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Weird Tech for $2

Weird Tech for $2

You guys told me to get a haircut well, ta da! Hey whats up guys the Yugioh master here, and it’s everyone’s favorite series! You guys love these videos! It’s weird text for two dollars. Let’s get weird. So yeah guys, the king of weird is back. We’ve got weird tech for two dollars, nope that is four. Twp plus two equals four. No, it is just two dollars so before we start this video. I wanted to go even lower. Weird tech for one dollar. Matt how many likes do we need to make it happen? 50,000 likes, the weird tech for one dollar stuff is in this box you guys make it happen. Here we go guys, I’m excited! In case you guys are new to this series, everything on this list is under two dollars including free shipping. There’s a lot of these videos on YouTube that say all it’s under a dollar and then there’s like fifteen dollars shipping. No, that’s not the point. That’s not how we do. So the first thing I got here is a mini iPod. It’s like an MP3 player look I don’t know. I think it looks exactly the same. This thing goes for a dollar and ninety-eight cents. If you want to check out anything in this video, it’s linked down below. This is an MP3 player, it’ll load music on here, you just get a micro SD card, Throw your MP3 tunes on there. And you got to make sure you select the orange one because if you don’t select the orange one, it’s over two dollars. So it charges by a mini USB. Which I didn’t have one of those so it doesn’t come with one, or you gotta pay extra for it. So just keep that in mind. Once you turn it on you get like this little screen here. I don’t know if you guys can see that too well, but it’s just a music player. So you guys can see it works here, if you’re a jogger or you go to the gym, Don’t bring your iPhone along just get away from the world. Pick up something like this and it plays music. So you want to see that it actually can play music. I got you! Takes a 3.5 millimeter jack. Super simple stuff. They didn’t kill the headphone jack on this one. That would have been a really sad day. So let’s go ahead and play some music got some Fast and the Furious tunes here. All right here we go. You can see it’s playing music from here Good life, is weird! Next up is this mouse here goes for a dollar and ninety-nine cents just made the cut off for this video. I don’t know about you guys, but having one of these is really, really, really, handy. I travel a lot. Throw one of these in my backpack or given recent events my fanny pack. It’s super small super easy and what’s cool, it has a USB dongle powered by batteries. It’s a cheap mouse. But it’s a lot better than using like your trackpad trust me actually using a mouse is 10 million times better. I have to put an adapter in because I got the new MacBook ladies and gentlemen and I think I just broke it. It’s as simple as just plugging it in and now you have a cheap mouse. Ready to go! It’s weird! The next thing, but I-I-I’m sorry I don’t think it’s- I killed it. The next thing here I’ve actually made a video on, it’s this weird wallet gadget that actually has a light it goes for 84 cents. It’s not even a part of the two-dollar one is actually under the one dollar club! Bonus for you so you guys know what’s coming up. This is actually really handy in case you need a light and your phone dies. You can just stick it in your wallet. And throw it in right there, pull it out. It’s like the size of like a normal credit card and then you have a light, if you ever need one. It’s kinda hard to see because there’s like a million lights right now But I’ve got a full video on if you wanna check it out. It’s right up there and it’s actually pretty bright. It’s weird! Next up is probably the weirdest thing to be on this list. It’s a solar cockroach. You guys love weird tech. I’m here to give you a weird tech. I’m the king of weird! [Gentlemen! The King!] This is awesome literally It’s just a solar cockroach. There’s no batteries required I thought this is the funniest thing ever so you put it down and when you’re out in actual sunlight. Not in your house trapped in here. It’ll move around. No batteries required. So my plan for this is just let it go, just let it go. It’s gonna find someone some people are going to freaked out. This is probably the best prank you could ever get if you want something in tech that’s super cheap. Come on Little Bobby! You can cross the street! You can see our friend Little Bobby right now is trying to cross the street, Mr. Sun, there’s like three cars blocking the sun Come on you can cross the street dude! It’s weird! Last up is this car mount that goes for a hundred-no $1.70- no $1.27. it’s $1.27. I promise and this is awesome because There’s a lot of like people including my mom and dad that are spending fifty dollars on a car mount just to like put their phone up, don’t do that. This is super simple It’s super cheap in case you lose one. We already lost one and I just got these three days ago You just stick this part into your air vent. But we’re going to go out to my car in a second try it and then you can just fit your phone in here. I got an iPhone 7 Plus, you can fit it in like that. You get the vertical get the vertical going on or if you want to get the landscape you can do that too. Honestly guys, this is probably the best thing on this list. Yeah, I got the car mount right here legit this thing’s awesome. It swivels around so if you want to like prop it up, put your phone on a different angle it legit can do that So I’m going to show you that this works right here. We’re in the Ferrari right now. legit like, throw it up, right here bam. We mount it a little bit better. Force it in there, and I turn the wind shield wiper fluid on too and legit it’s well, going to stay. Bye Matt! It’s not going anywhere! It’s weird! So yeah, that’s pretty much it for this video. Make sure you drop a like on it for weird tech for one dollar this is going to be a banger! Thank you so much to Aagib and Yummywaffle for having my YouTube notifications on. If you guys want a notification shout out turn on my notifications and let me know in the comments. Get subscribed to my channel if you guys are new and tweet me @TechSmartt if you guys find any other weird stuff like this. I’m gonna keep being weird, bye! [My mom got me this shirt which pretty much says I can’t dance Thanks, Mom. I can dance



I have one of those mp3 players but mine is blue and metal and a littler smaller but it hardley works so I'm going to take it apart for parts

Everyone is saying "That condom was in your wallet for jokes right" but….. why did he even have the condom to put in his wallet?

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