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We crossed Texas on Electric Skateboards—Guinness World Record Attempt

We crossed Texas on Electric Skateboards—Guinness World Record Attempt

(exciting music) – Do you guys mind if I pray over you? – Oh, I’ve got an emergency alert, mate. Tornado warning, shelter now. – This is not really enjoyable, it’s actually really (beep) uncomfortable. (tornado siren)
– Oh, that’s an actual tornado siren. – Let’s get out of this (beep) hellhole. – _ (beep) tornado. (upbeat music) – The reason that he’s teaming
up with a fellow Aussie to try to crack the Guinness World Record in the United States. Daniel Roduner and
Dwayne Kelly will attempt to ride 1000 kilometres
on electric skateboards over the next two weeks across Texas. It’s all in support of
Melanoma Patients Australia. – So we’re on the Texas-Oklahoma border. We’re about to spend the next two weeks crossing the state of Texas in an attempt to break the world record for the longest distance travelled
on an electric skateboard. – (sigh) So tomorrow, we’re
on the way to America. Today’s skateboards were made by MBoards, a YouTube designer. – Hi, my name is Mike Beard,
I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am the owner of MBoards. A traditional longboard
has wheels that are like, this big, about 80
millimetres, 85 millimetres. These wheels are 200 millimetres. They’re huge, they’re full of air, they have suspension in
them, the motor is huge with a massive battery. Everything about it is just scaled up, all specifically made for range. – Nice, what’s going on?
– How are you? – Good to meet you. – You too, mate. – We’ve known each other
for about 12 hours. – 12 hours, yeah. – A Solid 12 hours so we’ve had a lot of bonding. Sweet dreams. – Don’t have bed bugs. – We’ve faced a couple of hurdles already. – We are getting reports
of tornadoes on the ground. – Twisted metal frames of these mobile homes thrown into these parking lot. – We woke up and there was flash flooding, lightning and a tornado warning. – Their supposed to be starting in an hour or two. – And we’re dealing with
that sort of (beep). Mate, this is rough. I think we are in a.. – We’re in a pickle! – They join us now. Good
morning to you both. Just explain why you decided
to go down this path. – Ever since I was a
child, I really wanted to get a world record under
the belt. I came close one time with a nipple hair. It was 12 and a half centimetres. I was 2 and a half centimetres off the current world record then. So, can’t wait to pull one off. (music) – You ready, Tate? Let’s do a (beep) fist pump.
– A fist pump or a fist bump? – Oh, we coulp fist bump. Bump? – Let’s pump. Okay. I’m (beep) pumped, Mate! – Me too man! Let’s do this! (upbeat music) – Not good. – How many miles did you guys do? – We’ve done like 12 miles. – Probably after, yeah a kilometre it started to go like half speed. I was still full pace on the trigger and it slowly just started to slow down. Please, don’t be dirt. Yeah, it’s dirt. – That was a cool trick, mate. (upbeat music) – I’m going to do some
reading in electrical. – One of us should become an electrician. (laughing) – We got two cold Corona’s
waiting for you at the park. We will see you soon, yeah? – [Daniel on phone] I don’t drink Coronas. – [Superviser] Well, you
don’t have much of a choice. – So the boards, they’re
dropping out every time we hit an incline. We’re just getting no power and they’re moving too slowly. – Will you be able to stick
to the freeway roads, though? – I didn’t feel super
comfortable out there. So we are going to have to sit down and plan a lot better. – Especially because the road you’re about to come up on is proper freeway. – How’s the elevation? – [Supervisor] Up – [Dwayne] 200 metres
up? That’s not too bad. And it’s all flat there.
It’s just our next bit is going to be a
little bit of a climb. – [Supervisor] So, I do
need to call Mike tonight. What parts do we need? – I think we need to get
a second motor. That’s probably the solution.
