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Wer ist schneller? SUV oder Skates – Episode 3

Wer ist schneller? SUV oder Skates – Episode 3

Next challenge: buy some ice cream, pick up some friends at Hallenbad City and head to Sechseläutenplatz to eat that ice cream. Go! Come on, give me some space. No, I want good ice cream. Self-Checkout. We’ll still make it. It’s straight here, right? I’m sure Restin will have got there 3,000 years ago. Look at that! At a red light! Up there’s the Helvti Diner, I ate a Vegi burger there. Watch it on Youtube channel? No actually, we just shot pictures. Look at that, he’s eating a Gipfeli. A Gipfeli on the zebra crossing. Who eats a Gipfeli at 11:30? Only in Zurich. Unemployed artists would do that. Oh! Ah, they’re both still there. How’s that possible? Where’s the main entrance? That way? Come on! Don’t rush, it’s ok. -“Hello there.”- Hi, how are you? Isn’t Restin here? How hasn’t he managed that? Ramon, let’s go. They’re planning something, they’re gone. I couldn’t find the entrance. You clear a path and I’ll follow inconspicuously. Do you want seat heating? -“I think I’m fine like this.”- Get ready for some great ice cream. -“What do you have?”- Kinder Bueno or Kinder Sandwich. Maybe I’ll need the ice cream to cool my ankles, you never know. I heard you bought some ice cream? Yes! Is it still whole? I’m sure it still tangibly exists. I can’t say in which physical state of matter. I’m gonna win, schubidubidu. I’m getting a feeling that this city was made for cars. Let’s hope he’s stuck in parking somewhere. Go one mama. It’s ok, you can go. I’ve got time to spare. I wouldn’t usually do this, I’m that confident. -“You have reached your destination.”- Yes, I know. I can already see the goal. Argh, cobblestone. Paris-Roubais. It had to be. Do you see them? -“No.”- Pretty tight in here. Back in the old days SUVs weren’t a thing yet, I’m getting that feeling. Anyone pressed it? Doesn’t matter anyway. -“Look, at that corner, it’s even a corner spot.”- Now. So, let’s bring the ice cream. Where are they? Where’s Manu? No Simon wherever I look. Wait a minute. One moment. No one told me I’d have to run here. Come, let’s call it a tie. It depends on who finishes their ice cream first. Here you go my friend. Would you prefer this one? No thanks. Both are actually crap: driving or skating through town. Both is crap! What a great challenge at the end there. One-one, And now we’re tied. We arrived at the exact same time. No joke, we didn’t stage anything. We thought Restin would win anyway. As if. -“But on inline skates he deserves his ice cream more.”- My thoughts exactly. There’s still some space there. Not here. If we’d taken someone who actually can skate and an actual motorist, this all would’ve been done quicker. We stood at that light for five minutes. Five minutes!

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