What is a Power Toe? – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.8

What is a Power Toe? We talk a lot when it comes to our
plates about the Power Toe system & I get a lot of people asking me exactly
what that is, so I’m going to show you! Here you can see that the plate angles
up slightly at the toe here. If I turn it back this way, you can see that
it’s thicker here than it is here & that is the Power Toe system!
What this is gonna do for you once it’s mounted to your boot is basically
you’re gonna get better power transfer from your boots to your plate. Often you
might see some skater there in the world with a gap between the boot & the plate.
If you think about when you move to your toe stops, the boot has to
meet the plate to then drop to the floor and explode through your
toe stops. Whereas if the plate is already right there on your boot, you’re not
going to waste that energy. Obviously, toe stop work is really
important in Derby & we just want you guys to be able to get the best out
of your toe stops & just be able to do the tricks that you need to do & this
is gonna make that happen for you. From personal experience, once I switched
to the Chaya plate, I could feel a difference in my toe stop work
straightaway & I have the same feedback all the time. So that’s the
Power Toe. Like I said, it’s slightly raised here, I hope you can see that & it
just means there’s that better power transfer once you go up onto your toe stops.
So, that’s it pretty much. Short & sweet. Let me know if I’ve missed anything,
comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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