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What Are ROCKERED Inline Skates ? -Tutorial-

What Are ROCKERED Inline Skates ? -Tutorial-

hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater
let me check our inline skater if you’ve been watching my videos you probably
know that I love to skate with rocker inline skates right man have you asked
me what the hell is a rockered setup let me help you with that in general when
you buy your inline skates their wheels usually have the same size especially
for free skate like the SEPA FR series the rollerblade twisters the press line
imperils etc they usually come with 18 millimeter wheels very good all-around
wheels so when all the wheels have the same size we call this a flat setup we
provide good stability speed but when it comes to maneuverability we are kind of
limited if you want to spice things up I suggest you to rock a rock or set up see
you wanna leave here so you may be asking yourself again what is the rocker
setup basically a rockered setup is when you will have different sizes and this
highly effective behavior of your skate let me give you two examples of rocker
setup the high/low this setup has two large wheels on the back and two smaller
ones on the front which is what we find on hockey skates they increase the
maneuverability a little bit and give you a much more aggressive stance which
will help you do explosive sprint like what you can see during hockey game
the full rocker our slalom setup aka the banana setup this is the setup I use all
the time I’m addicted to it once you get used to the slalom setup it’s hard to go
back to a flat rocker trust me one small wheel on the hill to bigger ones in the
middle and another small wheel on the toe with this setup you’re always
killing on two wheels except when you’re doing winning of
course and this enables you to have an extremely high maneuverability because
it becomes much more easier to turn with this setup so super tight turns won’t be
a big deal for you this is what freestyle skater used for freestyle
slalom for speed slalom and dancing and other disciplines but require a lot of
manipulative but if you won’t manage to go super fast with this setup and it
hasn’t really been made for them this setup is difficult to control on high
speeds because your skates will start to wobble why because the only two wheels
that touch the ground are so close but it’s like if you’re skinny with a mini
frame your skates may start to wobble because of that but don’t worry I’m
actually preparing a tutorial on how to use this set up like a bow but hey you
can go fast with these frames if you know how to control your center of
gravity there are over examples of rockered
setups I’ll put a link in the description to an amazing article I
found on Google about rockered setup I hope you liked this episode don’t forget
to subscribe to see my next tutorial about how to skate on a full rocker
setup also please help me making a skinny more popular machine these videos
your friends you can change everything think about it alright guys see you in
the next episode

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