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What size am I in Chaya boots? – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.17

What size am I in Chaya boots? – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.17

How do I know what size I am
in my boots? The 1st thing I would say: when buying
skates, you need to try everything on! If you can go, try a run of sizes on
in our boots. That’s always what I would say first & foremost because
that’s how you gonna know for sure that the boot fits you. But there are
some other tips, if you can’t get to a skate shop for some reason & you need
to work out your size, we can help you with that. First thing you’re gonna do
is measure your foot. So you’re gonna stand with your heel against a wall. So
if this were the wall… (skinny jeans) you’re gonna put your heel
to the back of the wall & then using a ruler,
you’re gonna measure to the longest toe. So whether you’re gonna make a
mark on a bit of paper and then measure it, make sure it’s your longest toe &
then we have a size chart, which should be up here, there should be link to our
size chart & then check that out and compare where you’re at. How you want
your boot to fit is another thing here. 9 times out of 10 people will want a
skate that actually fits them on the larger side & that’s not the best way
to have your skate fit you! Especially with a carbon shell, you want this to fit
you perfectly, you want it to hug your heel, you want it to be the correct length,
so you never want to go a size up, which is what a lot of people do. You
want your boot to fit you really snugly and snug is the key word. So for a perfect
fit in our boots, you’re going to be able to raise the front of the boot when
you’re stood up, when there’s weight through the boot. If you wiggle your
toes, you should just be able to brush the end. If your toes are scrunched in
any way, they’re going to be too small and you definitely don’t want end with
loads of space at the front, which is what a lot of people want, but it’s not
going to be the best for you from a performance & fit point of view
once you get out on the track. OK, so like I said we have that size chart,
check it out! Any questions on sizing, any comments,
please post below & we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


How can I get in contact with the skater Cristina Bonilla you filmed before? I would like to star her in a film I would like to make. It will be a family drama. Thank you please let me know asap 🙂

Hi! I just bought the Karmas. I measured my foot and it was about the same as the other persons who asked that was around at 245. Mine was just under. My toes are at the end. And I have a wider foot so maybe that’s why I can’t wiggle them, really. Will the heat molding squish down some of that fluff? Should I keep them or should I size up? Are usually put in different insoles for comfort, but I don’t know that any would fit in here. Will they loosen up, or the padding compact over time? These are my first pair of really nice skates, so I want to get this right. Thank you so much

Hello I have measured a 260cm and a 256cm for my feet. I am interested in the elite noir II. Are you able to advise which size skate I should purchase?

Update: you were right. They felt uncomfortably snug, but not painful. After the first afternoon and then the next of skating, they are already looser. I haven’t hear molded them just yet. Asking friends who bought them as well and they said almost the exact same thing. One even wishes she got them another size smaller. Wows!! Thank you so much for your input. So glad I didn’t send them back. One more question: same size for the artistic skates? (Looking at the lifestyle/elite skates).

Hey guys be careful chaya boot size chart is all wrong i recently bought a chaya skate and it turns out size 41 is not 9 like the chart says is actually 8!! Plus i need size 10 not 9. Size 10 in US is actually size 43! Size 42 is us9 41 is us8 and so on. Just letting you because now i have to pay 34 dollars extra just to return the skate! Follow my advice so you wont go thru what i just did.

How stiff is the billie jean ice skate?i am very tall 6ft. I need something really stiff for the snow white frame. Please be honest. What is the boots stiffness rating? May i purchase the boot separate from the blade with the blade on the side or cheaper than $100 with the boot only?

Hello! I’m looking at the Melrose. Is this a bad choice for somewhat wide feet? Also I’m 248 mm. What size/skate do you recommend?

Hiiii 🙂
I am not sure if I got the right size of my elite noir II skates actually. My big toe touches the front of the boot – it does not reallyhurt while skating but its quite uncomfortable. I got a size 40 – usually my size is eu 39.
The rest of the boot feels perfectly fine – like a pillow for my feet.

They feel so nice and soft! Very comfi. But my toes go against the front.. i think they are to small.. Now i need to ship it back and order again. Or do i need to break them in?

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