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Was the original Bluestreak ever released in blue?

Was the original Bluestreak ever released in blue?

in the Transformers franchise, many
characters share the same mold. From a toy perspective, this allows Hasbro and
Takara to put a variety of toys on the shelf for less cost. This also can lead
to army building your toy collection. While the Decepticons have the Seekers,
the Autobots tend to have more variety among their ranks.
However, these three Autobots share a car mode and have been dubbed the Datsun
brothers by fans. While many Transformers fans are
familiar with the military strategist, Prowl, I’ve got the plan of all of you
cast iron manifolds for it. We HAVE! and the diversionary tacticion, Smokescreen, It’s all in the wrist Most people forget about the
Autobot gunner, Bluestreak. (laughs), Who me? Autobots ROLL! The original Diaclone Car Robots that
became Transformers were based on licensed cars and were released in a
variety of colors. This was no different for the Datsun 280ZX Turbo, also known as
the Nissan Fairlady Z, but instead of using one of the existing colors from
Diaclone, Hasbro chose to release this toy in an all silver deco under the name, Bluestreak. Characterized in his profile by Bob Budiansky, Bluestreak is described as a gunner who is haunted by the memory of his home city being
destroyed by the Decepticons. As such, he talks incessantly. First introduced in the Marvel Comics, Bluestreak was one of the Autobots aboard the Ark when it
crash-landed on earth 4 million years ago. Awakened in the present day of 1984
Bluestreak states that he gets his name for talking fast like a blue streak. When
it was learned that Sparkplug Witwicky was forced to help the Decepticons, Bluestreak suggested to Optimus Prime that they leave earth and the Decepticons
behind by repowering the Ark. But Prime disagreed, as it was the Autobots
responsibility to stop the Decepticons. After a series of events led to the
Matrix being transferred to Buster Witwicky, Prowl ordered Bumblebee and
Bluestreak to protect the boy. After witnessing Buster kiss his girlfriend,
Jessie, Bluestreak wasn’t shy to ask what function it actually served. But
before Bluestreak could get an answer, the Decepticons attack. They stood no
chance against the might of Jetfire, until Buster used the power of the
Matrix to disassemble him and rebuild him to serve the Autobots. once Optimus
Prime was restored, Bluestreak was present when Jetfire was officially
branded as an Autobot. Throughout the rest of the comic, Bluestreak was
present for brief appearances as a background character until he was taken
offline by an Underbase-powered Starscream. Like his comic book counterpart, the cartoon’s Bluestreak was just as chatty. Maybe Hound’s got glitch mice in his databanks again. (laughs) Voiced by Casey Kasem, Bluestreak lived up to his
function as a gunner firing on Decepticons usually by surprise. Watch the birdie, Laserbeak! To differentiate his animation model from Prowl, the animators chose to include the
toy’s shoulder cannons on Bluestreak while they were absent on Prowl. In addition, his colors is an animation match his Diaclone toy with a black hood, instead of the Transformers release
of all gray. More on that later. Throughout the cartoon, Bluestreak made regular appearances throughout seasons 1
and 2 You look like somebody mugged your manifold. (laughs) In Part 3 of the More than Meets the Eye pilot, Bluestreak flew alongside Ironhide when the Decepticons escaped a crystal mine. Call it off Ironhide.
Stop yappin’ Bluestreak, this is my fight! Make it our fight! It’s like fightin’ a shadow! After Skywarp shot Ironhide down,
Bluestreak didn’t hesitate to save his teammate. Throw me a line! You got it! In the episode, Roll For It, Bluestreak
and Prowl bit off more than they can chew when they chased
the Decepticons to a jet hangar. Fortunately Prowl is able to connect to
the internet, Prowl, this is Chip Chase. Don’t worry.
I’m assuming control now. and Chip Chase helped Prowl and Bluestreak
with a little human ingenuity. Now this is a human after my own central processor. Bluestreak was also present when the
first three Dinobots were introduced. Look at the size of those things. Great Cybertron.
Holy hetrodine. When the second sets bodies were built, Bluestreak sparred alongside his
fellow Autobots against Snarl and Swoop. In a real fight, we’d have creamed ’em.
Mmm…maybe. In the episode, Attack of the Autobots,
Bluestreak was one of the many reprogrammed by Megatron’s
Personality Destabilizer Device. He attacked Jazz to force his fellow
Autobot to be reprogrammed as well. Hey man, I don’t wanna hurt ya,
but you’re gettin’ me steamed! Fortunately Bluestreak was the first to
be saved by Sparkplug’s Attitude Exchanger. From there, Bluestreak assisted the rest of the Autobots to save their teammates. Thanks! I needed that! In the episode, Trans-Europe Express, Bluestreak raced with his fellow Autobots
in the Europa 2000. Racing alongside them was Auggie Cahnay, who drove an experimental car made of
an alloy that the Decepticons sought after. Listen you didn’t anyone ever tell
you about Fair Play? I’m gonna win that
million bucks! Drivin’ like that and you won’t live long
enough to win it! Not that it would be any great tragedy,
but some decent people might get hurt! I’ve got a race to win! What a creep! Megatron was also seeking out the
Pearl of Bahoudin in Turkey, which was made from a Cybertronian
weather control device that crashed on Earth. and he needed the alloy to be able to harness its power. I shall be master of the very elements!
(evil laughter) Megatron then sent the Stunticons to
take out the racing Autobots, and capture Auggie’s car. Oh, my aching cyclinders… That’s right cuz we’re taking your car. After smokescreen was wounded,
Bluestreak arrived to try and help his friend. However, the chatty Autobot took Wildrider
