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– Okay. (drum roll) Oh, mother! (phone rings) – Welcome to the vlog today. We’re on a little bit of a mission. Albert, come outside and get in the car. Eric, there’s Holiday. Hi, Holiday. Yeah, come get in the
car right now, hurry. – [Man] Okay. – [Shaun] Get in the car. – What’s going on? – Hold this. Put this on, don’t worry about it bro. – [Albert] What are you doing? – It’s an important day. It’s the best day ever. – [Albert] What are you doing? – [Shaun] Alright, here we go. Oh shoot. – [Albert] What just happened? – [Shaun] Nothin. Put your seatbelt on. – [Albert] Gettin’ it on. – Good job. Always wear your seatbelts
kids, and adults. Okay, catch the camera. You didn’t catch the camera. – [Albert] How am I supposed to catch it? Dude, this is so spooky. Oh my God. – Okay, we’re here. And it’s pointed at you. – [Albert] Can I not take it off? – And if you move, I’ll know because it’s doing a time lapse right now. So don’t move, I’ll be right back. Four minutes. – [Albert] I’m counting in my head. – [Shaun] Okay. – [Albert] So tempted. – Don’t move. – Dude! Don’t. Gosh dang it, now I’m paranoid. I’m gonna curl up in a ball. (upbeat music) (phone rings) I can’t see! Hello. (phone caller speaks) Yeah (laughs). (phone caller speaks) I don’t know where we’re at. Shaun blindfolded me. (phone caller speaks) (upbeat music) – Hey, okay, we’re ready. Be careful, we’re goin to need this. – What is this? Why’s it sharp, dude? – [Shaun] Just be careful with it. We’re gonna need it later. – [Albert] This is a saw. – [Shaun] Good job. Don’t worry about it, we’re here. Do you have the saw? – Yeah. Unfortunately. Dude. – [Shaun] We’re here, stay there. – Can I take my blindfold off? – [Shaun] No, let me make sure it’s safe. Keep your blindfold on. Get out. – [Albert] Dude, I’ve
gotta saw in my hand. – [Shaun] Stand right
here on this broken glass. – [Albert] What? Oh dude. – [Shaun] Alex, you’ve been
workin’ real hard lately. And I’m proud of ya. So I got you this. You can take your blindfold off. – You got me this? – [Shaun] Yeah, it’s for you. – What is it? – Just a little thank you present because you’ve been workin’ so hard. Guys, Alex has accomplished a lot. He’s crushin’ it at the space station. So I’ve planned this
surprise party for you. – Well, thank you. What do I do with the saw? – [Shaun] Saw is to cut the box open. Your surprise is in the box. – Oh, okay. What is this? Oh my God, why is this so difficult? – That’s why I got you the saw, see. I’m lookin’ out for you man. I knew you’d need a saw. – Thanks, I appreciate it. It’s got a wheel. – [Shaun] This is yours Albert. – This is mine? – [Shaun] This is all you. – Thanks Shaun. What in the? What is this? What (laughs)? Handlebars locked in. And it’s gotta a seat,
but like, how does this? Is this a unicycle? – [Shaun] It’s a unicycle and stilts. – Is it really? – No, unfold it or something. I’ve never actually used one of these so. I’m not really sure how to do this. But we can figure it out. I feel like those
handlebars are backwards. Those look like places to put your feet. – Oh my God. – [Shaun] Yeah, yeah. – Dude, this is. – [Shaun] That is the
Coswheel and it’s yours. – Dude, thanks. – [Shaun] Yeah, not
really sure how it works, but let’s take it for a spin. – I think you’re right about
the handlebars being backwards. – Well these just rotate right here. So we’re good there. Handlebar’s good. That’s the throttle. That’s a charger. That’s a on button. Maybe. Maybe that’s not an on button. I don’t know what that is. So this is the first test
of how these things work is if it’s intuitive, we
can just figure it out. So far we’ve figured it
out in like two minutes. – [Albert] Dude, there’s a USB. – [Shaun] A USB, so yeah,
you can transfer files, like, so say Holiday’s like yo I need this file. – Yeah. – [Shaun] You can transfer
the file to the bike and then ride over to Holiday’s house and transfer it to him. – That’s genius. – [Shaun] This is just a
really convenient thing for transferring files. – That’s some high tech technology. – I don’t know if anything
I just said is true but if it is, I’m hyped. Oh ho! – [Albert] Foot pedals. – [Shaun] You’ve got foot pegs? Alright, whoa, you’ve gotta turn it on. We still gotta figure
out how to turn it on. We’re close. Oh, right there. It was on your side so
it’s your fault, not mine. – [Albert] It’s my fault. – [Both] Ohh. – [Albert] Oh my gosh. – [Shaun] It goes up to 35 miles an hour. – [Albert] It’s gotta battery. – [Shaun] Whoa (laughs). – I’m goin’ for it. – [Shaun] See ya. (“Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf) – [Shaun] Alex, I need
some files transferred to that green box over there. You have 30 seconds before
this whole place explodes. Hurry! (suspenseful music) Did you transfer the files? – [Alex] Oh yeah. – We’re good? The file transfer system works. – This is sick. – [Shaun] Stunts, well I
don’t even know what that is. What do you call that? Okay, hold on, let me
try it, let me try it. Just this. – [Alex] Yeah, just that. – Oh ho ho. – [Alex] What the? There you go. Is that like a lock or something? – Yeah, I feel like that’s if you crash, you just like like cringe inside. – [Alex] You just curl up. Uh, here comes the police. Oh two police. – Oh dang. – [Alex] What is happening? – Do we need to leave? – [Policeman] No, you’re
good, you’re fine to be here. Someone over here, is there
anyone else here I should ask? – No, we’ve been here
