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Wer ist schneller? SUV oder Skates – Episode 1

Wer ist schneller? SUV oder Skates – Episode 1

Following the Galaxus advert, we want to find out who’s faster: myself in an SUV or Michael the unicorn on inline skates. 3, 2, 1, go! You bugger. Oy! I’m on a green wave! Shit! This is about the moment I’m expecting Simon to be swearing. I got you, Michael. What he doesn’t know is that I… This can’t be true!? Smooth sailing. How come they’re allowed to cross the road? The light’s green for me! There he is! And I have to take a huge detour… I’m going to get you! He’s so slow, he’s skating like a beginner. Ah, there he is. Park! Stop! One to nil! That was darn close. Yes, it was close, but I timed it well. Michael, you won the last stage. Exactly, one to nil. This stage is mine. 3, 2, 1, and go! Oh, release the handbrake. No, neutral… Shit. Drive! I bet you he’ll be coming around this corner any second. We’re right in the city centre. For all those who don’t know Zurich. I’m sure Michael will be coming around this corner soon. Ah, there he is! No, wasn’t him after all. Where is he? -“Straight ahead. There he is.”- Ah, there he is! But I have to take a right turn…


also wenn ich mit mine 100mm wheels uf de skates fahre und mini skills chli usechützle isch de abstand glaub massiv grösser 😂

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