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We Tested Some Real Life Rocket Shoes | Razor Turbo Jetts Review | Gizmodo

We Tested Some Real Life Rocket Shoes | Razor Turbo Jetts Review |  Gizmodo

– Today we’re testing out the Razor Turbo Jetts. They’re contraptions you put on your feet that have motorized wheels. There’s a battery pack in the back, and there’s a place where you put your foot in the front, and underneath, you’ve got two regular wheels and one motorized wheel. I’m gonna try them now for the first time. I’m actually gonna put the pads on first. (Velcro ripping) All right, let’s do this. (heavy metal music) (record scratching) I got it. Let me try the other way. It’s pretty cool! (heavy metal music) (wheels rolling) (Adam grunting) Turbo Jetts! (Turbo Jetts scraping) (Turbo Jetts scraping) Oh, (bleep). Must do more Turbo. Turbo Jetts! Is this what it’s like to be young? (wheels rolling) (wheels rolling) (wheels rolling) (wheels rolling) That wasn’t very good. Let me try again. I’m getting good! Oh, (bleep)! Turbo Jetts. (uptempo music) I’ll be honest, I have a few injuries. I like the Turbo Jetts, but I always wanted it to be a little walk and then a have motorized walk right after. (loud scraping) It would steer me into obstacles and adventures. Turbo Jetts.


Just ignore offensive comments – we all know that YT comments are the playground of the worst people on the internet.

My comment is merely that this is one of the most dangerous gadgets I've seen in a while. I may be buying a set for a child or adult that I really, really don't like.

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