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– The side thing broke off. (thud) – Ow. What was that for? – [Shonduras] Adley, your cereal is ready! I got you cereal. Cool walk, bro. – A bowl. – [Shonduras] Is that good? – Milk. – [Shonduras] Oh, you want milk? – No, no. – [Shonduras] No milk? – No. – [Shonduras] I’ll get you milk. – [Jenny] No. – [Shonduras] Hon, milk
is healthy for her. – [Jenny] She doesn’t ever use it. It just gets on her shirt. – [Shonduras] It’s okay. She wore that shirt yesterday. – [Jenny] This is her
second bowl of cereal today. Takes after her dad. – [Shonduras] Oh, yummy. Bye. Can I get a kiss? I’m gonna go work. Cereal kiss. Bye, babe. Can I get a kiss? Bye, girls. – [Jenny] See ya. – [Shonduras] Bye. Wow. I like this. Girls calling you left and right man. – [Chicken] Swagtrons. – Swag– Wait. Where’s those scooters? We have swag scooters, but I don’t think these are more scooters. These are … self balancing unicycle! Oh, snap. I bet Holladay got these. Holladay is one of those
weird unicycle rider guys that’s good at it. Weirdo. He’s not here yet. This is the latest Holladay has ever been. Holladay, I have a surprise for you. – What? Wow. Take me on a journey. – [Shonduras] Open those boxes. I have a surprise for you in them that you probably already know what it is ’cause you probably ordered them! – [Holladay] I don’t know what these are. I ordered a lot of stuff. – [Shonduras] Read the side. – [Holladay] Swagtrons! – [Shonduras] SwagRoller unicycle! – [Holladay] You know
I know how to unicycle. – [Chicken] Oh, shoot. If we’re getting two, I’m
gonna crack this open. – [Holladay] Let’s go, Chicken. – [Shonduras] Yeah,
Chicken. Ride that thing. – So Swagtron, they sent
the scooters, right? – [Shonduras] Right. I was looking for them earlier, and I’m not sure where they’re at. – [Chicken] We have way too
much stuff in here so… – [Shonduras] Are they at your house? Did your kids love the Swagtron? I hereby give one of the
Swagtrons to the Holladay family. Dude, I cannot wait for
Chicken to hop on that. – [Holladay] Wow. – [Shonduras] Right? – Wait, wait, wait. Bluetooth? – [Shonduras] Bluetooth? You know we got some speakers. – We got training wheels. (Shonduras laughs) – [Shonduras] So we’ve
tried one of these before. That one, dude, this thing is death. Literally the most dangerous thing in the entire Space Station is that. – [Robotic Voice] Hello. – [Shonduras] Whoa. – Hi. – [Robotic Voice] Danger. – [Chicken] Aah, danger, danger! – [Shonduras] Danger, I am dangerous. – Dude! – [Robotic Voice] Hello. – [Shonduras] Holy. – [Holladay] Look at this thing. Chicken, let’s get the training
wheels on for you, man. – [Chicken] Dude, no, no, no. It’s self stable, dude. – [Shonduras] It’s actually not that hard. I want to take it outside. Let’s go outside. Dude, that’s just cool. – [Chicken] Yeah. Look, look, look. Little kick, little kick. – [Shonduras] Wow! – [Chicken] Keeps itself up. I like that a lot. – Oh, dude, these are easy actually. – [Chicken] Rolling, boys. Dude, hey, just so people don’t think we’re being weird, literally cut to the footage of us trying to ride the other, like… – [Chicken] The Kingsong? – It’s like training wheels. This is actually really good. I’m learning. Okay, nope. – [Chicken] Oh, geez. – I’m stressed out. – Mount! (victorious orchestral music) – [Chicken] Wow. Wow. – [Robotic Voice] Danger. Please slow down. (Chicken laughs) – I love that–listen close, ready? – [Robotic Voice] Danger. Please slow down. – The ultimate test. – [Holladay] Can Chicken ride it? Oh, no. – [Chicken] Whoa. – [Holladay] Oh, no. He’s briefcasing. He’s briefcasing. – [Chicken] Also, it’s
running away from Holladay. All right, let’s trade off. Let’s trade off. Here you go, three, two, one. – [Shonduras] Okay. Complete opposite of the
other unicycle thing. – [Chicken] Is there a front or a back? – [Shonduras] He’s on! – [Holladay] He’s on! – See ya! – [Holladay] Ooh, Chicken’s on one. – [Shonduras] Chicken’s on one! Chicken, I’m so impressed right now. The side thing broke off. Ow. What was that for? – [Holladay] 20 second high five. You have to finish it somehow. – [Shonduras] After 20
seconds, you just get slapped. All right, Pookie, what do you got? (shouting) – Hold on, one more, one more. Hold on, hold on. (shouting) It wasn’t moving. (shouting) – [Chicken] Whoa! Bounce, go! Whoa! – I can’t get it to move. What? Look. – [_Holladay] What is that? – It’s a seat. (laughter) – To carry it in the airport where these things are definitely allowed. – He’s walking. He’s walking it. – Oh, oh yeah! – It’s like training for
having a stroller and a baby. – [Shonduras] Maybe it’s like a gigapet Like you have to walk it so far… – Don’t upset your gigapet! – Bye. You guys the best,
puppy I’m gonna miss you! Adleigh’s gonna miss you!
Okay I love your guts, bye! Do important stuff, forever! The lost bus is going,
it’s pulling away like what are we gonna park right there? It’s so empty! – I feel like this is gonna
be an awkwardly long wave because it’s hard to get on this road, so. – [Shonduras] You’re just
gonna wave the whole time? – Yeah. Yeah. – [Shonduras] Time-lapse this wave. (groovy music) – So if you didn’t know
why the bus was here they’re traveling around living in a bus just doing service, helping out you know, kinda like
stuff I did in Honduras. I really respect that, super cool. I talked Brandon into recording it, I was like “Dude you need
to remember these days you need to make little Youtube videos of what you’re doing.” I’ll put a link to his
channel in the description. He does have one video that
