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stick that on there. Find like, a nice comfortable position. Hey, what’s up guys? Keaton here. So I’m back with another weird tech video, every video’s pretty weird, but this is the weird tech series that you guys really liked. The last video got a million views. If you haven’t seen it, link’s below. So yeah. This is weird
tech under 5 dollars. So in case you guys are new around here, which if you are, hi, I’m Keaton. I’m a techoholic. Welcome to T.A. That was really weird. But if you guys are, make
sure you get subscribed. So how this works is I
find the weirdest tech on the Internet, you guys let me know in the comments some new items or certain prices to hit. And one of you guys said 5 dollars, so that’s what we’re checking out. And if you guys want to check out anything mentioned in this video, links down below. So the first thing that I got is a grip/phone holder. And I know what you’re thinking. “Yo, dude, like really? Really? How original can you be?” And this thing’s actually really cool. So I have one on my personal iPhone. I’m still rocking the 6s plus. I’ll get on the 7 real soon. So it’s this circle thing. So it juts out, and you can essentially hold your phone, you take your fingers,
you slide ’em on in there. Your girl would know
what I’m talking about. So when it’s on, you have something to always hold on to, and you’re not going to drop your phone. The reason why my phone’s cracked I’m not gonna go into. Okay, so basically, I found one for 75 cents, it’s pretty
much the same thing, just a little bit of a different design. That one’s like 10 dollars. So we got it here, we’re gonna install it. It has adhesive. So you just find a nice
spot on your iPhone. I got a 7 right here. I’m like, fumbling all over the place. You just take the adhesive off. It’s sticky and stuff. My friend Julian–you guys know Julian, he actually uses one of these, so I’m not just crazy. I am, but I’m not. I’m a techoholic. So you just stick that on there. Make sure it’s good. And from there, you’ve got like this stretchy band. Slide your finger on in there. And, now you have full
access for your phone, and you don’t need a case, which is the best part. Can I unlock my phone? Really? Okay. I can. We are good. It’s sweet. So the next one is this
3D camera kind of thing. I didn’t really believe it at first, it goes for 4 dollars and 31 cents. So basically, it’s this contraption. It looks weird, I know. So how this works is you take this clip and you line it up to the camera on your iPhone. This only works on the iPhone 7 and the other ones that don’t have the dual camera feature, like the new iPhone 7 plus does. Okay, so you line it up, and essentially when you take like video or whatever it splits in two parts, so you kind of get more of a 3D effect. So if you’re using virtual reality, it kind of just looks a little more real than just normally taking a video or photos on iPhone. So I’ll show you how this works. Take a clip, see the hole, you line it up. And it just stays on like that. I know this looks super weird and this is honestly why weird tech was created, this entire series. Cause like, if you whip this out in public you’re gonna lose all
your friends very quickly. So fire up the camera app here, go into video, and as you can see you’ve got this line in the middle, and that’s not the crack on my phone, no. There’s legit a line there. So when you like pivot it around, we’ll get something else in here, it splits it, so when you see it with, you know, Google Cardboard
or something like that it’s gonna look 3D and for four dollars, like, it’s cool. Just don’t use it in public. Alright, this next one is the weirdest on the list. I know, weirder than this thing. It, it’s, bah bah blah. But what it is, is it’s a doorstop alarm. And there’s a lot of tech inside this. It goes for 3 dollars and 9 cents and everything on here has free shipping so, I got you. I got you. I got you. How this works is basically you take this, you line
it up under your door, I know, super interesting stuff, right? And if someone tries to open the door when you’re not home or whatever, this can kind of serve as an extra alarm. It’s gonna make a pretty loud noise. Now, I wish it was a little louder and you’re gonna hear it right now. It’s 120 decibels, I don’t really know what that means, so I’ll let you hear it for yourself. So there’s an on and off switch, which is so important. It takes a 9 volt battery, if you know what a battery is let me know in the comments. And then you can adjust the volume and stuff, so it’s on high, it’s not gonna be that loud. So turn your headphones up
just so you can hear it. And I’ll show you how it works. So, switch it on. (loud beeping noise) Not that loud! It even scares me sometimes. If anyone’s trying to
break into your house, buy this for 3 dollars. You won’t need a dog, you won’t need a gun. You’re good. And the last thing on this list and my favorite is a phone jammer. So it’s exactly what you’d think it’d be. It goes for 2 dollars and 76 cents. So, what this does is pretty much cuts your phone off from service. That’s the easiest way to put it. So, say you want to get away from society or that weird friend you have, you take your phone, you stick it behind this metal pouch here, and no calls, no data, no text, nothing is gonna come through. I didn’t believe that it worked. It works, and the only kind of sucky thing is it won’t fit plus sized phones so my iPhone 6s plus,
nope, it doesn’t even fit. So I got my iPhone 4 here. It works. I’m gonna show
you that this phone, like, you can make a call and everything. Cause I know everyone’s
gonna be like, “It’s fake!” This isn’t fake. Alright, let me go ahead and call myself. Cool. It works. Let me just answer it, I hate this kid. Go away. Alright, cool. He won’t be calling again. Alright, so let me show you that it actually jams the signal. You gotta take it and put
it behind the metal pouch, it’s essential. The front pouch, it won’t work. Stick it behind there. Oh, we’re down two bars. Okay, we’re going all the way in. Velcro it up. Alright, I’m calling myself. You can even put this in like, your pocket or whatever. Phone’s still in here. Kay, it’s ringing. This phone’s not ringing. At all. See if I can show you the service. Searching! You see it? There is no service on this phone. It says “searching.” It legit jams your signal. Wow. And before I head out, I want to give a huge
thanks to Braintree Payments for making this video possible, So in case you guys don’t know what Braintree is, they are the king in payments, they accept
over 40 plus currencies in over 130 countries. I almost said currencies there. And yeah, it just is really easy to use. We once had a T-shirt shop, it was super simple to set up. And their v.0 SDK makes
it super, super easy to put on your website. So if you guys want to find out more info, check the link in the description below or go to to get started. So yeah, that’s pretty
much it for this video. If you guys like this series and want to see another one, drop a like on this video and if this video hits 40,000 likes, I know it’s a little ambitious, I’ll tell you what’s under there. It’s a big surprise, guys. And as you guys know, I respond to all your comments, so
leave some down below. I gotta say thanks to Alvaro on Twitter for actually giving me this idea. I’m just at Keaton over there, if you guys ever have any video ideas send them over there, and same thing on Snapchat, I open up pretty much all your Snapchats. That’s gonna pretty much
do it for this video. If you guys are new around here make sure you get subscribed. You see this button, right up here? Just tap it to get subscribed. Check out my last video right here and follow me on Twitter right over there. And yeah guys, I’m gonna
go stop some bad guys. (loud beeping noise)

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