for a ride long enough to get away. Bluestreak then found the archaeologist,
Professor Terranova who had escaped from the Decepticons earlier. Terranova explains to Bluestreak, along
with Tracks and Bumblebee via radio, what the Decepticons are planning. And so, they begin their mission to confront Megatron. Alongside the road, Bluestreak
picks up Auggie Cahnay, who shows off his driving skills
behind the wheel of Bluestreak, as the three Autobots finish the race. Driving past the finish line, Announcer: But I think Bluestreak was the winner! the Autobots arrive to face off against
the Decepticons. Unfortunately they are vastly outnumbered. Bumblebee manages to take the Pearl
of Bahoudin from Megatron. Then he opens up the Pearl’s casing,
which causes a massive windstorm. Seeing that the Pearl is lost,
Megatron retreats. Leaving Menasor to destroy the Autobots. Such senseless violence. In a last-ditch effort, Auggie Cahnay sacrifices his car to stop the giant Decepticon combiner, while Bumblebee jumps into the windstorm
to destroy the Pearl. After this episode, Bluestreak’s
final appearance in the cartoon was helping Kup with a road block before the Battle of Autobot City
in Transformers: The Movie While there were other Autobot casualties, Bluestreak was not mentioned among them. But he was not seen again in the cartoon. Like Cliffjumper, Bluestreak was written out of the cartoon
after Casey Kasem left the show. Whoa! Look out below! He did appear in the Dreamwave comics though. Informing his friend, Optronix, that
Sentinel Prime was killed by Megatron. after Optronix was given the matrix and
became Optimus Prime, Bluestreak continued the fight
alongside his fellow Autobots. In the present on Earth, Bluestreak
was untrusting of Shockwave since the memory of his hometown still haunted
him he wasn’t wrong though after blue streak accompanied Optimus
Prime and surrender shockwave ordered Ultra Magnus to deactivate the Autobots
when they arrived on Cybertron fortunately the Autobots on Cybertron
had organized a resistance and so broadside and sandstorm freed the
captive Autobots after badgering gears for wanting to return home so badly blue
streak battled against the Decepticons to free Cybertron from shockwaves
control once the battles were over blue streak tried to get his fellow our crew
members to return to Earth led by prowl so they can begin construction of
Autobot City after g1 ended blue streak has been mostly forgotten about in
almost every transformers form of media so much so that Hasbro had lost the
trademark to his name in the early 2000s and all toy releases of his character
went by the name of Silver Streak during that decade
it wasn’t until 2010 that Hasbro regained the rights to his name and
released a speed stars mini vehicle under the name of blue shriek this
caused an interesting thing to happen in the comics published by IDW at first the
character by the name of blue Street once the 2009
ongoing series began he suddenly started going by the name of Silver Streak until
2012 when he went back to being called Blue Streak what made this worse was the
fact that a blue blue streak appeared in the bumblebee miniseries when the
character is being called Silver Streak at the time helping hot rod in
construction of a space cruiser some have theorized that blue streak in
Silver Streak are two separate characters much like their versions of
Galvatron and gold-bug being separate from Megatron and bumblebee most likely
the bot in the bumblebee series was smokescreen who has had a few toys
released in that blue color scheme in fact in Transformers Prime
smokescreen updated his color scheme in the third season to that same blue and
yellow when his legends toy was released in those colors they gave him the name
of Blue Streak probably to keep up with a trademark this has also been a part of
the misconception about the original Blue Streak toy while the cartoon used
the diaclone silversides with a black hood and roof the original toy was
released in all silver however the toy catalog his box art and his instruction
manual all used this blue and silver color scheme this led some fans to
believe that there was a blue cited variant of Blue Streak released during
g1 what most likely happened was that Hasbro was still deciding on which color
scheme to use while they were putting together the first year of Transformers
toys unfortunately the finalized color scheme was chosen a little too late for
any promotional material to be changed after the fact this probably cause
what’s known as the mandala effect as it pertains to blue streak as people’s
memory of events are different than what really happened in the catalog for 1985
Blue Streak was correctly colored among his fellow autobot cars as such even
with reissues Blue Streaks g1 toy was never released as a blue sided variant
years later other lines have released Blue Streak as a blue variant
including vinyl tech and masterpiece in addition Blue Streak was released as a
recolor of come – prowl offered through Hasbro
subscription service while there’s no images of him appearing in fiction it’s
implied that the Alltech shattered glass story coalescence uses this release of
the character as an evil autobot while characters such as prowl and smokescreen
have been seen various transformer series and now with barricade added to
the mix in the cease toy line it’s difficult to forget the chatty gunner
who shared the same mold as them we can only hope to see blue streak return in
one of the many transformer series in the future well what do you think did
you once believe that blue streak was originally released in blue and silver
and do you think he should return again in another transformer series leave your
thoughts in the comment section below and if you liked this video be sure to
thumbs up and subscribe I like to thank my patrons for your support I have many
more transformers discussions like this coming soon so stay tuned and as always
until next time till all are one