Then we’ll get a little bit more juice up in the quads. – [Supervisor] Possible or not possible? – Possibila. – [Supervisor] Do you think you can do it? – Easy, mate. If these
things can do, we can do it. – [Weatherman] We
witnessed a strong tornado with violent motion just
touchdown right in front of us. Move across the
road and move north, northeast toward the west side of Pope. – You can see like a big… I’ve got an emergency alert, mate. It’s an anti warning. Take shelter now. Check local. (beep) dude. (laugh) I’ve never heard that
message on my phone before. Are you coming downstairs, mate? – Yeah, I’m going to come down with ya’ll. I just got a tornado warning on my phone. – Yeah, me too. – Right here you can see
how the formations are kind of, you see how,
they’re not travelling in one direction. They’re
kind of starting to turn. So what they’ll do is
they’ll turn and they’ll get lower to the ground. Then it will make connection with the
ground forming a tornado and then, depending on
it’s size, they classify it as F-1 through 5. – I understood. Did you get that? You got that warning before then, did ya? Wonder how long it takes
to get to a Samsung? (laughing) – They think about you Samsung man. – Oh! That’s an actually tornado siren. That train stopped. Dry now. Dry Now. (laughing) Are you coming? The train just stopped. We’re going to go for a little ride. – Are you out of your mind? – What are the pillows gonna do? (laughing) – [Supervisor] So are you
going to keep riding or what? What’s the.. – Of course we are! This is going tomorrow. (pouring rain) (knocking) (solemn music) – [Daniel] Is that 23 minute?
– [Dwayne] Yeah, twenty three. Okay. – Yeah, so we go up from here, cross in New Mexico. We will outrun the storm. And then down to Roswell, New Mexico. (music) – Six o’clock in the morning. Sun hasn’t come up yet. Still cruising. Got a nice speed going. It was quite difficult
at the start because we had a massive storm yesterday, tornado. But everything is
looking a lot better now. Our road’s perfect. Dwayne’s hanging behind there, just had a little bit
of a tyre problem but I think he’s coming back here. – We’re gonna head up to Clovis. Next time you see us, we’ll have more motors for you, okay? – [Dwayne] Looking forward
to it guys. Thank you. – See you. Don’t like looking at ya. (music) – [Dwayne] What is it? See ya later, mister cow. See ya, mister cow. See ya, buddy. Have a good one! He’s got big balls. – Hey, mate! What’s your name? – Jim Burnia. – [Dwayne] Jim Burna? – I’ve never seen anybody
go down the street on one of these. (laughing) – [Dwayne] I’m glad we can be the first. – In case you get lost, I have some Texas. – [Dwayne] Thank you! – You guys have fun! – Dan and I are riding across a plain view right now. He’s having a couple of issues. Not with his board, I
think its just his extra weight, the size. He’s
really getting caught in the wind and I’m much lighter on the board than he is. – Buddy, I’m trying to
relax, enjoy myself, make a world record, raise some money but now it’s all changed. (phone ringing) – Hey, dude! How are you doing? – It’s going. – [Supervisor] Hey, I’ve
got some good news, though. – You got the motors?
Oh, fantastic! Good news! – [Supervisor] So if you
don’t want to power through tonight, we can set up the motors tonight. (upbeat music) – Do you guys mind if I pray over you? I’m a pastor right here in town. – That would be fantastic! – Is that cool? Do you have a name for your gang? – One Star Skaters. – One Star Skators! Okay. All right let me pray for you. Heavenly father, I lift
up this group of young men and One Star Skaters
as they set out to break a Guinness Book of world Record. Be with them today. Give
then peace as they go. And pray this in Jesus, Amen. – [Daniel] Amen. (heavy music) – So you know that
you’re heading right into another tornado, right? (tornado siren) – (beep) tornadoes. Now we’re stuck in this little cove.
