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What is the Dual Center Mount System? – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.6

What is the Dual Center Mount System? – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.6

What is the Dual Center Mount system? The Dual Center Mount system is a really
cool way to mount your Chaya plate to your Chaya boot without using any
power tools, as you know, once you get a plate & a boot, the traditional way is
to mount the plate using a drill & screws and drill the holes into the
bottom of your boot and mount the plate, which is challenging if you do it
yourself, or you can take it to a skate shop to get it done, which
takes time & it can be a bit nerve-wracking to make sure you get
those holes in the proper place. What we’ve done for you is create a brand new
way to mount your plate to your boot & that is the Dual Center Mount system,
or DCM for shorts. If I turn our Chaya boot over, you can see that we have two
mounting holes built into the boot. We have one in the front & one in the
heel. When you buy a Chaya boot, you will receive four screws & four of the
Dual Center Mounting bolts. You have the bolts, the screws & you’ll also
have the DCM tool, which is very important. What you do is, you put a screw
in the bottom & then you have the bolt that goes through the plate and you
basically attach it by hand with the tool. We have a more detailed video on
how to do that already on our YouTube, which you can click here & it will
show you exactly how to do that. I want to talk more about the benefits today. So
like I said, ease! First and foremost, it’s so much easier so much quicker, you get
your boot, you get your plate, you get it done really easily. You’re not stuck to where
the plate is mounted either. You do have wiggle room with your plate, so you can
move the plate forward and back & you also have a couple of mm wiggle room
left to right. This means if you like your plate set in a certain way, maybe
you’d like a bit of room to the heel or you don’t, you can just move it back. In
Derby nowadays, people are tending to offset their mount slightly to the
inside. If you want to do that, you have the option with our Dual Center Mount
system. And then, once you get it in the perfect place, you just crank
it down with the hand tool. Now, this also means that you can change your mount
whenever you want. So if you like to experiment, you can try, you can go out
with some room to the back if that’s what you want to feel, if you want to
feel how that affects your agility. If you’re not too fuzzed on it, move it back!
You get to basically find your perfect set up without drilling holes in your
boot and then being stuck with the mount that you’ve got, which is the usual way,
right? It just makes life easier, it gives you more options. It just makes
your skates & your boots & your plates suit your style. You can also
choose between 3 different plate sizes: We have a recommended size, but
you can also go one size down or one size up and that will still fit
the boot. This means, if you have a wheelbase preference, you´re again not stuck
to just 1 wheelbase, you can choose based on your preferences. That’s it,
that’s the DCM! Like I said, check out our other video, so you can see exactly how
to mount it. But that in a nutshell is what DCM is. If you have questions or
comments, please let me know & we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Hello! Can you drill the holes in the bottom of the boot anyway? Where I live it is not easy to get the plates. I have the Chaya Pearl boot

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