When i was younger, after watching the Martin Lawrence film "Blue Streak," I assumed the phrase referred to pretending to be a cop. And that was why he looked like Prowl, he was imitating a cop lol

I love that you mentioned how both Bluestreak and Silverstreak appeared in the IDW comics.

Rodamus Primal – we sadly find out What happens or (supposed to happen) in TF : the Movie.
in a animated story board, it shows DEVASTATOR infiltraiting Autobot City.
Ultra Magnus transports Bluestreak, Red Alert, Tracks and Inferno and they fight the Devastator.
and they manage to Break him apart, but the Constructacons RALLY , and overwhelm the Autobots , and RED Alert and Tracks DIES along with Bluestreak.

Due to my hobby of collecting the Transformers collector cards I have found the character of Bluestreak to be most interesting. I have all three MP cards for him Streak, Silverstreak, and Bluestreak. Since that was the first time I saw him referred to in three different names I had to do a little digging on the Transformers Wiki page. Found it very interesting of course Streak being his name in Japan but also saying in comics he was called both Streak and Silverstreak being the same robot. Then it went on to state that Bluestreak is an Unknown Autobot that took up the name of Bluestreak. As for the cartoon I kinda thought of him and Prowl like brothers like Sunstreaker and Sidewipe were. Very interesting video getting more info about the character.

