What it Takes to Film a Skateboarding Video Part – Chapter 1

Yoda is way too big in Hollywood When you only have two weeks, things work a bit different compared to having three years. That means, you think about what spots you can skate, where you can do something. Made the trick. Not kicked out. I want to skate there just like I do in Europe, but it’s not that easy. I only want to skate the spots that I really like, but a lot of them are pretty much killed already. Then you can only hope, you don’t get busted, and for that you always need a bit of luck. New York is really special. There’s no other place in America like New York. I’m excited to be in a city where you can skate almost everywhere and there is a spot on every corner. Next Spot! Today was a good day – I wish I could say that more often. First try… Broken hand… My hand hurts and I can’t move it. I’m a bit scared that it’s something bad. I’m broken. Worst case scenario: You need to have surgery. I’m flying back home… …today after 3 or 4 days of skating. I definitely want to come back. It’s awesome here.

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