explains why he’s on the bus. Everyone go blow it up with high fives and encouragement for him to keep going. He filmed a lot of cool
stuff of the Space Station like he built our, these ramps? He built those for us. So
I think he’ll make some cool videos of his time here. You guys’ll like them. Today, we’re going to the skate park and I’m gonna film a “Will It Shred?” that we’ll post this weekend with… Do you guys remember what
we opened like two days ago? Drum cymbals! I haven’t skated
’em yet, I’ve stood on ’em and they work good if you
stand on ’em, like this. Haven’t tried like an Ollie or a kick-flip or real skateboarding yet, just ’cause we haven’t made the video yet. But when we make the Will
it Shred at the skate park we’re gonna try all that
stuff, so that’ll be cool. I think I’m gonna do that today. Best Day Ever stuff. Ready. Today, for the live show
on Space Station stuff We’re surprising Brandon for his birthday. We told him to come in for the live show and we’re gonna do it a lil’ bit late like 5:05, 5:10 ’cause
we’re busy, he said okay, and look. Happy Birthday. – [Pookie] Happy birthduh. – Pookie’s making the
sign, I just called Jenny she had the– this was
Jenny’s idea actually– she had the idea to give
him a garlic birthday cake. Breadsticks, pizza, garlic
cake… I don’t know. She’s doin’ some sort
of garlic theme thing, we’re throwin’ him a party for livestream, I’m gonna go skate really quick though I should be back for livestream, if not Pookie you’re in charge of the camera. Vlog the party. – Vlog ‘n’ party in 3…2…1 – [Pookie] Bring him all the way in, – Gotta get him in frame. – [Chicken] Just keep
walking so the livestream can be a part of this. Tell me when he’s in frame. – [Adley] Happy! Happy! – [Holladay] Okay… – [Jenny] Happy birthday! – [Everyone] ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ – [Chicken] Oh wow. (cheering) – I’ve never had garlic sticks as my cake. (groovy music) – [Pookie] Shon you’re on speaker! Say happy birthday to Brandon! – [Shonduras] Happy birthday Garlic! – Thanks Shon! – [Pookie] Shon will
be here in a minute but just wrapped up the livestream Adley loved it, she loved it to death. Holladay is still cruisin’
on that thingamajinger – [Holladay] This one’s
nice, I actually like it. – [Shonduras] Is that pretty cool? Oh, you wanna do it? Stand on it. Wow! (mimics car engine) Should mom try it? – Yeah. – Yeah? – [Shonduras] Jenny do you dare try this? Let’s do it! – Okay. – [Shonduras] Brandon birthday
boy have you tried these yet? – Not yet. – [Shonduras] Brandon, please. – Okay. – [Robot Voice] Hello. – [Shonduras] Ooh. All
right. One at a time I gotta see both falls.
Rock paper scissors. – Five, ‘k. – [Shonduras] Do it on five. One, two, three, four, five! Who’s goin’ first? – Uh…Brandon. – Okay. – [Shonduras] Get wrecked. I
think you just hop on it, man. – [Brandon] Wait do I
just literally hop on? – [Shonduras] I think so. Hop, right? – That’s the best guess,
your best method. Nice! – [Shonduras] Yeah! Okay! – [Brandon] Okay! Whoa! – [Shonduras] You’re gettin’ good now! – [Holladay] The faster you go the better. There you go! – Shonduras] Brandon! Happy birthday! – [Holladay] Come on, Jenny.
I’m telling you, lean forward. – [Shonduras] Just jump, you got this. – Brandon will you come behind me? So there could be a trust fall… – [Shonduras] I don’t know
how I feel about this. Just jump. Ooh! – [Holladay] Just lean forward. – [Holladay] Got it. – [Shonduras] Nice! – [Holladay] Lean! You just gotta commit. – [Shonduras] Jump. Oh!
Oh! ‘K! She’s got it! – [Holladay] There she goes,
there she goes, there she goes. – [Shonduras] I’ve never … wow, babe. – [Holladay] Can she make the turn? – [Shonduras] Can she make the
turn? If she makes this turn (Jenny shrieks) – [Shonduras] Ooh, impressive. – [Jenny] It’s really hard to turn! – [Shonduras] All right
guys, I’m proud of you. – [Brandon] Thanks. – [Shonduras] I’m proud of you. – [Jenny] Thanks, that was hard! – That’s what she said! (laughs) – Awesome day, right? Everyone’s gone, me and Brandon are the only ones left. Hey Brandon I have a
birthday surprise for you. – [Brandon] What? – Come here. And I have
a surprise for you guys. I called one of my best
friends in the whole world and told him about a
hundred days of give-aways and how cool you guys are and they said they were gonna hook it up, so these are for you guys,
and Brandon gets the first one ’cause it’s his birthday. – Ooh. It’s a new … package. (Brandon and Shonduras laugh) – It’s like a game. Hold on. Hold on. – Is that my pen? – Sorry I took your pen. – No, you can use it
… oh, I’m opening it. – Oh wait, hold on. (Brandon laughs) – Ooh! Nice! – That’s all yours, bud.
And this could be all yours! Hundred days of give-aways, they sent us one hundred Taco Bell gift cards for you guys, how dope is that. Look how much Taco Bell that is. – How much money is on
each of these, do you know? – 20 or 30 bucks I think. – Whoa! – I can’t remember. – Amazing right? – That was cool. I don’t even know what I’m
gonna do with all of these. – Just keep ’em safe, I need
to put ’em somewhere safe. Today’s hundred days give-away is top link in the description, you win a Taco Bell gift card! It’s still like my give-away
is hundred days of give-aways but Taco Bell’s just the homies and we do a lot of cool stuff with them so they sent me some gift cards. So, I’ll give ’em to you. That’s on the vlog. Happy
birthday Brandon, I like you. – Thanks I like you too man. – [Shonduras] And the vlog, right here. – Okay. Bye, guys! (groovy music) (♫ Pour some sugar on me ♫ )


