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What is Mongo Footing? | Bam Skateboarding

What is Mongo Footing? | Bam Skateboarding


well first off bam is not even a great skater so he cant talk about being mongo or not and second who fucking cares lol let them skate the way they want its their choice

Great vid, the only reason we shouldn't mongo foot is because it "looks terrible". I'm not a skater anymore and I really don't remember if I mongo footed or not, but is there any other reason to not mongo besides looking stupid? That reason alone is just…stupid.

Pushing mongo is perfectly fine! You just have to skate the way you feel comfortable with. If anything, people who do mongo are more skilled!

What a little bitch – Who gives a fuck how you skate,
You be a stuck up shit to agree with crap like this.

You will never stop us from pushing Mongo.
Real boarders ride there own style.
^cant say there's anything wrong with that!

Even though it's better to learn to push normal I wouldn't slag someone for being mongo I've slagged someone for it once but that was because I just didn't like the person

What happened to skateboarding? All a bunch of pricks in skinny jeans talking shit about old people, pads, helmets, and other skateboarders that don't "ride the right way". When I was a kid you could get arrested if you got caught skating on the street, just owning and riding a skateboard was IT! People didn't skateboard to define who you were, it didn't change your attitude, and it did not make you fucking cool, it was just fun.

Skateboarders these days are a fucking embarrassment, including Bam.

i used to push mongo but i always tend to lean too far back during a mongo push. ended up falling on my back lol. i like regular pushing better.

why is it so bad to ride mongo? it's actually a lot more difficult that normal or goofy.. (i ride goofy)… is there an etiquette for boarding that i'm missing?

it should only be about transportation and adrenaline. of you're a pro it's different, but i'm pretty sure i'm normal. as long as you enjoy it who gives a ** how you do it? if tricks are up your alley them learn all the ways… seems necessary anyway. i just ride to ride, not to impress.

what they're trying to say is it takes a bit longer to get on the board after pushing to do grinds/tricks if your just riding around dont worry about it i ride mongo and i do agree it is a bad habit..

The reason why its looks bad is because they dont usually push mongo but if you do it looks better because your use to it

I feel most comfortable riding goofy.  The problem is my right leg is stronger and it feels better pushing with my right foot.  I agree there is an adjustment problem.  I don’t want to push mongo for that reason.  Is it easier to learn to switch stances from goofy to regular or learn to push with the other foot?  

pushing mongo isn't a bad thing at all. i hate this video smh. it's like saying pushing goofy is bad cuz it's called GOOFY. anyone can skate however they want as long as they start rolling.

I used to skate mongo than I hated the way it felt and looked than really pushed my self to ride regular 😄 glad I did now I push regular like a pro

Everybody should drive how he want but you are so bad you tell them that they are mongos if they are doing that thinka about youself!!!

I push mongo other skaters make fun of scooters but now there making fun of OTHER skaters cause the way that push all of us who push mongo are annoyed just shut up and let the skating talk

I skated for years and as a mongo pusher. I never had a problem getting speed or setting my stance for a trick. Its not a no no, its a preference in the way you skate. But still haters gonna hate.

Ive been puhing mongo since i started skating, i felt more comfortable and if you push with your backfoot if you miss place your foot you do the splits(at least if youre learning to push normal) i can kind of push normal and i think it feels weird, its a personal preferance of what feels good

I skated in the mid 90s to late 90's and just realized that I pushed mongo.  Regular foot and pushed with my left foot.  I'll have my board foot in the middle of the board while pushing so the front doesn't lift up.  I can remember only a few times where putting my push/front/left foot back on the board too high causing the back to lift up.  Yesterday I received a Santa Cruz land shark for cruising the neighborhood with my 3 yr old son while he's on his big wheel.  Since the board is only 27.7 in long, I think I gotta practice and give up the mongo

As an engineer pushing mongo is clearly a less stable and more dangerous method. There's less control over the board making it harder to turn, your weight is distributed to the back of the board rather than the centre which causes a variety a problems.

I skated mongo style for 3 years I see people doing it the opposite I try in two days I learned it's actually really easy

So what you're saying is, keep my right foot on the board and push with my left foot? That's too hard! I'm used to right foot I tried left foot and fell.

My pushing leg is my right leg and my foward leg is my right leg. i have to push mongo or completely change how i work as a human.

Until you tube I didn't know I sucked . If only I could go back to 1988 when i found a neon green plastic skateboard with noisy bearings in my garage and just grabbed it and figured it out. I could have been SOOOO cool.

There's no 'pushing the right way'. Skateboard is about having fun, not about looking cool with your regular pushing.

look at the video "Bam Margera Old Skateboarding Classic Clips 22 HIM" back in days bam pushed mongo as well 😀 … so

How do I tell which is my front and back foot? Sometimes my right is in front, but in other times my left is in front. 4Head

To summarize:

"Don't do it cause it doesn't look cool"
"Don't do it because you'll have to put more effort into tricks"

If you can make Mongo work who cares? I can push both ways, but feel 100% more comfortable mongo an have ollied up to a five stair pushing mongo so to each their own.

iv skated mongo all my life. its always worked for me.. and plus i longboard now so i don't really need to set up for tricks

I push mongo but I don’t put my foot all the way to the back of the board my foot stays in the middle, the way you guys did it made you guys look foolish.

Well I think when you skate it doesn't matter if you are pushing mango or regular push it's OK . No matter what just do whatever you want and whatever you like and any push you like

Mongo (if that's what you what you call it) feels more natural to me. Of course anyone can make it look bad by accentuating the move like you guys did, just to prove a point.

Bottom line is there is absolutely no scientific proof that regular is better than mongo, only that the wank stain sheep in the industry have all jerked themselves off into thinking this is the only way.

At least give me a valid reason why I shouldn't do it other than "it looks bad"

Does it make you fall?
Is it harder?
Will it damage the board?

I suppose all three questions are a no, which leads me to ask:

Will mongo pushing boost your speed?
Is it more comfortable than regular pushing?

If at least one of these answers is yes, then mongo pushing works and you should just shut up and let people have fun skating the way they like to

I've been watching some old CKY videos and I noticed that bam pushes Mongo a lot I just noticed that because I push Mongo and he pushes Mongo also I don't know man

Look I’ve been pushing mongo since I was 9 years old it’s always worked it doesn’t look weird when I do it it doesn’t effect my trickster the way I ride at all I’m not going pro I do for fun and fun only I’m not trying to look cool I’m trying not to die or get injured so I’m not going to retract myself to skateboard and skate a way that is not comfortable and dangerous for me just because other skaters are simply saying don’t dont it because it looks ugly. I’m going to skate how I want end of story

I push with my left foot since that's my dominant foot and my stance is regular. I never understood why people get upset when others push mongo. I personally don't care as long as long they're having fun and feel comfortable doing it. Besides, as a person practices it, they'll start to improve.

Mongo works 100% better for cruisers & longboarding. Straight line speed, fewer kicks/pushes, easier to maintain speed. Popsicle trick park skating, I can concede not needing a longer stride for a kick because a ramp more than likely generates the speed for you, even if you run and drop your board. If you aren't jumping curbs/scraping your trucks on a pipe or trying to do an Ollie, regular style works.

LOL. Bam. What a fool. He is worried about how it looks to go mongo and his uncle was locked up for Nambla or something. Hate on pedophiles not mongo

Guys if you're use to pushing mongo that's ok there is literally no use in trying to go against muscle memory just to look good.

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