Bluestreak should have been blue/silver like he was shown on the box and the Transformers fold able catalogue list. Just another screw up by Hasbro. The color of Blue/silver was his best looking color scheme.

As a kid I always thought blue streak and prowl was the same bot. Can anyone tell me please in the pilot episode when jazz saves prime at hoover dam with his cable, what does he day to him???? Its baffled me for 32 years

I think because they are drawn so differently based upon the animation models. Myself? I draw them all pretty much the same – as I dislike the simplistic way Smokescreen is drawn. Yuck! Lol. ☺️😂

Damn he did a lot more than I realized. The only Bluestreak appearance I really remember is that race episode with the pearl of whatever.

No.bluestreak was never blue nor was he meant to be blue.the reason why the blue diaclone toy in the brochures as hastak hadn't decided on the colour but wanted to advertise the toy as being available. Also more confusion comes from the fact the artwork on the box is the same blue artwork from the diaclone box.and you are quite correct when you say he gets his name from chatting incessantly to the piont even he forgets what he started taljing about (talking a blue streak)…his name has NOTHING to do with the colour blue…and even the blue diaclone toy was only partially blue….and as I side note in europe bluestreak WAS released in the correct animation colours and not the american all grey version

I liked Bluestreak. He was funny,entertaining, and a little over the top. I've missed him. Great video

Blue streak was cool. I remember as a kid, I always thought why his name was Blue Streak he not blue..

I was a Prowl man, he was my first big transformer, and I remember specifically wanting the police car transformer. So for me, Bluestreak was an interesting side note, but neither I nor any of my friends had the toy.

Wait the regained rights in 2010 is sideswipe…. So is blue streak blue streak or silver streak or smokescreen or prowl or wait… What?!?!?!?

It bugs me when a character has a color in their name but barely has the color in their design. Maybe putting some blue streaks on his vechile and have his red parts to blue.

Color me surprised by the news of Hasbro losing the license to Bluestreak. I never truly notice…Maybe they're distant cousins or something between Bluestreak and Silverstreak.

Yes, I think Bluestreak needs to make a comeback. In fact, more focus should be placed on both his gunner status and the fact that his Tech Specs list a 9 out of 10 when it came to firepower!

Hey 'RodPrimal' issue 13 of 'Marvel' Transformers ws Prowl ..NOT Bluestreak that branded Jetfire

It never mattered that Starscream Thundercracker and skywarp wear the same mold……. for some reason at that age we still wanted all of them….. but their personality difference and color difference made them different Transformers

Bluestreak has always been my favorite Autobot since way back in 84.  When I was a kid it always annoying that I had to settle for the silver version of the car because a blue version was nowhere to be found.  All pictures of him on his toy box was blue and silver.  Even the background color on the sticker sheet around the word Turbo indicated he was suppose to be blue.  Why Hasbro why did you tease me with a more appealing color scheme and then deny me?  At least now after all these years I finally have a Blue Bluestreak version through the Masterpiece line. The circle is complete.

Blue and silver G1 Bluestreak is the true G1 Bluestreak. I am glad that a Silverstreak exists as well because we Transformers fans can finally tell Bluestreak and Silverstreak apart from one another. Now if only there was a Goldstreak, that would be hilarious. Transformers G1 fans, meet the Streak Brothers: Sliver, Blue and Gold. Named after the song, "Silver, Blue and Gold" by Bad Company. The Transformers G1 cartoon needs a remake/reboot and it needs to be called Transformers '84 and I would like to see the Streak Brothers make an appearance in Transformers '84.

12:05 I actually believe there's some validity behind the 'Mandela Effect'. But I guess we shouldn't get sidetracked TOO much into the whole 'conspiracy' realm on a Transformers video, pff.

