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Watch Death-Defying Roller Skating Duo Emily & Billy From ‘AGT’ | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Watch Death-Defying Roller Skating Duo Emily & Billy From ‘AGT’ | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– How does one figure out this talent? – Like, how did this come about? – Well, when we were kids, our mom bought us some roller skates, and initially she started
flinging us around and, you know, to play with us, but
when we got to big for her, we just started throwin’
each other around. – [Man] Wow. – Have you ever been thrown around, Emily, and it didn’t end well? – Of course, you know, it’s a
very dangerous, extreme act. You can’t, I always say, you
can’t create the illusion of danger without it
actually being dangerous. – [Kelly] Oh. – So, there’s been a couple
accidents, but he knows better. (audience laughs) – (laughs) That’s why I avoid danger. How has Simon, ’cause he changed my life, these three just changed
my life completely. How has this impacted your life. – Well, Simon gave us our opportunity on “Britain’s Got Talent” to perform on the biggest stage in the world. Immediately afterwards, we got signed by a show in Vegas called
Absinthe at Caesars Palace. – [Kelly] Oh my god! (audience applause) Oh my gosh,
well okay, I want to see it! Bill, ya’ll take it away! Come on, Emily, show us. – [Emily] Alright.
– Oh my god, I’m so excited. And nervous, ooh. (dramatic piano music) (instrumental rock) (audience cheers) (audience cheers) (audience cheers) – Ow! – What? (audience cheers) (audience cheers) (audience cheers) – [Kelly] What? – [Paula] Yes! – Okay, okay. Oh my gosh! You’re, first of all, ya’ll are insane. Your head was so close to the ground! – [Randy] Oh my god! – I am sweating in places
I have never sweated. (audience laughs) I mean, here’s the thing,
too, I have to say. I leaned over to Simon and was like, wait are they married
or sister and brother? And he said sister and brother, and I went that’s real
Game of Thrones, ya’ll! (audience laughs) Like, and then your leg went
all the way over your head, and it was, I’m gonna,
in my dreams tonight, I’m gonna be you, Emily. I’m gonna be so fantastic. (audience laughs) I’m gonna be so fantastic.


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