! He’s like a beautiful ballerina! (Vinny Laughing) He’s so graceful! He’s so graceful. Uhh. (Inhuman noise) I just killed like seven bystanders! What the hell happened?! I don’t know, I make weird sounds. I’m sorry. I don’t understand why I make them. I- I do this even when I’m not like- Ya know, like if I have friends over… They’ll- They’ll be like “Vin, what was that noise you just made?” We were playing poker the other night and it was just awful. “Snoop Corg-” (Vinny laughing) “Snoop Corgi” I don’t know why that made me laugh. (Vinny laughing) What?! Yes! YES! Where am I?! (Phone beeps in-game) Reda: Hey dude, are you out there getting coverage? Vinny: Yup! Reda: Cos sales are dippin’ a little bit. Vinny: Totally getting coverage! Reda(overlapping): The more coverage you get, the better our sales will be. Reda(cont.): I’m just sayin’. Do what you want but- Y’know.


It seems like the guys who made this knew about the glitches, and instead of fixing them, they decided to give the players tools to see just how much they messed up.

0:40 ROCKET!!!

In all seriousness, the last time I saw something like that happen was in Sonic 06 (and in that case, there are several things that can fling you up that high).

from 3:13 to 3:15 its my faviroute sound of joel ever it gets me everey time i hear it
i think it goes like this

dont judge me like an idiot

I used to basically watch this every morning before going to work at a hotel.

I've since been hired by the same hotel under new management, and decided to watch this video for nostalgia's sake.

It has officially become like my personal good luck charm now.

Also, this video has some of vinny's best "new york" noises.

1:15 sounds like a song from Brubeck but I can't figure out what it is, anyone know?

EDIT: Found it!

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