G1 4EVER!! It was kind of cheesy but come on everything in the early 80s was she Z to a certain extent. I'm 44 years old from the east side of Buffalo New York. AND I definitely remember Blue Streak and I thought it was always odd that he wasn't colored that way and I did think that originally he was blue but maybe the UK got the blue color scheme or South America. but Blue Streak I remember him clearly he always talked he was always running his mouth he was always funny!!!

Out of the Datsun brothers blue streak was the one I always forgot about. It didn't help that blue streak was mostly grey and had no blue on him while smokescreen was blue and red and had no grey on him. Looking back if they had swapped color schemes it might have made them easier to distinguish as the colors would match up to the name.

Anyhoo I do appreciate the recap of this character

Is there any chance we can talk about THAT episode (The series 3 one with the oil baron who seems to think camels and oil are valid units of currency ) and ask how bad it actually is? Also could we look at other accusations of racism put at the franchise over the years?

Blue streak was my first ever transformer. Sadly he didn't survive that childhood… but all these years later I did get the master piece version!

Will there be a video about the misconception that Optimus Prime always dies ?
Or you already made this one ?

I hope bluestreak gets a toy in the war for cybertron trilogy, he'd fit really well into the whole 'modular toy' thing they seem to be doing

Blue streak was the first transformer I ever owned in like 1985. I still have him. The original box art and promotional catalog always threw me. I thought I had gotten a different model of the toy than what was a more 'official's version to be released. But the cartoon had the grey paint scheme, so I thought somewhere in the TF universe, my model was a true Bluestreak.
Remember the Ultimate Doom miniseries, when the autobots are riding the waves, and he yells, "Surf's up! An' I'm talkin' UP!" ?

I allways thought that bluestreak and silverstreak are the same character but I still like his g1 cartoon look.

Bleustreak was actualy released in bleu for a limited time , but they where part a surplus of characters from the diaclone line that didnt made it in to the series. or only showed for a few seconds , like seeker sunburst a yelow /orange seeker on the same mold of starscream.

I always liked the original Bluestreak toy, but I was always annoyed that the blue version in the original catalogue and box art, which i felt was a far superior color scheme, was never a thing. So eventually I painted/kitbashed my own. Not quite perfect, but close enough. 🙂

Was there a blue G1 Bluestreak ever released for the G1 series? No. Though I do admit I kind of like the blue paint scheme a little more than the gray. It’s just 1 of those color schemes that they didn't use from the Diaclone line. Along with the black & red Tracks, black Ironhide, gray & red Skids, the police & red Sunstreaker, & yellow Sideswipe. There were a lot of guys that they could’ve used as a base for other characters… but they didn’t use it. I can’t find it at the moment, but I also thought that they switched the names of Prowl & Bluestreak like they switched Sunstreaker & Sideswipe. I remember seeing it once… but I can’t find it now… but in the original concept bio’s when they were writing them… Sunstreaker’s suped up engine was meant to be Sideswipe’s jetpack. But I can’t find the link for that now. Just like Ratchet was originally meant to be a girl (He got his name from Nurse Ratchet from Coo-Coo’s Nest). “Bluestreak” is a palindrome. Meaning that it’s a word that is pronounced 1 way… but has multiple meanings. Just like cool, bad, hot, even words like worn & mixer. All pronounced the same way, but all have different meanings. Especially if you come from a different part of the world. This is an assumption on my part… but I remember terms like “night prowler” or “street prowler” to describe old school hot rod coups in old blues songs (like from the 30’s or 40’s). So I assumed that’s where the name Prowl came from. But I also know that “Bluestreak” was a slang term to describe old cop cars. Since most cop cars in the USA had either an all blue or blue & white paint scheme stateside. Usually. Some have been green… even red… but most I’ve seen have had a blue paint scheme of some sort. It’s like why cops are called ‘cops.’ It’s a slang term to describe their badge. “Cop/s” is short for copper since that’s what metal that cop badges were made out off at 1 point. I always thought that it was a labeling error (like when they misnumber something on a package or instructions)… or did the same thing when they labeled Frenzy or Rumble being who they are. I personally don’t care who’s red or blue (whatever makes you happy man)… but I’ve got a feeling that the initial launch for the G1 line & what happened to it during & after the film was done as cheaply as possible… & rushed in many respects. So I think that a lot of mistakes were made because of it. But that’s my 2 cents on the matter. Thanks for the video man!

