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Weird New Briefcase Hoverboard!!

Weird New Briefcase Hoverboard!!

today we’re doing a hoverboard challenge sadly Jenny are you guys ready yeah hey this isn’t even my camera camera put that in your blog anyway oh yeah I’m getting there Sudan stick going to be good put this on so this is week five of a six week program warming up now I have your back your fourth purpose into protector spot slowly going to go forward and back single leg right here single leg leg parole Camp three down and up booty stay inside the whole rap are you comfortable they come right back you want make a harder step inside changes the need right there to get nothing [Music] [Music] just witness if I die soon hahaha [Music] this way I know tell me the motivational I give them some motivation motivation at a dig deep gotta remember why you are here remember your gold remember why you came to the gym and how to home sit on the couch set out who’s the worst I’ve ever so one of the top of your head like whoo now I’m going to head to the space station after I shower we’re about to go live on base acres down I never done this before but it’s pretty sweet all right we can give us something we’ll start gettin it we got the chat pulled up CBS and gets it before us oh shoot remember to dread new Mars solar system digit spinner wrong story guys go over the bottom moon this is an action making a strawberry you’re jealous try harder thanks a lot it’s the story guys you gotta tell the guys gonna beat you microphones on my bucket list here you thought you said you didn’t like red line cream and cut-up hot ago there was pretty grand folks about Christmas yeah you can get whatever using it take us on the journey that’s your only requirement you know and for me to look in know what makes in a tree close the bear hug that friends not give it away generating on a journey all evening I’m going to take you on a journey here without Ohio Rock clam Karlsruhe cook just as I was getting confident if I can oh the camera will I do this now yeah for sure [Music] notice miss now every time she doesn’t get it either but seriously want one of these so bad well if this is a newer one if I got a little better but the little easy isn’t it what anyway they’re still working on some stuff in there so in the meantime you guys remember when I struggled with this guy so it actually was this one now we have this swag roller this thing’s sweet I feel like I would prove it so yes we’ll see goodbye what Oh goodbye what I think it’s working Thank You battery’s dead and we’re about to use it pull the plug at it now we’re doing some tests with all the one was in hoverboard grabbing do we get a countdown we’re doing time trial right there I didn’t do the best in the first one I was on in original hoverboard I’ll run this yet scale guy we can see well you know those like skills that are in your bathroom this is just like stem you did all right countdown [Music] [Music] I survived if I could I would just say out with these guys every day you know try to convince nails that we just move closer don’t you go for it so now I just found Nellie’s sign here Nelly sign that this is it the old Space Station and in mind right here uh yeah yeah we’re just wrapping up all the helmet like ten minute both our wives are wondering where we are I’m gonna head off to UA you out of here yeah dude come back soon yeah I will hey and don’t forget whatever boards the past is important to them and this baby is not like you or the mouth I survive that’s for sure Casey yes I love those guys seriously Thank You YouTube and the internet for connecting us with some of the coolest people who are just making it happen and all aspects of life and it’s freaking fun [Music] you want to give my high five whoa oh that’s a microphone all right right


And I thought it was just getting your hair braided that's a popular activity for low key massochists. 😄

If I tried a hover board like that, the only psychological difference between that and a scale in a bathroom would be that I'd have my eyes open on the hover board

sees subscriber count Seems you guys are getting closer to that silver play button. I hear the buttons take forever to get delivered to some youtubers.

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