What Am I Gonna do With all This?

thank you SENATE – what fell? dammit there’s way too much stuff on this table.. ola youtube my name is RIcardo lino
and a wheel addict there’s way too much stuff on this table and that’s exactly
how I’ve been feeling over the last two to three weeks I am not complaining at
all and this video it’s a little bit of a different video basically what you see
on this table and you can’t really see the whole thing but I’ll try to show a
bit of what I got you a lot of company that we have been sending stuff to use
on this channel and to review and all that and I really want to make reviews
of all these products and I want to show a lot of these products some of them I
bought which is perfectly normal others are work with the companies and
others just sent me because the channel has been doing quite good so I really
appreciate that for me it’s amazing if if about two and a half years ago when I
started this channel if someone would tell me that I would get here I would
never I don’t know how I would just say that you’re crazy but the truth is maybe
I’m the crazy one that this is happening so let me just show me some of the stuff
that was sent to me and what are my plans to do with all this stuff I’m
gonna start with these things on my side that they’re just things taking too much
space of this table so basically this brand is huge
nutcase nutcase makes ailments for everyone and they didn’t send me one
ailment check this out they sent me one two three and why did he send me um as
well they send me three ailments because they sent Alma’s for the whole family
they make ailments for kids from like maybe for like two years old at least my
daughter is – and this helmet was sent so Gillian has a helmet and now check
this one this helmet is made for babies it’s called the pink lemonade I think
that’s the name of it it is pink with some lemons they sent a matching helmet
for Mom the exact same helmet for Janice this is really really cool
then don’t get me wrong but I wouldn’t see myself using the pink lemon so they
also send me a helmet which is called the kaleidoscope and this is this really
colorful ailment gonna be honest with you guys we open these helmets like two
weeks ago and we’ve been riding around town with the bicycles on these this is
the type of helmet yes I see myself skating with this I’ve been skating
along with the protec one the one it’s called the full cut I’m at the one that
protects the heaters but I also liked it so much a lot mainly because of the
system but I will make something with these helmets in the future so thank you
so much nut case for this now we keep going
what else did I got ok so remember when I visited the razors or the sunshine
warehouse in Germany well they gave it is these are the ground control anti
rockers and they are there are 45 millimetres 52 DS they are super super
hard and the reason why I have these it’s because I’m supposed to make a
video of me skating flat with this I’m not gonna lie I think it’s a lot
inspired on what I see Kazu doing with those small wheels and just doing that
stuff I wanted to do something like that but with anti rockers
it’s not about coping anyone I just I would just like to try skating flat NT
rockers it wouldn’t be something that I would want to do on the daily basis but
I would like to do a video on the channel with that so thank you so much
ground control Thank You sunshine for this I will do that hopefully soon too
now I’m gonna keep talking about wheels because
got a few bills and then I got these ones do you remember this friend this is
Senate well these wills they’re still being made I
think at least the company that is selling them also gave me these I got a
few of these I’m gonna be able to skate these ones flat they first gave me these
bills to be able to skate flat with the Kaiser elements to frame but I had to
give the frame back to par slide so I don’t have the frame anymore and I got
these but I got more than one back so I should actually try to skate flat with
54 these are 50 forced I think these wheels they are really really good for
skating anti rocker I don’t think they’re like super strong but as a flat
wheel they might and they might hold really well so that might be another
thing for me to try to so thank you senator now I’m gonna keep going what
else I per these are the IPERS performance g3 these are 90 millimeter
wheels and these are the wheels that I plan on using for downhill the the
profile of the wheel is it’s a speed it’s a speed profile more like a more
like a pointy profile which is going to be really cool for downhill because I
should use five wheels on each skate they gave me two sets so basically I got
16 wheels now the thing is Mike Adamo does frame didn’t came with me my 19 my
five-times 90 millimeter frame I gave it to moe so I need to find a new frame
I’ve been trying to contact some people that I know I’ve been trying to contact
some people that say but they didn’t got back to me I really want to get some
some frames I’m willing to buy some 500 frames so once I get my 500 friends then
I’ll put these ones in use what else adapt back at the winter clash the guys
from adapt gave me these ones I wanted to buy some hardware that they have then
I’m gonna speak in a minute and when I bought that hardware I also asked if
they had any so plates that I could on this channel for something so they
gave me these ones these are obviously not a color that would sell that much
but I don’t really care I wanna try them and I wanna give you the opinion about
these so I still need to find out what scape I can use these ones it might be
perfect to use with the service cj’s the services that I’m actually using just
with a wizard this could be a really cool so so paid for the service CJ’s but
something to come soon so it is quite interesting that they have these all
Syria for the in that system but we’ll talk about it in another video gonna
keep going and I’m gonna keep going with it
okay so few weeks ago maybe like 2 months ago probably powerslides
sent in some skates they send me some USD skates they send me the aliens and
they also sent me the sway when they send me the sways they send me these
things which are some adapters for Trinity so the idea is to turn those
waves into some zooms so the power slides ooh usually comes with 80
millimeter frames so they also send me a Trinity 80 millimetres frame go along
with us Trinity adapter and make my sways and 80 millimetres zooms that
should also come soon I’m gonna keep talking about power slide and if you
don’t know power slide also have a rollerskating brand called kaya I used
