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What Is Mobbing? | Bam Skateboarding

What Is Mobbing? | Bam Skateboarding


@WeWantGoodCovers thats cool, i mean why take the time to watch a video and then dont care about it, right?

i dont blame them, as a skater who values style rather than "i can do a million tricks but look extremely gay when i do them," i would hate on it too.

video says, what mobbing is, then they say, how to avoid mobbing, then they dont even explain how to avoid mobbing

I think this is a stylistic thing if you can make the skateboard go at a high angle while kickflipping and land it i think it looks sweet lol basically started to do my kflips like that its also a good way to get the board to the tail if you do flatground but you probably already know 😀

pretty sure mobbing is when you flick strait down instead of out. I'd consider what they're talking about a rocket flip, which tends to happen if you don't flick into the board enough, or flip upwards barely making contact with the board.

I got my first serious credit card yesterday learning heelflips because I was mobbing. Today I landed the cleanest heelflip ever. Asscheek still hurts

Thank you I think this is right “You should always ollie then flick at a angle depending on the trick your going to do!

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