for about 45 minutes. Alright, I think we’re gonna finish trying this out at the… – [Alex] The space station. Easy there tiger. – This is how the cool
kids get off this, ready? – [Alex] Okay, I’m ready. – I’ll just redo that shot. Are you ready? So I guess we’ll just do this
back at the space station. – [Alex] Nice, just
pick it up and pack up. – That’s how the cool kids do it. Alright, so so far the review
is you look really cool. The cops think you look cool. It fits inside cars really easily. Did I mention how cool it looks? – And I like it. Thanks. – Since Alex likes it, yeah buddy, that’s Alex’s toy. When we’re all mommin’
around on one wheels, he’s gonna hop on his electric bike and just be like brrr. Should we clean this up? We should definitely clean this up. Oh, see this is important. Alex, you almost lost some of your stuff. – [Alex] Good call, thank you. – Alex, look, sleeper, there’s
so much you almost forgot. Actually, we should
probably hide this weapon. This is probably the weapon
they were talking about. – He blindfolded me and put me in this random parking lot with a saw. – Nothing to worry about officers. Just playing with an electric bike. There’s a one wheel right there. – [Men] Whoa. – [Shaun] Party Alex is in the house. – It’s mine. – [Shaun] It’s Alex’s. – He gets it? – [Shaun] Yeah, he gets
it, I gave it to him. It’s hard work and hustle bro. – No you didn’t. – [Shaun] Hard work and
hustle earns you one of these. – [Man] Yeah, once you learn
about hustle, you get one. – [Shaun] Whoa ho ho. – You’ve got wheels in
the back dude, look. – Oh, I’m good then, here we go. – [Man] Although actually, I want to move. – [Shaun] (laughs)
Chicken doesn’t trust you. Whoa! – Mega push. (men laugh) – [Shaun] Isn’t that rad? It goes up to like 35 miles an hour dude. It cruises. – Does it jump? – [Shaun] Oh it can take jumps. Change the green screen so it looks like you’re jumping over something
cool like a volcano. Okay, jump off a volcano, go. That’s sick! You taught that volcano who’s boss. Will you edit that to look like a volcano? – Yeah. That’s doable. – [Man] I feel like we
could both ride this. – Uh, it’s a slow get up and go. Oh my God. Oh mother! It just takes like five minutes. I’m dead. – [Shaun] This is rad, huh? And that’s what you do
when you’re done riding it. – Yeah, you just like. – We still gotta figure
out how to lock it. Alex you need to read that
instruction manual of yours. The buddy system, I like that. See that’s why you
always ride with a buddy. He can open the door for ya. – Thanks for the door man. – No problem. – Ah, I’ve gotta get this one wheel. Why is there a one wheel out here? Let’s go boys! That’s amazing! Do you guys feel like
better friends already? (“Best Friend” by Harry Nilsson) No, what are those cars
thinking right now? This was not my idea! I’m not putting it in the vlog. Best part, are you ready? Right there. – [Alex] Oh yes, dude,
you can transfer footage. – It’s a USB port. So I can film all my
footage ridin’ my bike over to Brandon’s house,
transfer the files to you and you can start editing the vlog. – What? – Next level. (Brandon laughs) Killin’ it. Oh, best day ever. Alright, I’m going home to hang out with Jenny and Adley. You guys are comin. Let’s go. Where is she? Where’s Adley? – [Jenny] I don’t know. – Dogs, where’s Adley? Adley, where are you? Ah, I gotta doggy. (laughs) What are you doin’ in there? That’s not your house. Where’s my hug? (Adley speaks) Oh you got the fishies? Oh it’s right there? Are we gonna watch
Stranger Things tonight? – Yeah. – Me and Jenny just
started Stranger Things, the second season. There are some strange things goin’ on. I can tell you that much. What did you do today? You went to the store? What else did you do? You went to the store? What’s that? Oh, it’s yours? – [Jenny] Your vitamins? – Oh, those are your trolls vitamins? Always eat your vitamins kids. – [Jenny] You haven’t had one today, okay. – I’m gonna get you. (dog barks) Alright. I’m gonna get you. I’m gonna get you. You’re sitting on her head. Breathe. Careful, what are you doin? Adley, don’t hit your head on the carpet. Stop (laughs). Hey, calm down. What, stop (laughs). Oh, thank you. (Adley squeals) Hey, where’d you go? Hi doggy Adley. Are you a dog? (upbeat music) Alex, what are you doing in my house? – [Alex] Don’t worry about it.


So if I send you a package and it says ab_vevo fpv on it…literally DON'T throw it around or rip it open all caveman style guys lol. I saw Chicken likes drones a while back…So I have a spare micro, transmitter and fpv goggles coming your way in about a week. Plus fyi that pilot you all met overseas, was Gab07 aka one of the sickest 4in long range fpv pilot in the world…and he let you do a ride along lol. Respect

You no what's funny they said they just started the second season of stranger things and I just started the first with my sister

it only goes about 21mph not 35mph

you should put ramps, railings, obstacle course and precision course in the office area and do various stunts using that bike.

the railings and ramps can even go above the desks and tables and computers

Loved this vlog. Lol. The best friend…. Brandon, your edit was so funny. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💛 i think you did it.. Welll done!

Your white privilege was in full effect with those cops, think the situation would have gone differently if you were black kids doing that?

The usb is probs just for charging and maybe flashing new firmware on it but it'd be cool if you could put files on it!

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