to work with power slide and one of the main reasons I used to work at power
slide was because of kaya and kaya just released these things I have these
things for quite a while I was actually testing them way before they were on the
market and these are basically some some trucks that have a different way see
this is like a female thread and then this is the male track and what happens
here is just bathed on a on a BMX up and then you
basically have some extenders and these extenders will make your truck’s B Y
there which will make you be able to grind even with thin trucks so this is a
new system I would say a new invention from kaya and I’m really really excited
about this hitting the market right now I haven’t been rollerskating that much
but a lot of my stuff from South Africa just arrived
including my skates the kaya karma that was one of the projects that I work with
power slots so I’m excited to tell you a bit more about these also in the near
future so if you’re not subscribed to the channel make sure you do so so we
can talk about these together what else well about two weeks ago I posted a
video about some micro skates if you don’t know micro is the company that
I’ve been working since January and in that video that I made I was free
skating with some 80 millimeter skates and on that video the first shot was of
me taking the skates out of a backpack the backpack is this one and a lot of
people keep on asking about this backpack this is the new micro skate
backpack I will be making a review about this what can you do it is backpack and
all and what you can’t but this is already on the market and I’m gonna try
to leave a link in the description for all these products including the micro
ones what else ok so this is this is quite big I can
show you something this thing right here which is not inside of course this is a
360 camera it’s not my first 360 camera in fact it’s my third 360 camera about
two years ago I bought a really really cheap one some LG one actually made some
videos video I bought it for around 50 euros then last year the guys from ORMs
in South Africa they were really cool with me and they let me use their gopro
fusion which is the 360 camera from GoPro is it and then they made me really
really good deal in case I wanted to get one and I bought one I was actually
using it very rarely even if I got it for a really good price they also get me
got me a really cool deal with the GoPro Hero 7 black which I use a lot and yes I
had to pay for them I paid really cheap for those cameras now the thing is they
go pro fusion it’s actually really really hard to work with not because
it’s hard to film but when you edit the videos they’re so like you need two
cards and it’s a it’s a real asshole because just to to stitch the clip
because when you film it with two different cameras in the same camera
there’s like 2 different modules and then it needs to stitch everything so
that you have a working file and sometimes if I would go out and film for
an hour I would need to have a computer just doing that stitching for about
three days for me to be to do that vision that’s like almost
impossible in what I do so that’s the reason why I wasn’t using that camera
that much now in statistics they release these cameras the one X and this camera
is completely different I will make a full video about this camera because
they just send me all these I didn’t pay for this camera and they send me this
camera they sent me like a water case which I
already used they send me extra batteries like the charger like a little
lens cap extra battery there’s this little thing called the bullet type
bundle I can tell you that all these stuff would cost around 700 euros and
these guys from in Centauri 60 they’ve been investing a lot in inline skating
lately they they’ve been sending cameras to some other content producers or to
other content makers or to other skaters whatever it’s cool to see such a big
company because they’re actually quite big investing in skating so thank you so
much that will also be in link in the description for that and I will be
making a video specifically just with these but I will also be using these in
a lot of my videos in case you didn’t saw the skate talk with Tom Aquos there
was a little skate session that I filmed with this so I still need to get used
and I still need to learn how to use it better but there’s a link in the
description for that too now the reason why I see the skate here no it’s not the
first time that I’m gonna be skating them but my original plan was to scape
these Rosie’s the new m12 team weed my solo frames but as you know I got robbed
and I don’t have the sole of frames anymore I’m in process of getting some
but I don’t have them yet but I do have this C matrix frame if you don’t know C
matrix is by the guys from adapt and they gave me this frame about almost one
year ago no I didn’t escape it that much because at first I wanted to scale him
with bigger wheels I was kidding with with I / 63 millimeters but somehow for
me I thought 63 was a bit too big for this
frame now the guys from Heather skate gave me
these wheels they sent me these wheels and if you don’t know I’ve been usually
a lot with Alice Kate I even have a code code Lee no and if you use that code
you’ll get some discounts but you need to go on the website and then skate and
also in blade will calm and try the code you’ll see if you get any discount or
not because the discounts are not the same for everything but they did send me
these wheels and there’s something special about these wheels to start off
yes there are 58 millimeters which is quite common but these wheels are super
super hard usually most of the inline skating wheels for aggressive skating
they are in between I would say now with 50 50 50 50 even makes 85 eight wheels
which is also not common they are super soft but they’re usually in between 88
and 90 some wheels are also 92 but the most common are between 88 and 90 of
durometer you should know that the scale goes up to 100 the a scale being 100
super super hard and some companies even make 101 or 103 but it’s it’s hard to
explain but let’s see the scale left as if the scale goes only to 100 so these
ones are 95 which means that they are a lot harder and a lot of people scape
these only in the middle but I do want to skate them all flat I want to see the
differences in speed I want to see the differences for sense lights I want to
see the differences in durability and that’s escape that I’m gonna be skating
and the next few sessions and probably even skating them for a lot longer I’m
actually super super interested in trying them I know that a lot of people