Me personally, BLUESTREAK came in a close second behind prowl. But B.S. clearly was the MOST POWERFUL of the 3.
Smokescreens lack luster tactician skills dull in comparison to the heavy Gunner that was B.S.
B.S. manifold was indeed cast iron and was the FIRST into battle out of the Datsun Brothers.
My admiration of PROWL comes from the comicbooks. Whenever PRIME was out of commission, prowl would step into command IMMEDIATELY, & Handle business win or lose. ROLL FOR IT was a favorite episode, as it showcased B.S. and Prowl in action together. Prowl however, did NOT recieve his LIEUTENANT'S respect as seen in the comic's pages and was hardly talkative.
B.S. made up for that & was true to his profile.
Autobot Gunner/Talkbot.
I NEVER forgot about BLUESTREAK.

Stupid question: is the new Siege line from Hasbro supposed to be based on a new comic book series or a new tv show type series?

RodimusPrimal, I LOVE this vid! I've played it over 10 times this past week. Prowl was my #1 favorite Autobot when I was a kid. But when I had the choice to get MP Prowl or Bluestreak when they first came out, I chose Bluestreak. As a kid I guess I identified with Prowl. But as an adult I think I identified more with Bluestreak. Seems kind of backwards, haha

Great video, and when I was watching it last night something caught my eye… I was like wait a minute backed up and re-watched that part yep my customs Universe Prowl and Smokescreen at 9:44 🙂 That was awesome to see.

I honestly wonder if this might be another Rumble and Frenzy issue.
I can see where at one point Bluestreak and Smokescreen might have had their toys planed out. Then someone got them switched up.
It would explain why Bluestreak has his smokey gray paint. While Smokescreen has a lovely blue coat.

Nope, always Silver. I remember my friend let me borrow him out of the blue. Pun intended. I gave him back after a week. I mean he just asked if I wanted to play with him. 🤣

I appreciate all your videos. Sometimes when I'm so down, like I am now, your videos take me back to a time of happiness and for that I truly thank you!

There may be more to the Blue legend than just the Mandella effect.
Some diaclone toys were released in North America. While no marketing effort, these pre-Transformers toys were found on some store shelves in 1984/5.

At the time Transformer were new, so likely that parents and little kids wouldn't have noticed the difference, or at least the confusion wouldn't stop them from enjoying their 'Bluestreak' toy.

Is there a reason the next video in the Transformers Discussions playlist is neither about Transformers, nor by Rodimus Primal?

I want that Silverstrek and Bluestreak to be two separate characters just like Bumblebee and Megatron between Galvatron and Goldbug 2 We all want that Bluestreak should had red, blue, black and silver on his robot mode and car mode too
And 3 he should be in more Transformers show, t.v and games.
( 13:01 ) Bluestreak: Hang on Ironhide I mean hold tight I mean td forget it.

In a deleted scene in the transformers the movie blue streak was supposed to be seen in the base with wheeljack running to the battlefield

I think a movie would do well to show the Teletraan I computer scanning Earth vehicles that resembled the original Diaclone color combos, and then rapidly spitting out a few color variants on screen to cover the different known variants from real life, and then settling on the final form for the rest of the film.

I had a blue Bluestreak. The year was 1985-86, my mom gave me $40 for my birthday and told me to buy whatever I wanted. I got a basketball, Thunder Punch He-Man and Transformers Bluestreak. I always wondered as a kid why he was blue instead of grey like in the cartoon.

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