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Wer ist schneller? SUV oder Skates – Episode 2

Wer ist schneller? SUV oder Skates – Episode 2

Michael, this is the last time you’ll win. Jep, one-nill. I won this stage. And go! Oh, release the handbrake. No. Neutral… Shit. Drive! My fingers smell like beer, like stale beer. “Röntgenplatz gesperrt”, not for me right? Simon’s going right along. So it’s a left here and then across Limmatplatz. The Langstrasse, Zurich’s hive of sin. Should I give you a little city tour, now that we’re stuck in traffic? A great games shop. The Peter & Vreni shoe shop. They’ll have to leave, won’t they, they were evicted. Gentrification. Arrived at Langstrasse. Let’s see if Simon will emerge somewhere. Oh, some nice traffic. Ah, there he is! But I need to turn right. Restin! Is the speed limit 30 here? Don’t care, digitec will pay the fine. Oh, the police. Oh, the cops. Careful, it’s the fuzz. Zurich’s last unicorn. Skating up Langstrasse with a GoPro stuck to his head. “Schönheit kommt von innen,” there it is. Exercise helps too. I’m already seeing Simon’s angry face in front of me, stuck at some traffic light. I really don’t care if I lose now. That’s embarrassing enough for him. Now I need to check whether I’m still on course. I bet that guy’ll pass right in front of me… There he is! What a wanker! Restin! Those people might think… True, I’m not the first person screaming across Langstrasse. Come on, “Hopp de Bäse!” Quickly, quickly. Why are you walking on the road?! He’s passed me, but he still needs a parking spot. Do we have a parking spot? Please parking! No. Yes! Yes! Yes. Yes! -“You have reached your destination”- Yawn! No one there to take all the parking when you need him, man. So close. One-one baby. Scratch that, I bumped my horn. I wouldn’t be willing to go up Langstrasse with a unicorn. That was damn close again, we ran into each other three times. Next challenge: Buy some ice cream, pick up some friends at Hallenbad city and head to Sechseläutenplatz to eat some ice cream. Come on, give me some space. No, I want some good ice cream. How crap, I just lost a bunch of time. -“Well hello.”- Hi, how are you? -“Good, can you open the door?”- Uh, one moment, I don’t know how to do that. Let’s go. They’re planning something, they’re gone.

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