skate them just in the middle just for sliding not to get wheel bites and in
this case softer wheels but I want to skate them all flat I will tell you more
about this girls also soon but there’s also a link for blade wheel and Evon
skate in the description of this video and also obviously foresee matrix for
the frame and roses for the skate intuition for the liner there will be a
different video of this game now this is really curious
have you seen this I’ve paid for this I haven’t opened this this is arrived
today and this is the main reason why I’m doing this video I wasn’t even
supposed to make a video but I got this and I wanted to do something with that
now what it’s interesting its muzzle muzzle it’s a company from the UK and
it’s owned by the guys by the guy that used to own dirt box funny enough third
box was the first company at least in the today’s era in the 2000s to make
really really hard wheels why do I say that well in the 90s there was a company
called fr from New York that made really hard wheels I remember the 8th and
Krammer wheel was a 65 millimeters and it was a 95 8 it was a really really
hard wheel then about three years ago third box made some 96 I think it was a
96 a wheel which is a really really hard wheel and now that came with that 95
wheels now the guys from their box they ended up finishing the dirt box project
because according to the owners they weren’t really managing it that well so
instead of just trying to bring the company up they decided to just shut
down that project and start something new and that new thing it’s called
muzzle and the reason why I’m really excited about muzzle is because there is
not a lot of companies on the market doing this first the training is amazing it’s like
to use this tape the whole time you can even buy the muzzle pick they send me
some stickers but these this is really simple right this is just
some pants but I don’t know of any other brand in the market making pants at the
moment I do know that fiber looks original plan was to mainly make pants
skate pants but you couldn’t find them and the thing is it’s really hard for a
company such as muzzle to make something like this and then most of the skaters
including myself most of the times we go to like a shop like H&M or any other
shop and you can buy them for a lot cheaper the truth is they’re not
specifically made for skating when you buy something like these these were
actually specifically made for skating you can see the elastic on top I don’t
really know a lot more about the pants basically once I saw them online I’ve
quickly ordered them because I wanted to support one of the only if not the only
brands on the market to escape and to make pants for skating so that’s the
main reason why I bought that and because I bought that I also wanted to
buy this and this is the water bottle I haven’t been drinking anything else
other than water for more than one year so it just makes sense let me see what
else I know that they put something else inside and that’s really cool I know
what it is okay there’s a little postcard just saying thanks Ricardo
Thank You muzzle and now this is cool okay so inside this little thing there’s
no wheels even if muzzle also makes wheels they
don’t make the 96a I know I think but they do make this tool and this is like
a swiss knife like a swiss knife but it’s a skate tool super basic it’s not
the only company on the market doing it but it’s a company investing in cool
stuff so this was an offer the bottle and
I paid for it thank you so much mother please keep doing what you guys are
doing I love it now I still have two more things here well these think I
usually never wash bearings but it’s stupid because I’ve been using better
and better bearings especially over the last two three years with this YouTube
thing and whatever having having the opportunity to skate much better
bearings and some of the good bearings are actually really really expensive so
bones make these things then you just open you put your bearings inside with a
little washer on the middle and then you just wash I’ll be using this soon this
was given to me by skate pro and I will have something soon miss Kay pro but I
can’t talk a lot about it yet what I can tell is that this was given to me by
skate Pro so thank you so much skate pro there will also be a link in the
description for these and for skateboard so thanks post
if you don’t know bones also make an inline skating wheel company called
elegy I used to skate for elegy and now to finish and this is not a review there
is these two boxes from the company that I work with on top they say can’t be
ignored and this channel this is the fire frame and it’s the the tri-state
option the three will skate option from micro I was very involved in the
development I was one of the persons testing this frame and I’m really
excited to see the final product coming out with such a good presentation in
only a few months I’m going to remind that I only started working with micro
in the beginning of the year so to see the product being out with such with
such a good presentation I’m actually really really proud of that and that’s
why I left it for last and there will be a review of these being made in the
channel soon now of course what the reasons why I don’t do that many
reviews for the micro product is because I work with a company and scare that
people think that I’m not going to be that honest because I work with a
company but that’s not what I do in this channel and if there’s something that I
don’t like or that I think it should be different I don’t have any problems tell
you so that’s it this is it I hope you guys enjoy this video it’s not really a
skate video I’m about to go out and skate with this that’s for sure
so those berries need to be clean I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did
enjoy this video do not forget to subscribe to the channel make sure that
you’re also clicking on that pal so you get notifications whenever I upload one
of these videos and also make sure to like this video if you do like this
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you give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down what’s going to happen is that YouTube
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channel to grow and in general also help skating to grow and I guess that’s it
but I need to tell you it’s what I tell you every single video which is just a
reminder to not forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s
fun Cheers and thank you for watching the
whole thing

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