Yo I want a gift card. My name is Makayla and I love your vids and I am subscribed. I watch you guys everyday. โค๏ธโค๏ธ. PLEASE PICK ME๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

After showing Holiday waving goodbye for so long, should have shown him turning to the camera with a single tear ๐Ÿ˜ข running down his face.

I went to a parade and after it was done I got a fidget spinner and it lights up as well (I was like FINALLY)

I guess since it worked and Shaun was holding a "brief case" as the final test you could say "Case closed, it works!" Haha my jokes are bad

double wheel unicycles are very old already, it was one of my first in 2014 and the are not better than single wheel unicycles, the reason? take it offroad and you will get it immeditelly.


Shonduras I live in Honey Grove Texas on Main Street West Market Street I hope I get a Taco Bell card see you peaceโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒ

Thanks for checking out the Swagroller, i want one and from other reviews i didn't think it is the one but i think its perfect for me. Bitchin hang10 on the sidewalk, I'm over 70 but know i can ride it.

You guys have the technique. im getting one now . all the light weights had me worried that it was to hard. i need to do this.

You sold me.. just ordered one.. I have a Swagway hoverboard and two Swagtron bikes.. love em all.. liked and subscribed.. keep up the good work!

You guys did the best with these. Every other report is it's so hard. Your the best and I'm trying to get this one I'm 71 so I don't want the fastest because the little kid in me will good faster then the ole reality can handle. Good job.

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