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What Makes A Pair of Jeans Designed For Skateboarding?

What Makes A Pair of Jeans Designed For Skateboarding?

When I’m out on the road
I only bring one pair of jeans ever. Just one pair of jeans. And my boy JJ
makes them so they don’t stink. I’ve been designing for Volcom for 13
years. Even before I worked at Volcom I always knew that I’m one of
them, I need to go there… And I still love it! It blows me away that Cone Mills who’s
been doing this for 125 years, is allowing us to come in to their house,
their mill, and develop fabrics. Like, they don’t really do that with anybody, but
they’re doing that with us. So I go in there and I talk about my ideas and what
I’d like to see in a denim and then Alan at Cone Mills, he has so much
information about what yarns are available and how they can help what I’m
looking for in a pair of jeans. Superior Stretch Durability Antimicrobial Water Repellency Again that’s just inspired by being out on the road,
going on tours, going on photoshoots. What I get out of it… hanging out on
skate tours, especially with Colin is getting to see what kind of fit he’s wearing as
well as other team guys are wearing. Fit is just one thing that I’m always
looking at. The durability as we see from Collin all the time skating is super important. Every single day you’re sweating and hanging out in rough
ditches and straight just getting thrashed and they don’t get washed for weeks at a
time. So what I like about a pair of jeans is
something durable and will hold up while I’m skating and stretchy, you don’t want to be
battling your pants the whole time. They gotta work, it’s the only way. So Colin I know
he likes the Solver fit, which is our modern but it’s a total upgrade from that last
one you used to wear, this one has 4-way stretch So it’s stretching not only on
the weft but also in the warp. The details on this is our basic five pocket styling,
it’s got the front scoop pockets the 2-piece coin pocket our patented hidden cell
phone pocket signature V belt loop metal front zip and indestructible metal
buckle button and on the back it’s got our signature offset back yokes double belt loop, small belt, big belt on the back waistband our VBJ patch


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