Hopefully we will be safe. (pouring rain) Now we are going to try
to walk back to town if we can see. Town is just over.. just over… (solemn music) – Okay, mate. Let’s hit the road. (solemn music) Right now I’m doing the
sit down. It’s a lot easier when you got a heavy headwind. And you can sort of relax
your legs a little bit. Still a lot of pressure on your back. And we’re chasing all the cows away. Funny buggers, aren’t they? Funny buggers. Don’t get the hot and
spicy. The hot and spicy is no good. – Get the peppered flavoured. It is windy as (beep). And we’ve just been riding into a headwind for the last nine miles. It took us an hour and a half. We are not making good pace today. (wind blowing) – Which way is the wind
going? North is it? – It hasn’t changed for the last week. – Yeah, since the tornado hasn’t changed. Because at this rate,
I don’t know what the (beep) we’re doing. Not gonna do it. So right now we’re just
gonna have to fight (beep) winds. Is that cool? Sweet! So which way are we going? – Northeast. – So we’re going to need
your leg. Every time we get to a corner,
we’ll just put his leg up and we’ll just go that way.
Is that what we’re doing? I was expecting a nice
and easy, slow type deal with a good time. Still manage to get all that. – See, I think that was from day talk. I think we popped. We’ve
never met before, and we started, we’d never discussed it. We didn’t plan it together. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Tornado, if we didn’t
get (beep) nailed by two tornadoes. If we had dual
motors from the start. Just, again, a bunch of little things. – [Daniel] Sick of this shit. – That the first time I’ve seen him not conversational. The fact that we have struggled so much and have had to face all
of these difficulties. To walk away from it was
just like hard for me. – Can you feel that heat
Dwayne? On the side of your neck? – [Dwayne] I can feel it in my balls. – I can feel it in my windows. – If you would have
said you wanted to quit, I would have considered it. – I know. I’m (beep) done with making any decisions. You have a very big decision. – (sigh) You really want to let
this thing go through? – [Daniel] I do. Let’s get out of this (beep) hole. (solemn music) – So two days ago, we
were going towards some mine fields. We ran into
some bad headwind and stuff is going not right.
So, we came to a point of nearly ending this whole journey. – So, Dan and I have
decided to split up where we figured that was a
little more efficient. (beep) me! – I wanted to end because we have been in such a rush. It’s very exhausting
and you don’t even need to do it like this but the only reason was because, Dwayne, does
work and he wanted to fit everything in. Yeah,
we are quite different in that sort of way. It would be nice if we
did take our time and everything was smoother but now I say, if Dwayne had more time
and we could actually enjoy ourselves. Instead
of going (beep) crazy everyday. And then we could get to
know each other properly and hang out. – It’s a completely different game riding by yourself. Not Comfortable. You don’t
have somebody kind of to kind of have your
back to give you a yell when there’s a car coming behind or just really to be around
you when you’re feeling a little bit uncomfortable in the road. – Still like Dwayne. He’s a great book. Wanna be his mate. Well
I hope we can be mates. Pretty sad for it to come to this. – (sigh) Dan I miss you. – [Supervisor] So, we’ve
heard from Guinness. – Oh! There we go! Have you there? – [Supervisor] Got something for ya. – Bull shit. – [Director] Oh yeah! – Do I do one of these rip tabs? – You haven’t opened this? This is going to be a denial that I rode something. – [Supervisor] I actually don’t know. Oh! My boy! – Nice! – Perfect! That’s beautiful! – Fantastic! – Dwayne and I are back
together after our solo rides. Very exciting we
get our last few runs in there. So, back
together, Married as one. (upbeat music) – The longest journey by
electric skateboard is 1,036.42 kilometres.
Achieved by Daniel Roduner and Dwayne Kelly in Texas,
USA from the 19th to the 31st May 2019, ladies and gentlemen. (laughs) – We’re about to do a run up the road and then we’re going to take a right on the death highway for a short period of time. Danny wants to check it out because he’s a nutbag. – Twickety Dwayno the Dwaniese chicken. – We have about ten
miles to go to break the record. We’ve got two
back streets so we should be all good. I think this is it, man. A 1000 kilometres. What are you going to do now? – I’m going to go wherever
the wind takes me, mate. (laughs) Love ya, brother. – Love you, too. You mean Prick. – (sighs) Nice to meet you, mate! (laughs) Stay safe. – [Dwayne] Thank you, buddy! (solemn music)


Awesome accomplishment for you both and the team, Mike at MBoards, and for Esk8. This was amazing to watch 😍! I'm watching it again with my wife. Glad no one was hurt!

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